Are Krystelle 30 Seamless Pantyhose The Next Wolford Fatal Neon?

Sheery wearing Krystelle 30 Seamless pantyhose

As you may know, I’ve been dying to try the Krystelle Seamless 30 pantyhose as soon as I saw them on the Shapings website. Well, I sprung for a pair for 40 CAD (about 32 USD) in the “tea” shade and finally got them in the mail. Since I’m a total virgin to the seamless pantyhose style, I just could not wait to slip my just-shaved legs into these beauties which, of course, I did without hesitation.

The first thing I noticed after slowly sliding these up my right thigh is that they don’t have the typical slippery “spandex” feel normally found on shiny pantyhose, not to mention, something I highly covet in legwear. The Krystelle 30, instead, has a microfiber composite that can best described as a matte feel with a bit of shine on it. Though I prefer the spandex feel and shine, I wouldn’t call it a knock on these since it is a high-quality material after all. There is sufficient shine but it just isn’t at the level of, say, the Wolford Neon or it’s sexier cousin, the Wolford Fatal Neon.

Left leg all hosed up, time to pull them up to my waist and, WHOA, they are very low-rise! With some easing, I could get the waistband just barely to my navel, having to do a pantyhose wedgy on my butt in the process but you know what? It’s something I actually liked about the Krystelle 30. I could remember those pictures of old Fatal Neon packages with those tights perfectly wedged up the ass of those models giving an almost painted on look. The Krystelle 30 replicated that perfectly.

Taking the mandatory strut in some heels, these are quite comfortable, actually VERY comfortable and surprised me with it’s very unique construction. With non-seamless pantyhose, there are the usual points of stress right along the actual seam and gusset which eventually develop into holes or runs. The Krystelle 30 appeared to handle this just fine with a very large waistband and what seemed to be tiny reinforced areas on each hip. Time will tell, of course, how they last but I’m confident they won’t go to shit with a run after just a few wearings.

There is a slight issue, though, not by fault of the pantyhose but I should say an issue with seamless pantyhose and crossdressers: the jewels stick out and not in a sexy way at all. A typical seam and gusset tight usually holds them back enough, however, the lack of seams here doesn’t quite get the job done. The solution… wear a thong panty underneath which can still be sexy.

One other thing, if you are somewhat overweight, these may not be for you. These pantyhose are definitely designed to anatomically fit women right at the waist. Any excess weight in that area will push these down to just above the jewels. They may still stay on but, if you’re trying to mimic that gorgeous Fatal Neon model, you’ll likely fail miserably. Seamed tights would be a safer bet.

The Krystelle 30 are definitely a high quality pantyhose worthy of a try, especially if you have a taste for the seamless variety. My only gripe with them, however, is that aforementioned microfiber material which does give a nice shine but not on the same level as Wolford, where your legs in those tights can be seen by passing airplanes. So, no, I wouldn’t call these a definite “replacement” for the Wolford Fatal Neon but they do come close. So, so close

You can find the Krystelle 30 Seamless pantyhose at

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6 comments on “Are Krystelle 30 Seamless Pantyhose The Next Wolford Fatal Neon?
  1. Lisa T says:

    Hi Sheery, I had pretty much the same impression of the Krystelles. They are very low rise especially on me as I don’t have that nice flat tummy. After consulting with others on the Shapings Forum, it would seem that most if not all seamless pantyhose are made this way by necessity. They fit fine and mold to your bum with that nice “camel toe” effect, and even though they don’t slide down, the waist band falls at a place that feels very different than other pantyhose. I even washed mine to relax the yarn which helped, but I’m still getting used to them. On the other side, they definitely don’t hold anything in which gives an amazing feeling of freedom but would probably be an issue if you were wearing them with any kind of a tight fitting skirt and were trying to pass. The material is soft and has definite shine but really doesn’t come close to Wolford neon. They were more opaque than I expected, which is fine with me, and it’s interesting that I ordered a pair of Silvia Grandi Top 30 at the same time which I found to be very sheer; more like a 15 or 20 den. I guess I don’t fully understand the denier rating as these are both 30 den and yet could hardly be more different. Overall, I’m finding that the more I wear the Krystelles, the more I like them. I have heard some say that once you’ve tried seamless you won’t go back to seamed pantyhose. I don’t see that happening with me, but I am glad I have them.

  2. Sheery says:

    @LisaT Oooh, thanks for the washing tip, I actually haven’t tried that out.

    I was hoping, too, for the cameltoe effect but looks like that wasn’t quite up to what I expected. All in all, I am glad I tried them out and if the material even remotely resembled the Neon 40, I’m sure they would definitely be my favs. Instead they’ll probably get an occasional wear here or there.

    You tried to Top 30 too!? I’ve been wondering about those but have been very pleased with the Silk 40. I need to raid your drawer sometime.

    X Sheery

  3. Lisa T says:

    Hi Sheery, I agree, the Krystelles are going to be a special occasion wear rather than a go to style for me as well. The feel and look of the material is good but not good enough to overcome the discomfort of where the waist band falls. While I am of no more than average endowment, when fully erect, the business end actually touches the waist band, which feels weird. As for the Top 30, I think you should try them. They definitely fit, feel, and look great, even if they are a bit more sheer than either of us prefer. I’m going to order another pair just to see if maybe they put a pair of Top 20 in the Top 30 package by mistake. At any rate, I think they would be great for warmer weather, which I’m really looking forward to after six weeks of brutal cold that we’ve had here. BTW, You’re welcome to raid my pantyhose drawers any time!

  4. Sheery says:

    @LisaT I think if the Krystelle came with suspenders then we may be on to something but they are what they are. They do tend to quickly fall down even after giving yourself a wedgie with them. Oh well, when I lose some weight, I may revisit.

    I have your IP address so don’t be surprised about someone breaking into your bedroom and hiding in the closet 😉


  5. randy says:

    will have to get a pair for sure love the look

  6. randy says:

    think I will give these a try even though I love glossy ones

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