Committing a Pantyhose Fetish Cardinal Sin, Thanks to Capezio

Sheery in Capezio Stirrup Tights

Out of the thousands and thousands of times of slipping into pantyhose, I’m talking since the pre-pubescent pantyhose fetish years, there is one thing I have never gotten tired of. Of course, there is the usual nylon hugging my bulging wannabe female parts giving me the jollies but I also can’t get enough of looking down and wiggling my toes pretending they are struggling in in their silken trap.

Despite the love of encased toes, I’ve never been very foot fetishy which is why I primarily like my pantyhose footed. That and because I’m so un-ladylike when it comes to caring for my feet. Toe cheese, nails that can rival an eagle’s talons and whatever that black shit is that had been stuck for a week could all use a bit of attention (and an army of pedicurists).

Well, obviously that had to change so, first, there was the self-pedicure that took at least a couple of hours. Next, trimming those little hairs on my big toe (weird) and, last but not least, a little fuscia polish to beauty them up. Was that so hard? I said to myself trying to convince myself I’m a REAL girl.

Then giddy with my pretty feet, it was time to rip into that new package of Capezio Ultra Shimmery stirrup tights in color Toast. I never thought I’d see the day where I’m wearing pantyhose (tights in this case) with my painted toes exposed and feeling even more feminine sexy than ever.

At this moment, I never wanted go back to footed pantyhose… and had to seriously masturbate looking at my new beautiful toes, free to breathe in the daylight.

Well, I’ve tried Capezio Ultra Shimmery tights in the past and still have a “caramel” colored pair that gets a wear every now and then. Truth is, I believe they are the best dance tights out there hands down. They are a thick denier but have a silkier, lighter feel and appearance than similar tights by Danskin. Not to mention, I have a weird thing for that Capezio logo emblazed waistband a la another favorite, Wolford.

I had no doubt about the quality to expect of my new pair of stirrup tights. It was just that stirrup feature that would likely have rendered these to the rag bin due to their inability to erotically encase my toes. Even slipping into them gave me a bit of a limpy as they went over my ankle the first time. Bad purchase I first thought.

Straighten them out, however, and they felt like regular Capezio tights, except my feet could breathe! Not to mention, they really look good with sexy feet. I then threw on some strappy black heels and VAVOOM. I mean, holy shit, this was the ultimate in sexy. Not just throw on some pantyhose, wank one and call it a day. Rather, I looked like a lady, albeit a cheap one, but a lady nonetheless.

And that my girly friends, is what I consider a need to break the cardinal rule of the pantyhose fetish by sticking only with footed pantyhose to get you off. Feet are a highly neglected part of the body when in male mode, yet can be a highly erotic feature with a pedicure and a little polish. Then, of course, Capezio Ultra Shimmery tights become the silky icing on the cake.

Just try not to get the “icing” on that lovely new pair, OK?

* * *

Note that it seems that, stirrup tights are available in the U.S. but are the matte version, unlike in Europe, where the ultra shimmery version is readily available. Your best bet in the U.S. is to search on eBay and/or Google for “capezio ultra shimmery stirrup tights” to get your own sexy pair.

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2 comments on “Committing a Pantyhose Fetish Cardinal Sin, Thanks to Capezio
  1. Lisa T says:

    Hi Sheery, First let me say that photo is stunning and sexy as hell! Your choice of shoes was perfect to show off your stirrup tights and pretty painted toes. I’m not a foot fetish person, but that photo sure put a serious strain on the front seem of the Rubino 40’s I’m wearing now! I’ve always loved the look of stirrup tights and leggings. In fact one of my favorite items is a pair of Danskin black shiny spandex stirrup leggings that I’ve had for over twenty years. My only issue is that for whatever reason, I just don’t like having bare feet. Even in boy mode, and around the house, I always have on socks and shoes. Just my own weird little thing I guess. My feet actually look good, since they have never had to face the ravishes of nature uncovered, and I keep my toe nails trimmed so as not to make holes in my precious pantyhose. My solution has been to wear my stirrup and regular leggings over sheer pantyhose. When I’m just wearing pantyhose I much prefer styles in the 40 denier or even tights, but I always have a few very sheer pairs on hand just for wearing under leggings especially if I want to wear open shoes. As much as I don’t like the feel of bare feet, I absolutely love the feeling of my feet covered in silky soft nylon. I love to kick off my shoes and rub my nylon covered feet together, or crossing my legs so I can give my feet a nice foot message. Since I wear pantyhose to bed every night I just adore being under the covers, all nice and warm and rubbing my pantyhosed legs and feet together and curling my toes and kind of flicking them against the toe seam. As you might imagine it took me quite a while to actually be able to sleep through the night in pantyhose without having a constant hard on demanding attention, but now it’s just perfect bliss and comfort that I never want to be without. So after all this rambling what I really want to say is even though I don’t think I could do the bare foot thing myself, you look so sexy and I’m so happy for you that you’ve found another variation that gives you pleasure. And BTW, should you decide to abandon your footed pantyhose I bet I could find a good home for them! LOL
    Huggs, Lisa

  2. Sheery says:

    @Lisa I can definitely see where a pair of footless over pantyhose would definitely be sexy (and warm!), however, I’m going through a phase where prettying up my legs and feet are quite erotic and enjoyable. Not to mention, I’ll probably end up buying a thinner denier pantyhose since I won’t have to see those nasty leg hairs through them.

    And no, keep your paws off of my collection… they’re going nowhere!

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