I Think I Have a Compulsive Wolford Disorder and Kind of Want to Stop

Sheery in her Wolford body and tights

Me in a Wolford Anita bodysuit and Neon 40 tights

It all started that one fateful day maybe fifteen years ago. After scrounging up 30€ and heading down to the department store to finally buy a pair of those shiny tights that I had seen in all of those photos (that I downloaded of course). I remember buying that pair of Wolford Neon 40 in Gobi, running home in excitement and slipping them over my legs. That orgasmic moment was pretty much the beginning of my long love affair for anything Wolford.

Up to that point, I never really even knew of the brand except that the Neon 40 seemed to always be the pantyhose enthusiast’s first choice. Little did I realize it was a luxury brand, though the 30€ price tag on the Neon 40 tights was enough of a clue. Luxury aside, they were the most awesome thing I ever put on my legs, period, and every now and again I would get a new pair in a different shade.

Well, probably around six years ago (and many many pairs of Neon 40 later), I started browsing around their catalog and the bodysuits caught my eye. I remember one being on “sale” for 90€ and thought “What the hell, why not try it?” so I bought it, waited for the delivery and eagerly draped in on over some Neon 40s. I was hooked since it was something like a leotard (which I loved) but something more stylish and even something that could be worn in public.

Wolford on more Wolford was pure heaven!

Fast forward to today and I now admit I have a problem being hooked on Wolford. I collect them like bits of treasure… bodysuits, tights, skirts, arm thingies and (gulp) even shelled out for the most-coveted-of-all-time Fatal Neon tights. Now this may seem like an innocent affinity for just a brand of clothing. Hell, how many people wear only Nike or Adidas all the time? I’m quite sure even other crossdressers have their own preferences for their womanly garments.

Yet now I would have to consider it somewhat problematic for me given that…

I’m not exactly the full-time crossdresser but I rarely buy mens clothing or underwear these days. I need to wear Wolford all the time since they are all I have.

Some of the Wolford bodysuits I’ve only worn once, scared to wear again for fear of “ruining” them. So they just gather dust instead.

A lot of my Wolford tights are still in their packages unopened. I don’t want to ruin those either by opening them. I also like to pretend my closet is a Wolford Boutique.

It honestly seems like I collect them to make me feel “cool” as a crossdresser, like I have good taste or something.

A good chunk of my budget goes to the Wolford Boutique or on eBay looking for hard to find vintage Wolford items. It should probably go to liquor and good porn instead.

Look, it’s not all for nothing. If you’ve tried their gorgeous Neon 40 tights, you would know they are incredibly gorgeous, sexy on your legs but, most of all, they are of very high quality. It is practically the same with their other non-tights wear as well. Take a closer look at them and you’ll see the quality and even technology that produces them. Sure, they are stylish, but they also will likely last longer than you. Note that I say this and still don’t want to ruin the Wolford wear I have now. Hence, my little conundrum here.

So I’m making a pact with myself this new year. STOP BUYING WOLFORD!

Well, getting one or two Neon 40s in those pretty new colors that come out each year would be OK I guess.

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