The Ultimate Form of Flattery, in Pantyhose

Daring Teddy with Pantyhose

Image: Pantyhose Swish

A little over a year ago, while on ebay, I stumbled upon a gorgeous red teddy that I couldn’t take my eye off of. It was made of a beautiful red lace with a bikini-tie back and a lace halter at the neck that tied up as well. I remember shelling out quite a sum for it and being only mildly satisfied once I received it.

I have always had my pantyhose fetish, of course, but when I find a piece of lingerie I like I have to have it. You can call it my other prized fetish if you will. Yet this one basically became just another item in my lingerie drawer collection. Kind of fetish-worthy.

Even when paired with some sexy Silvia Grandi pantyhose, it looked great on me I thought, but it didn’t just have that spark of sexiness that I look for while wearing my lingerie. Maybe it would be something saved for a special date around Christmas time. In other words, forgotten.

Then a few days ago I came upon the photo above. A beautiful woman in gorgeous pantyhose, cute red satin peep-toe pumps and… wearing the exact same red lace teddy I bought. Like when I had originally browsed on eBay, I just couldn’t take my eyes off this woman wearing one of my rarer pieces of lacey garments. Really, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

Then funny how the imagination takes over. Sara (we’ll just call her that for now), who is quite into my pantyhose fetish, looks into my drawer, finds the red teddy, grabs a pair of the Silvia Grandi pantyhose and slips into them. She thinks it would be fun to snap a photo of herself in my pantyhose and lingerie so I do.

Now she demands I take them off of her and put them on myself which I happily oblige. She admires how I look even more sexy than she does in pantyhose and the teddy is the gift wrap and bow on the entire present. I am completely flattered as I begin to stroke my pantyhose covered cock, letting Sara take her turn as well as it juts ferociously out of the pantyhose.

Well, here I am back in the same pantyhose and lace teddy as I was a little over a year ago after finally finding that spark I needed to make these a regular wear. Sara seems to have disappeared but, no worries, I’ll just continue stroking the pantyhose covered rod, hopefully without leaving a stain.

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  1. I like the look of pantyhose with red teddy on look hot

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