OMG, You Can Now Buy a Seamless Pantyhose Similar to Wolford Fatal Neon

Shapings Krystelle 30 Seamless Pantyhose

I’ve pretty much lost hope for a revival of the pantyhose of my dreams, the gorgeous Wolford Fatal Neon. Sure, if I’m lucky, I could find them on eBay and fork over a small fortune for a pair that quite certainly has been opened and come upon (which, before today, I would have been fine with). I, however, ran across something that nearly brought this pantyhose enthusiast to tears.

If you’ve never been to, they are quite a treasure trove for legwear, like a Walmart for your pantyhose and even some lingerie needs. What really sets them apart is their large selection of imported, high end hosiery, basically a one-stop shop for the serious pantyhose fetishist. They are based in Canada and ship overseas (yes, USA too) and have been a very reliable source for those hard to find items, even out here in Europe.

So imagine my curiosity when I see on their home page an image which looked eerily similar to those I’ve seen of the Wolford Fatal Neon. Not only that but, holy shit, you can buy them. So I did the next logical thing, let out an OMG in a girly shriek (last time you’ll ever see OMG here again by the way), and clicked to the page, mouse hand shaking.

And there it was in all it’s glory, the Krystelle 30 Seamless pantyhose made by… Shapings themseleves? Quite interestingly, they teamed with an Italian manufacturer to produce the Krystelle 30 pantyhose to their specs and then brand them as their own. I say what a genius they are to see the void the discontinuation of the Fatal Neon long ago had created and jumped in to save the day.

My only complaint is what the hell took them so long?

Of course there are quite a number of seamless pantyhose out there which you can readily buy, however, nearly all of which are of a lower 10-15 denier. This may be suitably sexy to some but there is just something so far more alluring with the thicker denier and illustrious shine of the rare Fatal Neon. In fact, enough so, it became a highly prized collector’s item (usually with lingering come on them).

Yet the Krystelle 30 appears to be nearly identical to the Fatal Neon in terms of appearance and that sexy shine. The Shapings website kindly provides high-resolution images for each color available for these babies so you can judge for yourself the quality and look. Did I mention they come in eleven colors (ELEVEN), from natural shades to black, white and baby blue/pink? Talk about appealing to the masses!

So I did my duty and bought a pair in “Tea” and black shades, you know, for testing purposes. They run 40 CAD a piece which comes out to a little over 31 USD (plus shipping). It’s a bit pricey, sure, possibly due to the manufacturing process since seamless pantyhose do require special machinery as well (assuming of course). Personally, I think it’s a tiny price to pay to find out if the Krystelle 30 can measure up to the Fatal Neon.

I’m betting it will and then some as I eagerly check my mailbox daily. Stay tuned for a full review and some pics… or beat me to it!

5 Comments on “OMG, You Can Now Buy a Seamless Pantyhose Similar to Wolford Fatal Neon

  1. Hi Sheery, Well you inspired me again. I just ordered a pair. Just one pair for now because I want to see how they fit and feel. I ordered them in Baby Pink as I don’t have any pink hose and being a true sissy, I love pink. We’ll have to see who gets theirs first. Might be me as they don’t have to ship so far. I’ll post as soon as I get them and try them. I needed a bit of cheering up as I finally got a hole in my first pair of Neon 40’s. I really can’t complain as I’ve been wearing and washing them a lot for almost a year, and they have given me a lot of pleasure. I still have two more new pairs but am already feeling the need to make a pilgrimage to the Wolford outlet store to buy more!

  2. My Krysetlle 30 seamless pantyhose arrived in the mail today, just one week since I ordered them from Shapings. Pretty fast considering I went with regular shipping. Of course I gave my legs a very careful shave and tried them on. I’m not going to say any more until Sheery gets a chance to do her review.

  3. @LisaT Nooooo! A hole in your Wolfords? Oh well, time for a new pair!

    I just picked up mine from the post office today actually and followed your cue to shave the stems, but I put on some polish too 😉

    I won’t ask how you liked them but I’m sure you’ll have to admit they are low risers!

    X Sheery

  4. Is it just me or does the website have only white Krystelle 30 pantyhose? It doesn’t look like I can order any other colour.

  5. Looks like they are restocked with the other colors. Since the Krystelle are actually a brand of Shapings, I think any out of stock size/color would be handled quickly.

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