Review: Silvia Grandi So Sexy Silk 40

Silvia Grandi Silk 40 pantyhose

I’ve tried on so many brands of pantyhose (I’ll go out on a limb and say more than most women) that it is becoming increasingly difficult to make an impression with me with a new pair I haven’t tried yet. Usually, these new pairs end up in a box designated for the dogs.

But while surfing around and catching up on my (*cough*) news, I occasionally find myself drooling over a pair so elegantly worn that I can’t myself but to impulsively buy a pair or three. I could even have some wild masturbation sessions from the anticipation of receiving that upcoming package in the mail.

For a change, I wasn’t disappointed this time.

Silvia Grandi Silk 40 pantyhose had everything I looked for in my picky taste: semi-opaque, sheer to waist, nice shine and appealing colors. Not to mention they come from Italy, known for their quality and style in hosiery. They came every bit as advertised.

Mirror Test

I rip open the first pair of Silk 40 in color Noisette (suntan) and slowly slide them over my legs. The first thing I notice is the smell of aloe vera, normally an off-putting chemical funk in some brands, but actually quite pleasant with these. I’m sure there was leg moisturizing of some kind going on here. I have lotion so, unnecessary, but a nice touch.

As I throw on a pair of heels and ready myself for display, I strike a pose in front of the mirror. There is a shine on these that is quite unique to me. Not overly brilliant, screaming “I’m here, look at me dammit,” but a more subtle shine that covers the legs in a highly appealing glow. The Noisette color also is a lovely shade for tanned legs but is just light enough in color for those with pasty white pins to venture a try.

The Walk Around

OK, strutting from point A to B to C to D in my apartment, still in those high heels. Silk 40 has a rather tight, snug fit which is not surprising for 40 denier pantyhose.  Perfect for winter but may begin to choke your legs and privates while showing them off on warm sunny days. What, you don’t show off your privates?

Not advertised, however, is the nice slimming effect these pantyhose have from that snugness. Always a plus in my book. There also doesn’t seem to be that pesky issue where the extra padding on your waist decides it needs more air and pushes the waistband further down with each step you take.

Compared to the Rest

While it would take a revolution in pantyhose to knock off my favorite Wolford Neon 40, Silk 40 has stealthily moved in as one of my top three favorites. The only brand of pantyhose that evens comes close to this silky delight is my #2, Oroblu Magie 40.

Both Oroblu and Silvia Grandi are high-quality tights from Italy. Their prices are similar (about $15 or 13€) and they both look and feel incredibly sexy. So what gives? Just a personal preference for the softness of Oroblu pantyhose rather than the snug, tighter Silk 40.  Some nitpicking if you will, but the Silk 40 gets a high recommendation and a two legs up.

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Go ahead and rave for yourself here:
Silvia Grandi

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4 comments on “Review: Silvia Grandi So Sexy Silk 40
  1. Irina says:

    I have a pair of these that I have worn in excess of 40 times and they are still in near perfect shape, if anything they seem to become more silky as time goes on. Small mishaps in the material never ladder.

  2. Sheery says:

    I’ve noticed the same thing on my Silk 40s well. Seems like they’ll stay looking gorgeous forever!

  3. randy says:

    been thinking of getting a pair in blue for I love the glossy look on my legs

  4. Sheery says:

    @randy Me too, that “royal” color looks pretty hot!

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