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Daring to Date Another Crossdresser

It’s not news that I have constant fantasies of other crossdressers (or anyone of the “T” variety really) who like to doll themselves up in silky pantyhose and later make a meal out of me. I can’t think of a way to feel more womanly that to be violated on both ends then swallowing that hot creamed oyster for dessert. Being a woman is the name of the crossdresser game when all is said and done, right?

Yet I never cease to wonder after such a passionate sexual encounter, what kind of emotional attachment would result. Mutual kissing, sucking, sex or even just rubbing my pantyhosed toes down a CD lover’s smooth nyloned legs results in an intimacy that I would believe difficult to leave behind after a single fling. Add to that the fact that we as humans are drawn to pleasure and we’ll seek it where we know we can get it. If a fling turned out that lusty sex of my dreams, I sure as hell would want more.

Ok, so maybe in the past I haven’t had quite the sexy fantasy-in-lace experience I had hoped for. It was more of a man-in-tights going at it with the experienced transvestite and, no, I wasn’t the transvestite. I have to chalk that up to lack of experience, much like the first time having sex with that genetic girl. I guess you can say that the cock/rear access complicated things a bit since I had been used to a vagina in all the years prior.

Then there is that fucking label. Am I bisexual now? Oh shit, I can’t say I’m hetero any longer. What’s a queer little crossdresser to do?

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How to Know if Your Ready For The Big Time

Some of you out there may have, at one time or another (or always), dreamed about meeting that perfect girl crossdresser. You know, she show up beautifully made up, slinky dress, expensive pantyhose and heels and smells like a flower blooming after a rainy day in Italy. Then maybe after a little wining and dining, she takes you into your bedroom and proceeds to spank and pound your ass flat and tender.

Mind that this is only after you first get a taste slurping her girl cock until she tells you when. If you’re lucky enough, maybe leaving a generous tip in your mouth and down your throat.

If you unfortunately find this absolutely disgusting or appalling, cover your eyes, find your mommy and I’ll give you the opportunity to leave now.

Great, still here?

Have you ever had an attraction to other crossdressers whether it be in admiration, willing to go the distance with a passionate foray or been there, done that? Well, for those “bi-curious” waiting for the experience no different than a teeny-bopper anxiously anticipating getting her cherry popped, I believe I came upon (quite literally) a foolproof way to determine if you’re ready or not.


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Kidnapped, Bound and Helpless

In my last post on the topic of bondage in pantyhose, I failed to mention one important aspect, one that for me makes it all worthwhile. That is, the fantasy involved and, more specifically, imagining someone holding you captive in your undies and pantyhose then tying you up while you lie there struggling.


I could easily go back to my younger days before the real crossdressing began and back when my love for pantyhose was developing. One vivid memory that comes to mind was the Wonderwoman series. Not the cartoon but the drama with Linda Carter in her sexy superhero red and blue leotard thing and, you guessed it, her long legs revealing her pantyhose.

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A Revisit to Bondage in Pantyhose

To say that crossdressing or pantyhose is my only fetish would be a lie. I don’t exactly know why, maybe it’s the kinky side coming out, but I’m not exactly one-dimensional when it comes to this department. Chalk it up to experimentation and being open to new things, however, when it comes to bondage, it’s like an old fling that keeps reappearing on occasion.

Which means, yes, it goes back to my childhood days that I can remember quite clearly.

Back when I was five years old, in the wee days of my crossdressing, I would steal my sister’s knee high socks then get whatever piece of string or cord I could find and tie my ankles up. While I surely didn’t know at the time that this would develop into some adulthood kink, I found it quite pleasurable enough to continue the practice.

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