I Finally Did the Purge

Sheery relaxing in pantyhose

I finally did what many a crossdresser has done before me. Admittedly it was difficult but very much necessary. Not just for me but, my god, this should have been done more than a decade ago at least. Yes, I’m talking about the “purge” but not for the usual reasons a crossdresser would do this. No, it was a far different reason…

I had too much shit.

Now keep in mind, this isn’t to cast a shadow over the typical crossdresser purge. That is throwing away anything feminine linked to one’s crossdressing due to shame, anxiety or pressure from social norms to be “normal.” This can be a serious distress and a challenge to get over mentally. While I have never actually purged my collection before, the social pressures have taken a toll in the past and I can sympathize with that.

There were times, however, I have actually wanted to purge my pantyhose, etc. in the past but I was either afraid someone would catch me doing that or I realized that I had to get new femme gear if/when the urge came around again. Basically, I knew it wasn’t practical. Oh, and the shame after wanking one out of the park while in my skimpies was definitely a frequent occurrence in my early girly days.

These days it is a far different concept though. For myself, the purge is strictly for a practical purpose only. Recently, I moved to a new apartment and figured it was a good time to get rid of some of my life inventory accumulated over the years, errr I mean decade. Not just my feminine possessions but junk and everything else I’ve bought and used once, if at all, if you know what mean. What I didn’t realize was the sheer (no pun intended) amount of old lingerie, pantyhose, clothes and boxes of heels that I had stored up. I mean this FAR outweighed any other non-crossdressing stuff I also needed to get rid of.

As I sifted among my old undies, pantyhose and other garments (with a musty smell I might add), it was a nice return to the good old days where I could describe my crossdressing as half-assed. After all, cheap clothing, wigs and makeup do not a woman make. It was nice to have a last look and feel for these things but I had to part with these once treasured items, so into boxes they went never to be slipped on and caressed on my body again (sigh).

Just so you get an idea, among my feminine items I had either thrown away or given away…

  • Roughly 30 pounds (14 K) of old lingerie and clothes (yes you read that right)
  • 20 pairs of heels in boxes
  • 8 old cheap wigs
  • 1 shoebox full of old varied makeup

This was enough to fill the trunk and back seat of a car of one of my dear crossdressing friends, who kindly shipped them away and either kept or distributed to the other CDs in my area. It honestly felt like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders, not because of the value it holds, or secrets they hide, but it kind of closes the book on those old chapters of my life where I didn’t know where my life would end up as miss me.

Not that I look back on the past with regret or that I was glad to get over it but I realize now it was all a journey to where I am now, a more feminine miss me.

I might also add I still have the other half of my girly wear to enjoy as I am right now.



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