An Open Letter to Wolford, Please Bring Back the Fatal Neon

Magazine Ad for Wolford Fatal Neon pantyhose

Dear Wolford,

I have a small request on behalf of all those with a fine taste in pantyhose, including those with a severe pantyhose fetish, some who just love their legs to shine brightly and others with a general aversion to looking at seams on their pantyhose. Yes, I would fall under all three by the way.

Please, oh dear God please, will you bring back the Fatal Neon yet once again?

Anybody who was familiar with your brand surely remembers the brilliant campaign you did with Helmut Newton way back in the 80’s that still draws raves even to this very day. Why, I can even remember long ago finding an image of the Fatal Neon packaging with that lovely blonde  clad in nothing but your namesake pantyhose, butt clinging ever so nicely to it, and a camera draped over her shoulder.

After printing out that image and carrying around with me everywhere I went, I must have jerked off to it at least 500 times, even while in public restrooms and on school playgrounds. I must say it is quite a proven testament to the power of your advertising and the alluring quality of your pantyhose.

Of course, I am familiar with the current-day successor of the Fatal Neon, the Neon 40, offering a similar, if not the same, high quality and gorgeous shine for the legs. I even have eight pairs which, consequently, I use in place of the aforementioned image on public grounds these days.

I’ll have to admit there is nothing wrong with the Neon 40 per se. They are by far my favorite pantyhose out of the maybe hundred or so pairs I have in my fetishy collection. When I feel like dressing up for the night on the town or have the need to come on myself right there on the spot, I look first to the Neon 40. Regardless, I just cannot get over those seams, especially knowing that other pairs of pantyhose exist out there without them. It is just difficult to get my legs around finding a pair.

Being a collector of prized pantyhose, to which the Fatal Neon is a current target, I’ve tried my best to acquire this discontinued line by other means, principally eBay. While I’m happy to note that, rarely, they can be found, they are likely taken out of the package, came on, washed and thrown back in the package as “brand new.” Despite the lovely “quality testing” if you will, the going price still seems a bit unreasonable.

400€ (about $550), are you kidding me!?

For that much, I would expect that model with the clingy pantyhose butt and camera on her shoulder to personally model it for me. In other words, I refuse to pay the going price for a collectors item that can easily be remedied out of its collector status with one small simple step.

Please, oh pretty please with sugar on top, will you bring back the Fatal Neon pantyhose?

Are they out of existence for a fashion reason, perhaps being a little too “90’s?” OK then, I may then see your point. After all, that gentleman, Helmut Newton, pretty much propelled you into “untouchable” status years back, continuing on to this day. You pretty much get to call the shots of who is looking like what in the fashion design world while we just remain mere pantyhose fetish fanatics.

I’ll propose to you this idea, however. Why not just create a limited edition of the Fatal Neon available for a short period of time?

Better yet, why not create a “secret” menu on your website where these pantyhose can be purchased without the general fashion-conscious public ever having to know about this?

Something to think about, right? Meanwhile I’ll just lie here in my Neon 40 pantyhose waiting…

What else would I have to do to get you to make these again? (please inquire privately)


Sheery Sisi
Pantyhose Fetish Consultant
Confessions in Pantyhose

2 Comments on “An Open Letter to Wolford, Please Bring Back the Fatal Neon

  1. I can’t agree more! Right now there is one large pair for sale on ebay for $500! I’d love to get them, but It seems more practical to just pony up $35 for a pair of Neon 40’s.. (and I’ve got plenty of those 🙂 )

  2. I’ve been debating that one too. One pair without seams, $500 or you can buy every color of the Neon 40 and throw in some nice heels with it. It’s pretty obvious to me… get the Fatal Neon! Thanks SD.

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