It’s Crazy to Think How Much Pantyhose Has Shaped My Life

Sheery posing in Wolford pantyhose

As I sit here right in my living room, I have just slipped on a pair of black Wolford Neon 40’s and then had thought that really made me stop and wonder. This beautifully sexy, silky garment is pretty much the basis for my entire life. Obviously it is something you know (I know you too!) but it is quite surprising to think of how it made me who I am.

I can remember vividly how it all started at five years old by falling in love with Mrs Rainwater and her navy blue pantyhose that she would wear with sandals. I think the real life shaping event, however, happened when my sister actually had a pair of navy blue knee highs at the time, which I stole from her that first time then eagerly wore them dreaming of “being” Mrs Rainwater. Little did I know the seed that this planted growing up!

Funny, though, I actually never really got into pantyhose until I was around 11 years old having worn knee highs up until then. But one day, I don’t know what got into me, but I was in a Circle K market and saw the rack of Legg’s pantyhose and just grabbed a pair of Sheer Energy in an Off Black color (yes, I do remember that first pair well) then brought it to the counter to buy. I remember the cashier saying “Don’t you hate it when your mom makes you buy these?” and I nodded in agreement (and reflief). Then I rushed home to get these on my legs. That would be the point where I never looked back.

My teenage years took a slight deviation, having to try out lingerie to accompany my legwear. This was probably the time where my crossdressing was in its infancy since I needed something more than pantyhose to satisfy me, yet while still enjoying them. I suppose there was a growing need to feel more girly and lingerie made me feel “better.” However, I only found it more as a compliment to pantyhose since I would never wore bras, pantys or other lingerie alone. In fact I exclusively wore lingerie with pantyhose but then I would wear pantyhose at any time, under pants or whenever and get myself off without anyone noticing.

And, oh, then there was that time my parents found my whole tights stash in my room (and luckily not the lingerie!). I remember the “talk” my dad had with me saying my mom was concerned and to just use a jock strap if I get the need to wear pantyhose. For about a day I was ashamed and embarrassed but, after, I felt an even stronger connection to wearing pantyhose and lingerie and continued on fully aware of the taboo. Then I looked for better hiding spots for my garments.

In my late teens, when I went to college and moved out of my parents house, I ironically decided I would quit wearing pantyhose and lingerie. This was primarily out of fear of being caught by roommates and I though maybe it was time to grow up and ditch the habit. Yeah, little did I know this hilariously would not work. Plus this was around the time when internet access was available and I found out there are others like me out there that share the same “addiction” or a term what I would quickly learn, the pantyhose fetish.

Then in my adult years… well, if anything, my love for pantyhose only grew. I cannot remember exactly when, but I discovered Wolford Neon 40 and my pantyhose fetish got revitalized into a full-on I need to wear these things all the time. Also, living on my own, having a job and the convenience of purchasing online allowed me to try every kind of pantyhose in sight, which I did. Of course, I always went with my beloved Neon 40 even right at this moment as I’m wiggling my toes and pointing with my hosed feet loving that black shine coming off of them.

Which now brings me to today. Actually I almost exclusively wear Wolford pantyhose (with an exception here or there) and have graduated to going full head-to-toe dress up (of course not skipping the lingerie and pantyhose). Yes, I love now being a crossdresser and going all out does really turn me on and gives me an incredible feeling of femininity. However, the root of my crossdressing has always been pantyhose. I still even get off just thinking about them (and weirdly, the jock strap too).

I kind of like to revel in the fact I have put on more pairs than most women, and likely have more pairs too (in the hundreds), and absolutely enjoy it. They are a part of me whether I like it or not and I suppose I’ll die wearing them. I honestly think what a fantastic life with pantyhose as I’m caressing my Wolfords and enjoying their silkiness.

I guess that is my little secret though. And maybe yours too.

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One comment on “It’s Crazy to Think How Much Pantyhose Has Shaped My Life
  1. Sheerstar99 says:

    This brings back a lot of similar memories. My home economics teacher in middle school was where it started for me. She would wear nude pantyhose with sandals. Her hosed legs were so captivating. She wore wrap around skirts and a few times when sitting at her desk, I would catch a glimpse of control top. Swoon.

    At one point, she stopped wearing the strappy sandals and switched to black, open toed pumps. I couldn’t keep my eyes of her legs then. They must have been uncomfortable because she started slipping them off and walking around the classroom barefoot in her pantyhose. “Are you looking at my feet?” She once asked. “My husband bought me those heels. They’re killing me!” I was speechless.

    In high school she was our librarian and one semester, I was her aide. She knew her hosed legs had a hold on me. She started wearing stockings for a while – at the suggestion of her husband – but she didn’t like the way they fit and she complained about the sound they made rubbing together. I was hooked.

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