Coming Out For a Few Moments

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As a closet crossdresser (i.e. scaredy-cat), probably the one scenario that scares the absolute shit out of me is hopping into the bathroom, taking a shower, throwing on my feminine attire and then walking out of the bathroom only to find all my friends and family waiting outside. Happy Birthday!

In other words, there is no way I am ready to come out as tranny me. Not yet, anyway. Though the thought of it has continually crossed my mind only to be shot down again and again. What a total pussy I am.

Today, though, I came across a post from the I Love Wearing Tights blog that gave me a bright idea. To sum it up, a crossdresser recalls an episode of his life where, as a teenager, he went out to a riverside park, then got dressed in full drag behind the bushes and took a quick walk in the park. All of this done at night.

Then the dusty light bulb fluttered on and off in my head.

Why not have my own coming-out party, at night?

Since I live in Barcelona, a large city, this won’t be so anonymous since there is always people out at all hours of the day. At night, however, I’m definitely not as likely to run into those aforementioned friends and family. That is of course, unless they are drunk at the bar on my block and stumble out just in time to view little old girly me.

Fuck it, I’ll risk it.

So I just now devised a plan to walk out of my apartment at 2:00 AM, fully dressed en femme, and take a walk around my block, about a half mile total (800 m), which should take about 10 minutes. I won’t put on anything too sexy, just normal women’s clothes and, of course, pantyhose and heels.

Just one problem: at the moment I don’t have anything BUT skimpy clothes and lingerie. I’ll have to wait a few days for my sweater and denim miniskirt I just ordered to come by snail mail. I’m way too cowardly to do this on on a Saturday night anyway.

One thought does cross my mind as I’m writing this. I can just imagine running into Joe drunk guy and getting hit on while bargaining me for a quickie. I think I’ll need to bring a weapon too.

So if you see a crossdresser late at night in Barcelona in the next few days, I’ll be the one with the gun tucked in my pantyhose.

Stay tuned!

3 Comments on “Coming Out For a Few Moments

  1. A gun, really?… Oh that kind of gun, I’ll clean it for you, if it goes off accidently I’ll clean it again, with my tongue!

  2. I find “Coming out…fits pretty well with cumming out”. On the other hand I enjoy to be seen…at the same time it augments the excitment…up to orgasm. I remember my very first “Coming out for few moments” experience was sooo delightfull…can’t describe. I was using my car…parcked in an isolated place quickly dressed up, vest, mini skirt, scarve, i already wearing two pair of pantyhose (beige and black on top) & high heels and came out. I walked not even a block… that I exploded…cum all over my pantyhose and skirt…no panty…i never wear any panties anyway. That was awsome…overwelming !
    Or i take a hotel room, in order to dress up and come out few moments…but it’s a bit risky but exciting too. I did that few times that, once, i ejaculated twice…ooo…just think about it makes me…

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