Dress As Women Do, Now Do As Women Do

B Swish Bgood Vibrator

Sure, as crossdressers, transvestites or weekend femme-seeking warriors, we like to dress the part and maybe prance around doing that walk that makes our hips shake.  I’m willing to bet, however, that most of us haven’t had the pleasure of partaking in another feminine pleasure.

That is, the ever popular vibrator.

Yes, I know it may seem a somewhat odd choice given our anatomy but truth is it can actually be an incredibly pleasurable and addictive experience. I can even tell this to you first hand.

Some time ago I purchased the Bswish Bgood vibrator for no particular reason but curiosity. OK, a lie. I was intent on experimenting with anal play and this just seemed like the perfect sex toy which I ordered, brand new and ready to go. It’s 7 inches long (18 cm), 1 inch wide (2.5 cm) and, after finding a couple of AA batteries to insert, has five different vibration settings to choose from.

I don’t waste time in throwing on my black JC Penney tights and a sexy black babydoll then eagerly head to my bed to try this thing out. I begin by playing around with the vibration settings. The first three have a constant vibration but increasing intensity with each level and the last two are pulse vibrations, one lighter and the other stronger.

I select #3, the constant but strong setting which nearly vibrates out of my hand. Then I decide try out a technique I heard of in a forum a while ago. To sum it up, a transvestite was having sex with another transvestite and explained in great detail how, while she was in her pantyhose, her lover would try to enter her backdoor, but with her cock penetrating through the pantyhose.

I curiously try the same with the Bgood. Though you have to pull the crotch of the pantyhose as far back as you can, covering your “rear door,” then try to penetrate through the crotch, it is quite a nice feeling indeed. It is rather difficult to penetrate anally more than half an inch (1 cm) through my tights but the intense vibration against what it does reach is highly pleasurable. Given the novelty of it, too, it puts me in an instant horny state.

Now time for the no-obstacle penetration test. Not wishing to make a hole in my new tights, I pull them down just pass my ass and lie on my back. Then I lube the vibrator down, pull my legs back and gently probe it all the way into my ass. I try each of the different settings but settling on the same  one as before, #3, while I thrust it in and out, slow at first then increasing speed.

Oooh, this is SO nice and incredibly erotic, so much so that I notice I begin to pre-come without even having to touch my cock, still hard I might add. Then with a slight tilt of the vibrator, I massage my prostate which leads to more pre-coming and a gratified self. Yet after this little date with the blue rod, I still had to masturbate and release that tension still remaining the rod so wonderfully gave.

So after cleaning it back to a nice and fresh state, I try it out again but this time on my throbbing member. Using the same #3 setting and lying on my back once again, I massage my cock with the vibrator which feels oh sooo incredible, especially on the sweet spot just underneath the head. This thing seriously gives my hand some stiff competition.

Then, as I pull my tights back up with my rod pointed up so the head just barely peeks out of the waistband, I gently massage the sweet spot again until, at last, I come in a sticky white flood overflowing the top of my stomach. I can finally exhale in sheer ecstasy.

It goes without saying the the Bswish Bgood is definitely a must have for sexy, and a bit deviant, self pleasuring. Sorry genetically defined women, we’ll have to steal this one from you too.

You can find the Bswish Bgood Classic online.

17 Comments on “Dress As Women Do, Now Do As Women Do

  1. Hi Sheery!

    Loving your website, I’ve had a pantyhose fetish since I was about 11..In a very good place right now as after over 30 years of trying to hide and supress my desires to wear pantyhose, last month I finally came out to my wife who now lets me wear them whenever I want, I am finally FREE! Personal favourites of mine are Hudson Light 8, size V48-50, they are quite inexpensive and feel GORGEOUS!

    Regarding anal play, my personal favourite is the Aneros Helix Syn Silicone Prostrate Massager. Love it!! Wozld recommend…

  2. Congratulations on coming out to your wife! I’m sure it wasn’t easy but well worth it, right?

    Enjoy your freedom!

  3. Indeed it was, Sheery!

    It’s soooo wonderful not having these awful guilty feelings anymore, I am finally free of the “collect then purge ” cycle. Now it’s just “collect!!”

  4. Careful there. I had to move my stuff a couple of weeks ago and my collection took up two full suitcases and weighed 50 lbs!

  5. I remember my first time with a vibrator. My wife was away and I was really curious… oh and horny too! I got the courage up and went to a nearby adult book and toy store and went in to the area where they had vibrators, dildos and other toys. I started by looking without trying to look but soon I found myself looking at them and taking them off the hangers on the wall to look at them carefully. I was wearing women’s slacks with a pair of pantyhose underneath and a nice top and was getting very excited. I also now just wanted to buy and get home because I really just wanted to play now. I got to the counter and the guy at the register took the vibrator out and put batteries in it and turned it on. He said he had to make sure it worked because there were no returns allowed for any reason. He said “I hope your wife enjoys it”, I was speechless for a second then I suddenly said as plain as day “it’s not for her, it’s for me!” This turned me on and he smiled too, then he asked if I had any lube and it occurred to me I didn’t so he helped me with that and then I headed home to play!

  6. Hot,
    I’m a guy, fit, masculine, very attractive to women and basically straight, but pantyhose makes me lose all boundaries. I just love it, the feeling, the look, the taste (when Im licking or sucking on pussy or cock) –it’s all just hot hot.
    I’m amazed at some of the married guys-doesn’t it just kill your sex life with spouse?
    I mean, it’s so arousing. I’m wondering if I could have a “normal” stable relationship and still have this passion. Any thoughts?

  7. Vibrators are such a naughty item. Penitration is easier when you use a enema. Tickling the prostate is a very erotic hot and sexy thing. It is quite a bit kinky but the fact is that it is nice to feel a “penis”

  8. Oh, such a idea. The kinky world of the sensuous feminine outfits and the smooth look and feel of silk and satiny lingerie rubbing together with another person in the same. I get all wet and turned on thinking about it. It is a issue of the hot willingness of my own needs to know more about this topic. I am so horny sometimes. I am a naughty girl.

  9. If you’re going to do it at all, do it all the way. Act like a feminine women. Take the time to do it correctly. The makeup, wigs, exquisitely feminine looking attire. We are into the world of the sensuous feeling of our own. It will be a fun and exciting new experience for you . Go ahead and get kinky and enjoy your favorite adorable and sexy feminine looking person who is a hot and sexy creation. I’m sure that you are amenable and comfortable with the look of your legs in pantyhose and high heels. Put your mind at ease with the new sensuously beautiful and pretty you.

  10. I have been crossdressing since about age 13 when I took my sisters panties, pantyhose and bra.

    Now, I dress fully and have silicone breast and live the feeling of looking like and feeling like a woman. I am very BI and found many women get very turned on with sexy crossdressers

    I have and use many vibrators and dildos. I use both daily and cum in my panties with the vibrator pagination my panties.

    One night I was at a guys house and he brought out an electric vibrator that his wife used. OMG! I spread my pantyhose clad legs apart and he touched it on my panties and I about came right then! The feeling of the powerful electric vibrator was intense and I came several times in my panties using it.
    I tuck back my man part in tight sexy panties then put on pantyhose. Until I get hard, it looks like I have only a pussy and many guys have felt me up under my skirt and thought I did not have a cock.

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