My Rant For The Day, Men Really Creep Me Out

Sheery in a Teddy and Wolford Tights

In case you haven’t heard by now, I just love to play dress up. Just like my older sister probably made me do when I was half her size. I bet I could even win at that right now if we were to have a contest for the queen of the family. Unfortunately, only the sexy, sultry crossdresser (yours truly) has the real fun at this in my family.

So to try and be as sexy femme as possible, I exercise to stay fit and trim, shave everywhere possible and try to adopt feminine mannerisms that I can turn on like a switch, going from rugged male to sweet little Sheery. Then, of course, I top it all off by squeezing into that tight fitting lingerie and/or sexy club dress, high-end pantyhose (e.g. Wolford tights), wig, makeup and my newish stiletto heels.

Of course we don’t just want to have that transformed beauty in front of the mirror all to ourselves now do we? That’s why we grab the camera and snap a few shots, maybe a naughty one or two, and share with our good crossdresser/TV friends across the social networks. Nothing is more seemingly cherished than when you get those “hot ass” and “love your pantyhose” comments that you feel reassured in your feminine role, specifically when they come from other girlies like ourselves.

Then we get those same comments from the other side. Those that are either too lazy to dress up, don’t want to or just look at us crossdressing sisters like pieces of meat with a loose back door. Plus you get the feeling somehow that you know they are currently wanking to death behind that creepy avatar smile of theirs waiting for your reply.

Men, I’m talking about you.

On typical social networks, for example Twitter or Google+, it’s almost too easy to become “followers” or “friends” with anyone. The simple fact is that the more friends you have, the more “popular” you are. The more popular you are, the closer you are to reaching that ever-coveted status of prom queen, for lack of a better term.

Usually among the many faces of those said friends, we have our hangout people and a majority we’ll never speak to. What’s left are the too-creepy ones (e.g. men) with a headshot of either their face (more likely their just-wanked cock) and their actual full name listed in their profile who send you countless messages every day.


“Hey, want to chat?”

“I’m in your area tonight, wanna…”

“What a sexy ass. I want to take that and…”

Odds are if you look up any of these “dudes” in a sex offender database, they would be found on page one with the same photo used as their avatars. If not, they are likely in a strip club grossing out an unsuspecting dancer and subsequently stalking her on her way home.

Now, transforming myself into crossdressing womanly me, I certainly share the perspective on shady men that actual GG (genetic girl) women have. It’s as if the creeps are adorned with Las Vegas style flashing neon lights saying “I’m a pervert with my dick in my hand. Come and get some!” I share the collective ewwww with these other bothered women.

Without a doubt that this also triggers that instinctive alert to GG women that their own safety may be compromised and to stay the fuck away, as far possible. This, however, is where it pays to be the crossdresser. If I ever encounter the creep who admires my ass and my tights with the “I want to fuck you” type of comments, online or in person, I can just switch to non-Sheery mode and kick the living shit out of him.

Be warned, I can hold my own, even in pantyhose and heels. Online, I’ll find out where you live there jolly old creep.

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6 comments on “My Rant For The Day, Men Really Creep Me Out
  1. Veronnica/Ronnie says:

    You said it all Hun, I think we all have run into those creeps and picture hunting perverts who are just looking for wanking material. They most commonly cannot handle a real woman let alone any of us transgenders.

  2. Lisa T says:

    You’re right Sheery, the internet and social media is like a candy store for creeps! Even sadder is the fact that there are a lot of crossdressers who fall into that category too. Dealing with them online is bad enough but when I used to go out a lot I met more than my share live and in person. There is nothing creepier than being out dressed up at a club, having a good time when you feel a hand on your ass and turn around to see a person who appears to have a mop on their head, face smeared with lipstick and blue eye shadow, a stained, ill fitting dress and a pair of drug store pantyhose with runs and a crotch that only comes to their knees. Since they’re a crossdresser too, they feel entitled to grope you and can’t understand why you don’t want to have sex with them! They’re often hard to get rid of and more than once I had to break character and use my deepest male voice to tell them in detail what I would do to them if they did not leave me alone.

  3. Sirus G says:

    Dear Sherry,

    Here’s a graphic that echos what Lisa mentioned earlier. Applicable for all transformed CDs too!

    Sirus G

  4. Sheery says:

    Love it… Thanks Sirius!

  5. Sheery says:

    I can’t imagine being face to face with these weirdos and having to fend them off. Might have to carry brass knuckles on you each time you go out! Thanks Lisa

  6. Sheery says:

    You said it, we all have to face them. How hard is it to have manners? Thanks Veronnica

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