Platino Knows What I Love in Lingerie

Platno Tana Bodysuit with CdR Rubino Pantyhose

I absolutely love wearing lingerie with my pantyhose yet, somehow, I usually end up buying way more pantyhose than lingerie. Chalk it up to my lingering pantyhose fetish but that’s just how it is. So when I do make a girly unmentionables purchase, it’s usually something special that I need to slip on my body right this second.

Naturally, I was surfing around for pantyhose on the Shapings website and came (literally) across something so simply sexy that I had to try it, the Platino Tana Bodysuit. And I mean simple, as in no lacy trim or shiny satin or embellishments of any kind. It’s just a regular bodysuit in a thong cut and in a brown color at that. Yet it turned out to be one of my sexiest pieces of lingerie that I now absolutely adore.

I’m already very familiar with Platino pantyhose and, given that those are a favorite of mine, it wasn’t a hard decision to give the Tana bodysuit a try. This is despite the fact that there really wasn’t even a clear image of what it was, only a picture of the packaging on the website. However, when I ripped into that little pantyhose-style package and hurried to slip into this, I was not let down at all.

The first thing I noticed, though,  is that out of the package, it appears really fucking tiny as in how the hell am I going to fit into this thing? Slipping into it, however, I realized how much it stretches. In fact, some other crossdresser much larger than me could easily wear this without ripping the thing. Likewise, the Tana bodysuit fit perfectly over my body with such soft comfort while even letting my cold nipples beautifully peer through. You hardly know it’s on!

Not to mention, the thong cut suits me quite well, don’t you think? I happened to love it so much, I couldn’t take my eye off of my ass the mirror. By the way, I’m wearing the Tana with some Cecilia de Rafael Rubino 40 pantyhose in a matching brown shade (look for a future review).

The Tana is composed of a rather thick 50 denier microfiber nylon-spandex mix which really, when you think about it, is pantyhose shaped up for the body. Likewise, it fit and formed to my every curve and even left a hint of sexy shine which I could never get enough of. Although I haven’t seen it yet, I would assume an unfortunate downside to this fabric is that it may be prone to runs. So treating this bodysuit as you would your own pantyhose is in tall order.

I quite enjoyed prancing around my house in this gorgeous brown bodysuit and matching pantyhose underneath. Usually, I reserve this for my special bra and panties or one of my satin teddies but the Tana has jumped the line to my favorite. Sure, it’s no frills lingerie but it is the only addition I really need to bring my pantyhose fetish to completion.

Then again, maybe it is the fact that the Tana bodysuit is more or less pantyhose on my body doesn’t hurt either.

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4 comments on “Platino Knows What I Love in Lingerie
  1. Lisa T says:

    Hi Sheery, What a fabulous view! I can certainly understand why that bodysuit has become a favorite of yours. It’s a great compliment to your lower half in pantyhose. The CdR Rubino40’s are also very high on my list of favorite pantyhose. Most lingerie is not very flattering on me, but of the pieces that I have, my favorites are the ones made from pantyhose like material.

  2. Sheery says:

    @LisaT My favorite lingerie happens to be of pantyhose material too. Did I mention I also have a Wolford Glanz bodysuit that’s pretty much the Neon 40 for the body. Definite favorite of mine!

    I just love the Rubino 40 as well. Going to try the other colors soon!

    X Sheery

  3. Amybound says:

    Oh my, divine! Lately I have been having fantasies about dressing up like a GLOW girl and wrestling other sexy gurls. Wrestling in this fantastic combination would be even sexier! So, Sheery, what do you say, best of three, “loser” submits to the winners pantyhose pleasures?

  4. Sheery says:

    @Amybound Wrestling in those shiny tights? I say skip the best of three and make it one nice pantyhose pleasure 😉

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