Platino Luxe 40, Pantyhose Luxury

Platino Luxe 40 in Vienna shade

There is nothing like opening a package and trying on a new brand of pantyhose, like a kid unwrapping a Christmas gift, and eagerly anticipating how sexy your legs will look. Well, actually it is awaiting how nice and silky they feel just before you accidentally come all over them.

Having the pantyhose fetish that I do, so quite the tester, usually about half of the new pairs I try disappoint me. Either the shade turns out quite repulsive or something about them gives away that they are cheaply made, usually a waistband that likes to roll down as if it were afraid of your belly button. Maybe even its aura is off for me, who knows?

Yet today I wasn’t at all disappointed when trying on my new Platino Luxe 40 pantyhose in a Vienna shade (dark suntan). Actually I had purchased a couple of other Luxe 40 pairs before this one a little over a year ago, one an Ocean shade (blue) and the other Ultra Violetta (purple). I quite enjoyed their feel, snug and silky, yet the colors were a bit wild for my tastes. So they very seldom received their “usage.”

It was obvious from my original purchase that these were high quality pantyhose given their snug but not-too-tight fit and lustrous not-too-shiny glow. Also walking around in the Luxe 40 with a pair of heels feels very comfortable and natural. The waistband stays in place and your legs stay gorgeous with no wiggle adjustments necessary to maintain their upright fit.

I’ve been very curious, however, how a more natural shade would look and I have to say I was absolutely thrilled with the Vienna shade. I’m even more happy to say that I have managed to keep them come-free from “testing” thus far.

But back to the color, it is this very shade that really draws me to adore these lovely hose. It is a shade barely above a suntan color and gives my legs a gorgeous naturally enhanced tanned appearance (if I say so myself). Combine that with its sexy glow and clingy, comfortable fit and you have the making of pantyhose that climbs up near the top of my favorites list.

These could probably be best compared to Silvia Grandi Silk 40 which are rather similar in their high quality and appearance but the Luxe 40 takes the edge due to its higher softness and that Vienna shade that I now so adore. Unfortunately the Luxe 40 cannot quite knock my beloved Wolford Neon 40 off of its perch at the top of my favorites but, not to worry, they are more than enough to satisfy your fetish and will indeed have you come in them in no time flat if you’re not careful.

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7 comments on “Platino Luxe 40, Pantyhose Luxury
  1. abacab says:

    How do you feel the Luxe 40s compare to Neon 40s for silkiness and overall feel?

  2. Sheery says:

    Really, nothing compares to Wolford Neon 40 as far as softness and silkiness, plus they are extremely durable. I do really like the Luxe 40 though since they have a a rather nice snug fit, great shine and are very silky due to the high spandex content. I highly recommend giving either one of them a try!

  3. Tom says:

    I’ve been wondering about those Luxe 40’s for awhile now. The blue and violet do look fun on a computer screen, but there’s no way that I’d wear them in public. Now I know what color to buy – thanks!

  4. Sheery says:

    I have both the purple and blue shades and, while they look and feel great, you’re right in that they really aren’t for the public view. That’s pretty much why I wrote this since I was WAY happier with the Vienna color. Looks even better and suitable for the outdoors!

  5. Ian says:

    The colors looks amazing! Classic black is always nice, but blue has got to be one of my favorites. I have a pair of Platino Cleancut 15s and they feel amazing. The silicone coat makes them very slippery. Do you know how the Luxe 40s compare?

  6. Sheery says:

    Hi Ian, I actually haven’t tried the Cleancut pantyhose but I had no idea about the silicone coating. That alone makes me want to try them right now!

    As for the Luxe 40, they obviously don’t have that coat but they are VERY silky and definitely have a snugger fit than most pantyhose I’ve tried. Keep in mind the blue is more of a sea blue than true blue but a lovely color anyway.

  7. james says:

    I love all colors love wearing all colors as long as they are high gloss the more shine the better

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