I’m a Bit Tied Up Now, Sweetie, Maybe Later, Part III

Black Pantyhose in Bed

Part II: Happier Hour

Part I: Happy Hour

Part III: Reality

The excitement of Carla’s trist with Chelsea and Jenna began to fade as Carla realized it was already late into the evening and she needed to get home. Carla slipped out of her lingerie and crotch ripped pantyhose and changed back into his suit and tie. He then went into the bathroom, grabbed a washrag and scrubbed every last bit of makeup off of his face thinking of excuses he could tell his wife Amy for his tardiness without even a phone call.

“Let’s do this again,” a cleaned-up Carl said to the two satisfied crossdressers and still high from their foray with Carla.

“Anytime,” Jenna responded as she and Chelsea walked him out the door along with giving a peck on the cheek, which Carl quickly wiped away.

Carl walked back to the garage just a few blocks away, got into his car and into a panic. “Let’s see, we had a crisis at the bank and an emergency meeting that lasted hours,” he thought to himself as the excuse he was going to tell his wife. “Yep, I’ll stick with that.”

He arrived home to a visibly angry Amy as he walked through the door.

“Where the hell have you been? I was worried sick!” Amy said. “You don’t even answer your phone?”

Carl, realizing he left his cell phone at the office, was at a loss. “I’m so sorry dear.”

He proceed to tell his lie about how he had spent the last few hours, obviously omitting the details about the romp in his lingerie and pantyhose with two crossdresser he had just met at that time. Amy listened, appearing to believe every word, but really knew Carl well enough to tell the signs of when he lied.

“Well, OK, next time call though please,” Amy responded with a noticeable change in tone from anger to sympathy. Carl believed his story had worked and was off the hook but, little did he know, Amy was on to his scent. Quite literally, too, as she could smell traces of perfume on him, yet she didn’t say a word. Instead, she would be doing a little detective work on her own.

The very next day, Carl left for work, business as usual. Amy, however, had her own plan to leave their daughter, Sara, with their neighbor for a couple hours, then see what Carl was really up to after work. As the hour where Carl left approached, Amy positioned herself, parked in her car, and with a clear view of the entrance of his bank.

Like clockwork, Carl exited and made his was up the block towards the garage. Amy got out of the car and followed closely on foot but out of his view. By coincidence, and perhaps bad luck, Jenna and Chelsea just happened to be along the way in Carl’s walk to the garage.

“Hello darling,” Jenna said to Carl, who gives each a warm kiss on the cheek. The sight of the two in their skin-tight dresses, sexy shiny pantyhose and stilettos gave him chills of excitement just like the previous day.

“Shall we have a quick drink?” Carl asked the two pointing to the patio bar just in front of them. “Oh, I mean screwdriver,” he added flirtatiously. Chelsea and Jenna took him up on the offer. Amy, heart dropped to the floor, stood in a hidden spot across the street and looked on.

As the three seated themselves and ordered a round of screwdrivers, Carl couldn’t help but to slide his hands, caressing the pantyhose on the legs of Chelsea and Jenna who were to either side of him. Jenna instinctively reached down his pants and discovered he had on a pair of Wolford Neon pantyhose as she playfully pulled the waistband up and out of his pants.

“You naught girl you,” Jenna said the Carl, still with a grip on the waistband.

The three continued on laughing and flirting which was very visible to Amy across the street who grew into a rage. “He’s a filthy, lying cheater!” she said to herself over and over again. Thoughts of killing Carl with her bare hands even crossed her mind.

Carl was rather quick to finish his drink and explained to Jenna and Chelsea that his wife wouldn’t accept him being home late a second day in a row. The two crossdressers looked at Carl understandingly but with disappointment they wouldn’t be able to repeat last night’s porno show. Carl then left, not without giving a quick kiss to each on the lips in plain view of Amy, and proceeded to the garage.

Amy waited until she saw Carl’s car exit the garage and made her way to the patio bar where Chelsea and Jenna were finishing up their screwdrivers.

“So, what are you doing with Carl you sluts!” Amy said, confronting the two and, all of a sudden, noticing something odd about the two women in front of her.

“And you are?” Chelsea responded defiantly.

“Carl’s wife,” Amy said in a softer tone after realizing that voice sounded rather deep. “Are these transvestites?” she thought to herself. After a closer look at Chelsea and Jenna, she realized that they indeed were. Amy’s anger quickly turned to curiosity.

“How do you know Carl?” Amy added.

Chelsea and Jenna were taken back by the realization they were about to be outed as mistresses, not a situation they haven’t been in before, but definitely not a comfortable position to be in. They quickly realized, however, that Amy has no clue as to the silky, sexy extracurricular activities of Carl.

“He is just a friend,” Jenna said trying to play off their round of drinks as just a casual meeting.

“Look, I’m not stupid. What is really going on here?” Amy asked with authority. Jenna and Chelsea looked at each other mutually thinking it was probably time to come clean. After all, Amy may have a gun on her, such as the last time this happened to the two.

“Have a seat,” said Chelsea. She and Jenna proceeded let the cat out of the bag about Carla to Amy. Everything, including the hidden storage locker nearby, choosing out dresses, lingerie and pantyhose for Carla to taking her home for a dress-up session. They unsuccessfully tried to hide their kinky crossdresser sex with Carla from Amy yet Amy managed to force it out of them after ordering another round of screwdrivers for them.

“You mean Carl is gay?” Amy exclaimed while in a state of shock.

“I think he loves you but maybe he just has other desires he is afraid to tell you about,” answered Chelsea trying to ease Amy’s shock, but not really helping.

“So, Carla loves dressing up in expensive pantyhose, lingerie and heels then fucks men who do the same thing… well then, we’ll just have to make that happen for them” Amy, in deep thought, was thinking to herself. She then pays the tab and quickly exits the bar without saying a word to either.

Amy ran to her car down the street, got in and raced home. She needed to prepare well for Carla’s “desires” later on.

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4 comments on “I’m a Bit Tied Up Now, Sweetie, Maybe Later, Part III
  1. silkytights says:

    Mmmmm now am very curious as to what is going to happen. Xx

  2. Amybound says:

    I am bursting in my hose, with anticipation. Loving this story arc. I wish I was Carla…. xoxox

  3. Sheery says:

    @Amybound Why thank you dear 😉 Next part coming soon!

  4. Sheery says:

    @silkytights I already know, ha ha. I won’t disappoint! XXX

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