Pantyhose, The Root of All Evil

Pantyhose and painted toes

I can say without a doubt that my crossdressing has taken leaps and bounds since my first days experimenting in my sister’s tights as a sort of pre-pubescent indulgence in erotica or, as we all may know, the pantyhose fetish in it’s infancy.

Shaved legs, hell yeah. Whole body? Yep, that too.

Makeup… just now learning how to do up properly.

Wardrobe? Check, including the mandatory minis and fuck-me dress.

Heel collection: I realize how addicting that can get… and how much I drool over Louboutins.

Full public view, well, maybe that’s in the near future.

Despite my love of trying to bring out the inner woman in me, not to mention the sexual thrill it gives, I always seem to end up obsessing over my first real (non-human) true love: pantyhose. They are always my first item of attention when dressing and, even if being the only thing I have on, makes me feel more feminine than even the perfect makeup session (or those Louboutins). Well, OK, if I had those Louboutins over my pantyhosed feet, I think I would shoot my load on the ceiling.

Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love slipping into some silky lingerie, a club mini, makeup, wig and, of course, those heels, then feel my crotch bulge from the drug of femininity taking me over. Oh, even thinking about it gets me “wet” (as in right this moment). Yet, lurking underneath all that icing on the cake, there is always that well chosen shade of glossy pantyhose that has the attention my eye and my legs tempting to eagerly rub together.

Oddly, even going the full femme gamut, makes me want to rip off my dress, lingerie and kick off my heels revealing my naked body in pantyhose and fire one on my ceiling. Call it a serious pantyhose fetish, or what you will, my relationship with pantyhose is forever as if we were married. Thinking about this, it probably is a pretty serious fetish. I mean we’re really talking too serious here.

Why, earlier, I happened to count all the new pantyhose, still in their packaging, in a box I have in my closet: 69. No, I’m not making that up and, yes, I do find the number an odd coincidence. I seem to collect them like baseball cards. Rare, discontinued and duplicates of my favorite pantyhose… all there. I’ll even make you jealous with that pair of Victoria’s Secret Glossy Smooth in “pebble” sitting in there. Admittedly, I tried that very pair on and put them back in the package, too afraid to put them on again and snag my prize of the collection.

That’s not even counting the opened pairs I have in a drawer. Likewise, if you need to borrow a pair, you know who to ask.

Oh, yeah, there are those six pairs of Wolford Neon 40, all in different shades. It wouldn’t be a serious fetish/OCD without them you know.

I say this all as I just now accomplished that oh so necessary leg rubbing while donning a pair of Oroblu Magie 40 in a dark brown shade. It takes me vividly back to my first purchase of Legg’s Sheer Energy* in off black in my teenage years. Maybe it was the thrill of purchasing a woman’s undergarment for the first time or it could be that feeling when I got home, slipped into them and got a mini-woody from the glossy dark silk covering  my legs.

Either way, without pantyhose, there would be no Sheery. I would just be a plain old male.

Ewww, don’t get me started on that.

* Thanks for reminding me Lisa T!

2 Comments on “Pantyhose, The Root of All Evil

  1. Dear Sheery, How fortunate we are to derive such intense pleasure from doing something so common and innocent as wearing pantyhose! When you think that millions of other human beings all over the world wear pantyhose daily, and get no special enjoyment from the experience; many of whom even hate it, it seems even more incredible that we not only find pantyhose comfortable and pleasant to wear but extremely sexually stimulating! That’s the true joy of our fetish! And for many of us with this wonderful fetish, it’s not just the feeling of that soft shiny material against our skin that stimulates us, but also the image of feminine beauty we associate with pantyhose. While pantyhose remain the Alpha and Omega of our desires we begin to add things to enhance our pantyhose wearing experience and to complete our self transformation into that pantyhose inspired image we find so attractive and stimulating. Our love of pantyhose is our portal into a new world of activities and self discovery that can be risky and dangerous at times but is almost always amazingly pleasurable! I know that I’ve passed through that portal years ago and have no regrets, and I know that you’ve passed through as well, but the title of your post makes me worry that you still have some guilt. May I suggest a more positive title: Pantyhose: The source of all joy! I hope you have a wonderful new year!

  2. @LisaT I meant the title as sort of an ironic note. Guilt… no way in hell! I love my pantyhose, like yourself, and I think you sum it all up perfectly. They are the gateway to our deviant side and what a fun ride it has been!

    Happy New Year to you too… X Sheery

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