Top Ten Things to Come to Terms With as a Crossdresser

Pantyhose leg pose

It’s been a while since I posted a Top Ten here. Good enough reason to bring it back!

For those of us crossdressers, we aren’t just silly little boys trying out lacy underwear for kicks. OK maybe some of us do but, on to my point, eventually in our secret lives, we have to come to terms with this little thing we’re into. It’s not easy but we do have to admit them to ourselves. Here is a compilation to make it easy…

10. Women’s clothes are WAY more expensive than men’s.

9. We realize there is a woman inside us trying to get out. Then a man. Then a woman again…

8. Someone WILL catch you. Better look your best!

7. Window shopping for heels is fun, until you realize you like a pair but need a size 42.

6. Makeup and crayons are practically the same things to us.

5. We long for the day when pantyhose are all the rage again.

4. It’s kinda doubtful it will go away anytime soon.

3. We are all going to hell. No, God has not forgiven us for stealing our mom’s bra way back then.

2. Hose before bros, ALWAYS.

1. The crossdresser is now outdated. Damn you new sexual preferences and fetishes.

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