Let’s Revisit My Attraction to Other Crossdressers, Shall We?

Sheery, chilling on the bed

I’ve recently touched on the subject of my ever-evolving bisexuality and, looking back, even my past foray into bi-curiousness nearly a decade ago. Oh my how I was the curious kid exploring sexuality in all its many strange facets. It’s hard for me to believe that there was a time in my life where I had the hard-core, church-abiding belief that sex with women was the only road that lied ahead. Of course, I had that little “likes to wear women’s underwear problem” at that young age which I had naively assumed would pass as an adult.

Um, yeah, I really envisioned back then, too, worrying about how many days I can go without shaving my legs these days.

But here I am in a comfortable camisole, pantyhose with panties over them, a satin robe, wig and a swipe of lipstick and quick spray of perfume. Oh, I forgot the glass of wine too. I like to “get in the mood,” even a little bit horny, so when I write here my thoughts come through clearly as my female alter ego. I enjoy feeling like a woman even if it doesn’t lead to sex or masturbation although, admittedly, I could use both at the moment.

My first thoughts in these free-spirited effeminate moments usually turn to fantasies involving other crossdressers. You know… like rubbing our nyloned legs together, smudging our lipstick together, lipstick staining our pantyhose or, ahem, other body parts. Then, of course, getting jackhammered in the back door until I’m unable to sit on anything for at least a day. I would say I’m still attracted to genetic women, however, sex with crossdressers take me to a whole other level of excitement.

I had mentioned long ago that an attraction to crossdressers may be the narcissism within us and, while this may partially be the case at best, attraction simply involves common desires and values that other possess. The real key here is desire though. I mean, for example, if a potential partner is into Wolford pantyhose like I am, we would likely have a profound connection immediately since it is something fairly personal and intimate (and sexy).

Staying on that point with the Wolford pantyhose, for myself they are an instant turn-on and even typing W-O-L-F-O-R-D makes me all nice and wet due to the sexual (read, fetish) association I have with them. Now, if another crossdresser feels exactly the same way about them, not only do we have a common bond or even a conversation subject, but we share an intimacy between us that few others would understand. Yes, I see those church-abiding penis-goes-into-vagina freaks running to get their guns right now.

Let’s say, however, that I mention my love of wearing Wolford to a genetic female I have an interest in and she miraculously “thinks it’s cute” and doesn’t mind it a bit. What are the odds that she would feel the same intimate attachment as I have with them? Then that would beg the question, are women turned on by lingerie or even pantyhose which are gender-specific to them?

I’m totally guessing but I would say the answers would be maybe somewhat turned on to you’re a weirdo. I would also guess, if a woman is turned on, it is not on the same level that I, the crossdresser have with Wolford pantyhose. Now this is all hypothetical of course (and I just had my second glass of wine) but my point is that with other crossdressers I share a deep intimacy, and not necessarily pantyhose, which bonds us, leading to a strong attraction and incredible sexual energy. If I’m lucky those fantasies get to play out in real life… and I can’t sit down for a couple days.

Oh, hell, I might as well come out and just say it. Are you that one that likes to caress legs in Wolford pantyhose?


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2 comments on “Let’s Revisit My Attraction to Other Crossdressers, Shall We?
  1. Sugar says:

    When you cross dress you access your female side. The more you do it the stronger it gets.
    Over time my preference has gone from women to TS and now my preference is for TVs and femboys.
    Sugar XX
    ps you have a grreat site

  2. Sheery says:

    Thank you Sugar (I love how that sounds)! X

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