Some OMG Pantyhose About to Wrap Our Legs in Heaven

Cecilia de Rafael Libero seamless pantyhose


Stop paying attention for a second and, all of a sudden, you miss what gorgeous new products that will happily feed our never-ending pantyhose fetish. I’m usually always on the lookout for something new and sexy to drape my legs in. However, the glossy look has given way to matte opaque tights and leggings which women go crazy over these days. Not exactly great news if you’re the high-shine loving fetishist like I am.

Yet there are some new developments that have just caught my eye that I just can’t wait to get my legs in…

Cecilia de Rafael Libero Seamless Pantyhose

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw these. Finally, the reincarnation of the Wolford Fatal Neon tights, albeit a very sheer 15 denier as opposed to the 40 denier of the Fatal Neon. Of course there was a previous attempt at a revival with the Krystelle 30 seamless which didn’t quite live up to expectations. The CdR, however, looks promising and just look at that shine!

Not too long ago, I may have balked at the sheerness but, now that I shave my legs regularly, the Libero will be a welcome addition to the collection. Likewise, if you’re still sporting the gorilla legs, the Libero should unquestionably be given a pass. That or keep the legs out of public view (please).

Note that these are so new that they haven’t been manufactured yet. They are due out sometime in December so have your legs nicely shaved and ready (please).

The CdR Libero can be found at

Cecilia de Rafael Eterno pantyhose


Cecilia de Rafael Eterno 15 Pantyhose

Personally, I have never tried the Platino Cleancut yet, more recently, I’ve heard how nice silky, smooth, slippery and shiny they are. In fact enough so to stoke the curiosity and try a pair even though they were a very sheer 15 denier and shaved legs wasn’t a regular thing for me yet. Also, “slippery” isn’t quite a common word in the pantyhose fetish dictionary. I had to see what that was about.

Well, tough luck because the Cleancut was discontinued. Enter the CdR Eterno pantyhose.

According the who will sell these:

You may know this product by another manufacturer [Platino] and came to love all of it’s features so we have teamed up with Cecelia de Rafael to produce this simply stunning pantyhose.

You can bet I won’t miss the opportunity the second time around.

Also, like the CdR Libero, these will be available sometime in December. You know what to ask for Christmas now.

The CdR Eterno can be found at

Pierre Mantoux Eclatant 40 pantyhose

Image: Stocking Showcase

Pierre Mantoux Eclatant 40 Pantyhose

I’m very much a fan of the Pierre Mantoux Setificato 40 (aisde from maybe some sizing issues). So when I heard that they were being discontinued, I cursed the damn black matte tights movement and bought a couple extra pairs for, you know, sentimental value.

Then browsing for pantyhose, something I haven’t done in a while, I ran across the Eclatant 40 which turns out to “replace” the Setificato. By the look alone, I have high hopes for them and, given my love for the Setificato, they would be just as silky and sexy and maybe a bit more. Hopefully, they can fix that too-small issue with the sizing too. We’ll see.

The Eclatant 40 can be found at Stocking Showcase.

Danshuz Shiny Tights

Image: Stocking Showcase

Danshuz Shiny Tights

I’ve had my phase with dance tights and, while I still like to throw on a pair of Dankins for old time sake, they’ve gone out of favor for pantyhose that are more sheer. I guess you can say the dream of being the ballerina is finally dead. I’m not that limber anymore anyway so, fine,  I’ll deal with it.

Dance tights, though, are usually in the high 50 – 70 denier range being very thick. The Danshuz tights, however, are a 40 denier tight, still somewhat thick but same as the Wolford Neon and about as high I’m willing to try these days. In other words, I HAVE to see how shiny and sexy these super-shiny Danshuz will make my legs. If it’s like the image above, my fetish will be sold on them.

The Danshuz tights can be found at Stocking Showcase.

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4 comments on “Some OMG Pantyhose About to Wrap Our Legs in Heaven
  1. Lisa T says:

    Hi Sherry, That’s interesting news. While I’m a big fan of CdR pantyhose, I’m not sure I’m ready to invest in another pair of seamless. I’m afraid these new CdR’s are going to have the same “low rise” fit as the Krystelle as I understand that that’s just the way they have to be made. I still wear my Krystelle’s from time to time, but that low waist band is just not comfortable. I have gotten past my fear of ultra sheers this summer when I tried the 15 den Vidrio and Sevilla from CdR and found them to be really amazing! I couldn’t believe that pantyhose that sheer could have so much shine! They felt incredibly comfortable even on the hottest days, and in spite of being so sheer, always gave me the feeling that I was wearing pantyhose! They both proved to be very durable, especially the Vidreo. I will definitely miss the Setificato but look forward to trying their replacement, as they look great. I have tried the Danshuz Shiny Tights and found them to be very soft and shiny but short on fit. They’re a bit heavier than Neon’s and would probably be great for someone smaller than I. Thanks again for the news. I look forward to hearing what you think about the new CdR seamless, and who knows, maybe you’ll change my mind again!

  2. Sheery says:

    @LisaT Yes, I’m expecting the same low-waist issue could possibly happen again but since the Libero is actually based on the Sevilla, I think you just reaffirmed my decision to at least try them out. There will definitely be a full review coming (whenever these get made)! And if they are a disappointment, maybe I’ll hold off on a splurge to find some Fatal Neons on eBay.

    Thank you and XXX. Sheery

  3. Illy says:

    I tried them! size 5 extra large. (I’m 5.9 and 160 pounds) super fine Lycra silky and smooth…my legs felt fine, but impossibly low on the waist and overly tight on the hips. totally impractical wear if you have any kind of bum and they give you an instant muffin top.

    Transgender wearers beware! There is absolutely no comfortable room for your “something extra” unless of course you’re okay with completely cutting off circulation to that area… 🙂

    I would recommend pantyhose is the only viable alternative for the transgender girl.

  4. Sheery says:

    @Illy Thanks for the tip about I would have to agree with your assessment too!

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