Top Ten Things Crossdressers Need to Stop Doing, Now

Pantyhose over face

Image: Wormed of Horrors

Sure, we as crossdressers like to have our fun and our whole motto could arguably be summed up as “we do whatever the fuck we want, dressed as women.” While we surely do not live by a behavior code (or any kind of code, really), there are some things, however, we might want to pay some mind to. As in please, for the sake of our beloved crossdressing community, cut this shit out.

So without further ado, I present ten things crossdressers need to stop doing right this second.

10. Using the terms “passable,” “lesbian,” “slut” or “whore” to describe ourselves unless, of course, a vagina was recently installed.

9. Robberies (???)

8. That said, slipping pantyhose over your head and face instead of your legs and ass like a good lady would.

7. And while we’re still on the subject, creating a unique pattern effect by slipping pantyhose over your gorilla legs.

6. Going for the Miranda Kerr look, end up with Joan Rivers (RIP).

5. That nasty habit of sniffing nail polish while doing your nails.

4. Then the one with the nail polish remover.

3. Showing yourself in public… without cleaning those come stains off of your dress. Shame on you, “slut”!

2. You mean those stains are still wet? Oh boy, your’re on your own.

1. Be so unkind as to not give a reach-around.

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2 comments on “Top Ten Things Crossdressers Need to Stop Doing, Now
  1. Lisa T says:

    I’m sure you know that I’m not much into labels, but I guess if someone gets a kick out of referring to themselves as a slut or a whore that doesn’t bother me much. There are sluts and whores of both genders anyway. The term passable is thrown about a lot in the TG community and is such a relative and conditional term that I don’t think it has much meaning. What it basically says is that ones female presentation can at least create enough reasonable doubt as to they’re true gender identity that they can be out dressed in public and go about their business without being challenged, ie, having a bratty teenager point to them in a crowd and say “That’s a guy”! To a crossdresser who is content to practice the craft behind closed doors and who has little or no interest in taking the show on the road, the term really doesn’t apply. For those who feel a strong need to be out dressed in public, being able to “pass” can be a matter of life or death. If you’re interested in seeing someone who, in my opinion, does it very well, then check out the Youtube channel of Starrynowhere. Emma, a CD/TV from Scotland likes to make very entertaining videos of herself out dressed in all kinds of public places. Definitely worth a look.

  2. Sheery says:

    @LisaT The intent was to poke a little fun at the labels since they are there and aren’t going anywhere. For the time being anyway.

    That’s an interesting channel there, thanks for the tip!

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