Sheery in Wolford Tights and Sonia Body

If you’ve been here long enough then you may already know pantyhose is definitely a passion but not the so-called fetish it always use to be. Don’t get me wrong, I love and wear them as always (like right now even) and they never lost their erotic appeal, not for a second. Way back, however, there was a time where they were the only focus… slip some on, have a quick wank and go on with my day. Or I’d just wear them under my jeans and take notice of that swishy noise and silky feel as I’m walking in public. Alright, I still do that from time to time.

What I’m getting at is that the days of the panty(hose)-boy with the “fetish” are long over in favor of doing this whole look like a girl thing. It’s funny, too, that I never understood how this possible evolution could even happen. I even quite stupidly thought that eventually I would grow out of that kink. Maybe I would just have to take a few minutes to get away from the family, sneak out in the woods, slip on my Wolford tights and come on a pine tree every now and then.

Let’s just say it didn’t quite work out that way.

Not that I’m unhappy being a (way) more girly me. I just never thought it would come to this, no pun intended. Over the years, I’ve read many crossdressing blogs and also have met others online that started with the typical pantyhose fetish which eventually led to full on transformation and, in some cases, changing gender completely (aka Caitlyn and, yes, she did have a pantyhose fetish in her past). What was really strange to me, however, was that it seemed like in many cases the whole thrill we seek by wearing pantyhose in the first place seems to have disappeared in the process.

I mean once you are hooked, how could you want to leave your love of pantyhose?

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Pantyhose leg pose

It’s been a while since I posted a Top Ten here. Good enough reason to bring it back!

For those of us crossdressers, we aren’t just silly little boys trying out lacy underwear for kicks. OK maybe some of us do but, on to my point, eventually in our secret lives, we have to come to terms with this little thing we’re into. It’s not easy but we do have to admit them to ourselves. Here is a compilation to make it easy…

10. Women’s clothes are WAY more expensive than men’s.

9. We realize there is a woman inside us trying to get out. Then a man. Then a woman again…

8. Someone WILL catch you. Better look your best!

7. Window shopping for heels is fun, until you realize you like a pair but need a size 42.

6. Makeup and crayons are practically the same things to us.

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Sheery wearing an Oroblu bodysuit and Wolford Neon tights

I often times think about how my crossdressing has evolved over the years. Well, maybe even my whole life. More than two thirds of it, I’d say, I desperately tried all I could to keep it a secret. It was something I would do every now and then in private just to get my kicks and then get on with my day. I guess I thought of it back then as just some of my “weird” tendencies.

Yet back then, it was only about slipping into pantyhose which eventually led to slipping on lingerie along with it. I knew that only made me a male in women’s underwear since I surely didn’t look the part of anything female. It was enjoyable and satisfying nonetheless. Those “taboo” articles of clothing made it oh so alluring to drape it on my body and pretend I was female in some perverted sort of way. At least that was how I thought of it back then.

Today, however, my own crossdressing has evolved to a point where I couldn’t have imagined even ten years ago. No more am I the male pantyboy (or more like the resident pantyhoseboy). Instead I have incorporated more “girlyness” into my everyday lifestyle. For example, I shave all body hair (even my face!) and keep my fingernails and toenails perfectly trimmed with my toenails nearly almost always painted. Then there is that subtle dot of perfume that I like to put right over my deodorant in the morning.

I don’t exactly give myself away entirely as little miss me but I do absolutely enjoy giving away a hint of my feminine side whenever I can. And each day it is a little bit more than the last.

I am always left thinking, though, what will I be like ten years from now if I keep going in this direction?

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Pantyhose over face
Image: Wormed of Horrors

Sure, we as crossdressers like to have our fun and our whole motto could arguably be summed up as “we do whatever the fuck we want, dressed as women.” While we surely do not live by a behavior code (or any kind of code, really), there are some things, however, we might want to pay some mind to. As in please, for the sake of our beloved crossdressing community, cut this shit out.

So without further ado, I present ten things crossdressers need to stop doing right this second.

10. Using the terms “passable,” “lesbian,” “slut” or “whore” to describe ourselves unless, of course, a vagina was recently installed.

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Setificato 40 Pantyhose

I have finally come to the realization that in my quest to try every available pantyhose that looks super sexy in an ad, or on a model in a pantyhose fetish site, I’m really just trying see if my beloved Wolford Neon 40 can be outdone. In the meantime, my collection has filled up a gigantic box and many have been rendered as stylish cleaning rags.

Yet this time, I came close in the Pierre Mantoux Setificato 40. Very close.

I had very high expectations when I placed my order for what looked like a perfect matching shade for Wolford’s “Gobi” color. In fact, much like the image above, the “Jasmine” option seemed like a dead ringer so, what the hell, I wanted one of those. Yet then, we get to the first problem…

The damn sizing chart is pretty fucked up to say the least. It seemingly put me at a large with huge hips and, since I no longer have a belly, I was wondering if I’ll need a belt to prance around in these. Not exactly inspiring confidence in my decision. OK, so these probably weren’t made for the everyday crossdresser, so I got one pair medium and another in large in that Jasmine color just to be safe.

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Crossdresser in Teddy and Pantyhose

One thing I’ve always been curious about throughout my days of femme delight is whether crossdressing has the tendency to lead into homosexual relations, be it with a man or another crossdresser. Keep in mind, I neither care about putting a label on ourselves nor am I trying to prove true the ancient myth that crossdressers are gay.

It just so happens that, from personal experience, the crossdresser evolves into conforming more and more into, not only dressing the woman´s part, but acting out the part as well. It may be take form as going out in public in full dress or just meeting up with other CDs to have a meal.

Yet, since crossdressing is primarily a medium for sexual stimulation, this would also undergo an evolution over time to keep the stimulation at its peak. Much like the way, for example, a married couple might experiment with sex toys to keep their sex life new and interesting. Side note: this does work for crossdressers as well.

So, over time, the usual slipping on pantyhose, silky lingerie and maybe some heels and makeup would lose its appeal to repetitiveness and, ultimately, boredom. You could have a different silky outfit for every day of the year but wanking the poor little cock so many times, pretty much in the same fashion each time, might get you thinking, “Well, why don’t I wank someone else’s instead?” to make things a little more interesting.

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Sheery in a Teddy and Wolford Tights

In case you haven’t heard by now, I just love to play dress up. Just like my older sister probably made me do when I was half her size. I bet I could even win at that right now if we were to have a contest for the queen of the family. Unfortunately, only the sexy, sultry crossdresser (yours truly) has the real fun at this in my family.

So to try and be as sexy femme as possible, I exercise to stay fit and trim, shave everywhere possible and try to adopt feminine mannerisms that I can turn on like a switch, going from rugged male to sweet little Sheery. Then, of course, I top it all off by squeezing into that tight fitting lingerie and/or sexy club dress, high-end pantyhose (e.g. Wolford tights), wig, makeup and my newish stiletto heels.

Of course we don’t just want to have that transformed beauty in front of the mirror all to ourselves now do we? That’s why we grab the camera and snap a few shots, maybe a naughty one or two, and share with our good crossdresser/TV friends across the social networks. Nothing is more seemingly cherished than when you get those “hot ass” and “love your pantyhose” comments that you feel reassured in your feminine role, specifically when they come from other girlies like ourselves.

Then we get those same comments from the other side. Those that are either too lazy to dress up, don’t want to or just look at us crossdressing sisters like pieces of meat with a loose back door. Plus you get the feeling somehow that you know they are currently wanking to death behind that creepy avatar smile of theirs waiting for your reply.

Men, I’m talking about you.

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Canda Elegant Support Pantyhose

When it comes to making my legs sexy, shining and stunning, I definitely don’t go for the cheap stuff when it comes to choosing a suitable pantyhose for my taste. So, naturally, I go for the Wolford Neon or the fine Italian Silvia Grand Silk 40 or maybe one day I’ll splurge on a $500 pair of Wolford Fatal Neon. Only champagne and caviar here for this here crossdresser.

Then again, I can’t resist a good deal. Especially when it comes to pantyhose. Especially when those said pantyhose are described as shiny and in a suntan shade.

So I splurged for the cheap liquor and potato chips, so to speak, hoping I could turn them into my gourmet meal of silky delight running around my room in my heels and total glee falling in love with my legs. Actually, though, I was just curious to see how “cheap” pantyhose would actually turn out and was fully expecting to use them later as rags in my kitchen.

Turns out the Canda Elegant Support pantyhose are quite a sexy surprise. I did run around my room and fall in love with my gorgeous legs in front of the mirror. Not to mention, “played” around in them wondering if they would suddenly disintegrate at the seams.

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Daphne Bound and Gagged
Image: Wikia

As a kid, I spent hours and hours in front of the TV, like all proper kids did. I’d say I would spend at least a minimum of eight hours a day watching the typical cartoons that showed up on cable which, coincidentally, was fairly new at the time. Yet during the thousands of hours stuck in front of the tube, there were several specific cartoon episodes that stuck out in my mind.

That is, when certain characters would get into trouble, then are erotically bound and gagged by some gargoyle waiting for someone to save them. I somehow never saw this as something those cartoon writers had intended or, really, how most kids probably innocently viewed it. You know, worry about the character then hope he/she gets saved. Or more so, hope the evil villain just kills them off.

No, I saw this as a version of pantyhose bondage porn, later shaping my future fetishes to come. Of course, we cannot forget that crossdressing era of my life that came about, largely in part to this.

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Sheery the Crossdresser

Ever think about that wacky weird path of your own crossdressing days from the very beginning up until now? While, personally, I can’t recall every single time I slipped on a pair of pantyhose and wanked in them, I can recall some of the major points through my own journey into feminine bliss (or is it abyss).

For instance, when I was in my pre-pube days, I had no clue what a crossdresser was or what the hell was going on with me. All I knew at the time was that I was harboring an arousing love of pantyhose and I was the only one in the world who had this freaky side to him.  Being a young teenager, that put me in a bit of isolation carrying around a secret that was not really understood but sucked me in with a compulsion I couldn’t resist.

Yet one day on the couch watching an episode of Cheers years back, I can vividly remember a piece of dialog that changed my whole perception of my growing fetish (also an unfamiliar word at the time)…

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