Why You Need To Try Wolford Neon Pantyhose For Once

Wolford Neon 40 in Gobi

I am rather lucky to live out in Europe where pantyhose is all the rage the first time the early fall breeze puts goosebumps on the legs. Not to mention the selection and quality in these parts is outstanding. From my point of view, however, the further you are from Europe (e.g. the good old USA), the selection of crossdresser-quality pantyhose quite frankly goes to shit to the point where I would even ditch my longtime nylon fetish for something else.

I can see where it would be a lot more convenient to drive five minutes to the nearest drug store and pick up that “expensive” store brand that happens to be the two for one special today. Or you may really treat yourself by going to a department store while you get off on the sales clerk wondering if you are actually a crossdresser or tranny while she is wearing an even shittier pair herself.

Now, I’m sure you at least heard of Wolford Neon 40 pantyhose but am positive you’ve seen images of them online draped on the long sexy legs of models. They take a mean photo that makes you come on the spot, don’t they? But then you scratch your head and wonder why they don’t sell them two-for-one at the Walgreens down the street.

If you think Wolfords look hot in images, getting a hold of one of these all for your very lonesome is a silky nylon pleasure like you’ve never had before. The first thing you immediately notice is the softness making you wonder if the thing is made of cotton or what. I can attest that no pantyhose out there feels as soft and silky as this one giving you a taste of what luxury pantyhose really are.

Slide them over your legs and up to your waist and then you’ll get the full feel of luxury caressing your legs and comfortably encasing your package which will guarantee to grow harder by the moment. Not to worry, though, the Neon 40 can handle the raging rod without it pushing the crotch all the way down to your knees or having to point it up.

The real fun is lying on your bed letting your pantyhosed legs glide together giving you a sensation that they are covered in nothing but KY lube, albeit maybe a dry version. Though given the shine on these, they might as well be covered in the lube. Believe it or not, it’s easy to let that leg masturbation go on all day with the feeling it gives. Don’t get me started, however, on rubbing the rock solid rod through the Neon 40 silkiness. You’ll want to be very careful not to stain here though.

Then there is the real reason to get these luxury pantyhose: they look incredible on your legs. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you have goat legs, enough leg hair to make a wig for your head or you have multiple bullet scars on each leg and foot. The Neon 40 is opaque and plenty shiny enough to cover up those un-feminine things about your legs and make them practically indistinguishable from those models online. OK, if you have goat legs, probably not.

I hate to break it to you, but your not going to find these at the Walgreens anytime soon. Sure, you can try one of the Wolford Boutique stores that is in a large metropolitan center but the stupidly easy way is just to get them online straight from Wolford.com and have them delivered. Yes, they are pricey at about $45 (30€) a pair but I even have had a pair that is still surviving frequent wear and washings after more than eight years. They don’t even have a trace of a run.

Of course that two-for-one special is still there just down the street. Don’t forget the milk.

26 Comments on “Why You Need To Try Wolford Neon Pantyhose For Once

  1. Yes, I know I know. I’m in the middle of a very chaotic month and there will be new posts on the way.New pantyhose to try out too so stay tuned!

  2. Don’t forget to slip into your woldfords in the midst of the Chaos! I didn’t regret those decisions and I’m sure you won’t =P

  3. Hi Sheery,

    Just ordered a pair of these in colour, Gobi, on the strength of your review, also love Wolford Luxe 9 but disappointed they are not more hardwearing. However, the Luxe 9’s feel incredibly sensual..I’ m thinking I might be disappointed with the Neon’s, as I’ m a low-denier pantyhose-loving kind of girl….

    Regarding getting rid of leg hair, I am now using a Braun Cruzer 6 trimmer without the guard which is almost as good as shaving. For me, shaving and dep creams always brought out horrible rashes and spots on the inside of my thighs which the trimmer does not! Pantyhose feel soooooo much better when you get rid of your leg hair, just my ten pence-worth!

    Xxxx xxx xxxx

  4. Nice read Sherry.

    I am tempted. But $45 is steep!
    Guess I’ll stick with some sheer-to-top from CVP tonight.


  5. It is steep I’ll admit but well worth it! All I have to say is try Wolfords just once and give them to me if you don’t like them 😉

  6. Oooh Gobi is my favorite color. Hope you get a lot of pleasure out of them 😉

    I can’t stand looking at leg hair through pantyhose. I use a trimmer too, much much easier.

  7. Hi Sheery!

    Well, I tried out my Neon’s for the first time on Friday night, and, what can I say but, “Wow!” The silkiness of these pantyhose is amazing! I love the way the sheen changes and shimmers with different light too!

    I must admit I was extremely doubtful about them, I mean, my opinion on 40 Denier pantyhose went along the lines that they are just for old grannies! I am fast becoming a 40 Denier convert, will try ordering some of your other recommendations too…

    I hope they last though, bit concerned that the are already pulling apart slightly around the gusset/ crotch area. Is this normal and won’t get any worse? I am on the XL size and I am of medium to stocky build, I hope I am not too big for these pantyhose…So far, been able to wear them two nights in a row and the pulling apart doesn’t seem to have got any worse….

    The wife loves them too and she is one of those women that hates wearing pantyhose!

    I now have stirrings to take my cross-dressing further, I would love to buy a teddy or sexy one- piece and have a lovely pair of high heels. In fact, I’d love to go the whole hog with full makeup and a long wig, but my wife has drawn the line at pantyhose.

    Many, many years ago, I did in fact go to a “clinic” for xdressers/tv’s in the UK, the place was called “Transformations” I spent the morning there and with the help of two women who worked there, for the one and only time I completely transformed into a woman, called “Michelle”, complete with silicon falsies, high heels, wig, full makeup, blouse , bra, panties and pantyhouse plus a slutty tight skirt. All pulled in by a corset to help give those sexy femsle curves…Was the most amazing and sexual experience, but that’s another story!

    Loving your website!

    Xx xx xxx

  8. Yes, I’m happy I got another one to covert! I happen to favor the thicker pantyhose and these are definitely the best. Don’t worry about the threads getting looser around the crotch area. I’ve had a pair (in Gobi) for close to 9 years and it has always had those loose threads but never came close to turning into a run. They also are sized a bit large so they are probably well suited for you anyway.

    I say if it gives you a bit of curiosity, give the lingerie, heels, makeup, etc a try (along with the pantyhose of course). I see you’ve had a try with this already (I’m jealous) and they do heighten your arousal as you say. Personally, I’ve always considered pantyhose my main love but these really make me feel more feminine and sexy and closer to the woman I wish to be.

    XX Sheery

  9. Hi Sheery!

    Thanks so much for your reassurances about the Wolford Neon’s! I must admit I was a bit gutted on Friday night when I checked them…I am really lucky, I get to spend the ENTIRE weekend in pantyhose, so they do indeed take a hammering….:-))
    Tomorrow, I am on my own early part of the evening, so I am going to augment my pantyhose with a lovely pair of panties that I rescued from being chucked away by my missus plus her corset, followed by some much needed ass-play! Can’t wait!

    Xxxx xxx xxx M..

  10. Hi Sheery,

    I’ve just discovered you website and have been enjoying the articles immensely. But I just to add support to this one in particular. If you are a nylon enthusiast, you MUST try Wolford Neon 40s (Gobi preferably) at least once – they really are something special. You described them as having lube on your legs – I’ve always described them as like having liquid legs. You just want to rub your legs together forever, the sensation is addictive!

    I’ve only owned one pair which I sadly no longer have. But if you asked what my favourite tights are, with out a shadow of a doubt, the hands down winner would be these little beauties.

    Great site by the way.

    Janice x

  11. Thank you for your kind words Janice 😉

    Looks like you’ll have to go out and find another pair of Gobis then. I couldn’t live without mine!

  12. I’ve been wearing pantyhose on a daily basis for the past few years now and I’ve slowly been expanding my collection. I came across your site today and I’m happy I did. It’s nice to find a site that has a “reviews” section to help me decide my next purchase. I’ve been on the fence about buying a pair of Wolfords and I think I’m ready to buy a pair in the next month or so. How is the sizing for the neon 40s? I usually order a size smaller, according the women’s size chart, so that the legs are snug.

  13. Thanks for reading Ian! The Neon 40 is generally sized large and they stretch comfortably without putting much wear on them. I’d say get a pair a size smaller than your usual size and you will be happy with that.

  14. Well I finally did it. As I’m writing tonight I’m wearing my first pair of Neon 40’s, and I LOVE them! While I was looking through the Wolford’s website thinking about ordering a pair, I saw that Wolford has an outlet store in a huge outlet mall in the NYC burbs, and the company I work for has several customers right in that area. As luck would have it, I was sent to work for one of them this week. Today I went to the outlet on my way home. This outlet mall is not only huge but very popular, and I had to walk almost half a mile in a cold rain from where I could park to the Wolford store. The store was small but full of all the Wolford products, with the hosiery in large racks with slide our drawers. Since all of their packaging looks the same I decided to ask the attractive, young, sales girl for help. I told her I wanted Neon 40’s and she asked what size and color, and went right to the drawer. I intended to buy two pair, but when I discovered they were “slightly imperfect” and only $30 a pair, I bought three. I was so excited to get home and try them on, still worried that they might not fit. Not to worry, the XL fit perfectly and that soft silky feel and incredible shine, OMG, not only did I get an instant erection, but I experienced a feeling I never had before in all my years of wearing pantyhose. I can only describe it as a pantyhose high; a euphoric feeling of stimulation! I have to thank you Sheery for inspiring me to finally indulge in these perfect pantyhose! Why did I wait so long?

  15. It’s about time you bought them Lisa! I’m even more happy you bought 3 pairs… welcome to the addiction. X Sheery

  16. I finally got around to buying a couple of pairs of Neon 40s and I must say WOW. I was not expecting them to be as shiny as they are while being that soft. The Gobi pair looks fantastic while the black pair wasn’t as shiny. I’m going to exchange the black pair for another pair in Gobi. I got a good deal on them as well.

    To really turn things up I put on a pair of Neon 40s and wore a pair of Plantino CleanCut (silicone coated) pantyhose over them. That way I could feel the softness of the Neon 40s and have my legs glide over each other with the Cleancuts. You should do a review for the Plantino Cleancut Pantyhose Sheery, I would like to know what you think about them.

  17. Glad you like the Neon 40’s! I’ll get around to the Cleancuts soon. It’s kind of ironic since I live somewhat near the Platino factory in Spain.

  18. Aren’t we fortunate to have the Wolford’s neon’s ! The sexy smooth and silky pantyhose over the shaven legs. The shiny and sexy pantyhose clad legs and high heels accent the hot sexy legs and your pleasure increases as you are smoothly slipping the new shimmering spandex and nylon hosiery up the now sensuously beautiful and pretty legs . The shiny and sexy pantyhose feel so good on your pretty legs and cock. The first thing that is done in the pantyhose is the way your cock is getting ready for the first nice slowly and sensuously beautiful running of the hand over the silken clad legs, your satiny panties all wet and ready for the next pleasure of the most tactile sensational feelings of the tactile feeling you so much enjoy. Soon after that, you lay back down on the satin sheets. The smooth fabric is caressing the silky smooth pantyhose against the skin of our own legs. The sound of the vibrator begins. Carefully and slowly you will need to take your time and not be to quick . The pleasure is just beginning to get started.

  19. Oh, yes! We are in total agreement with you on the Wolford’s neon’s. I have found that they are so awesome. I will not wear anything else. Once you have tried them, you will never wear anything else. The cost is not a problem. The seductive feel and look of these shimmering pantyhose are so hot looking that you will find the sensation of the sensuous feeling and the smooth and satiny pantyhose together with high heels will have all of the others jealous of your legs in glossy pantyhose and the smooth and sexy looking attire.

  20. “Mommy” insisted that I am always looking hot and sexy in her things. I initially found her wet panties and pantyhose for me to enjoy. I soon was wearing her pantyhose and panties. My mother was delighted that I had a intense fetish for her wet panties and pantyhose. The lonely mother’s need for comforting was a little more than one could imagine. I sniffed them and they were so incredibly arousing. The mother was obviously the instigator of her persuasive nature of this inevitably hot and sexy use of her own delightful lust and the Mommy’s lonely desire for a long lasting incestuous relationship between us. We soon were engaged in the world of the interfamiliar love of the sensuous love only a few discover. I will always love my life and the intensely compassionate intersexual family fun and exciting times early on in my life with the mother of my life as her little girly bitch. I eventually impregnated my own “Mama’s” womb. She was thrilled with her “daughter’s” loving and caring sensitivity and the baby we had. I am a lesbian daughter with a extra appendage. I have found that my wife and children will gradually accept the fact that I am a beautiful and pretty “Mommy” with a feminine looking beautiful and pretty “extensive knowledge,” of the sensuous feminine looking outfits and the “girls” will find out how much they are in love with their own “Mom’s” love and affection.

  21. Hello,

    I totally agree with you, neon 40s are like the best tights ever. I recently purchased a pair of synergy tights from wolford, which I always wear under my kalenji womans running tights, it is the best combo ever.

  22. Thanks for visiting Jay. I haven’t tried out the Synergy tights since I’ve pretty much stuck to the Neon 40.

    I think it might be time to branch out and try them though. They seem comfortable!

  23. Has anyone else discovered the unique use of pantyhose for a artificial vagina? Here is how: take a pair of pantyhose and pull one leg up through the panty. Then carefully insert the inside-out leg down the other leg so you have a single double thick leg. The panty should turn into one simple triangle. Next you can use your hands to move the sleeved hose over your bits, or better still attach the waist strap to a fixed object (chair, towel rack, etc). Pull the toe end of the outter hose over a distant object (door knob. Drawer handle, etc). The degree of thightness controls the tightness of the artificial vagina. Mount the hose and insert into comfy sleeve. You can adjust the lenght or bunching of the inner lining to suit your fictional taste. Away you go.. The control top acts like a great smooth sensation on your butt. This is an amazing technique once you grasp the “origami” of it. I wish i had a diagram to offer. Enjoy

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