Covertly Expressing the Feminine Side

Fuscia Dim slippers and black pantyhose

I said it before but I’ll say it once again. Yep, I’m still in the closet, safely locked away and with the key still hanging on a nail in the garage. So that part hasn’t changed from a while back. That doesn’t mean, however, that I wouldn’t find it exciting if I happened to be caught in my bra and pantyhose putting mascara on my lashes. It would just make me a bit uneasy to handle the consequences of such an occurrence, despite being in a sexy exhibitionist sort of way.

After all, I am famous and have paparazzi camped out outside of my headquarters. OK, maybe not but replace the pappo with my friends and family would be just the same anyway.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t display my femininity at all. I absolutely love doing so but in more covert terms. Actually, I like to make it more of a game of Can You Tell I’m a Crossdresser? If you correctly guess, I might give that fact away (if you’re, say, a cute crossdresser) or I may not (if you’re my sister). Maybe I’ll just keep you guessing like a sophisticated woman would which could’t be more feminine. Am I right?

But I’ll let you in on my little clues…

Shaved Legs

This has been a more recent thing for me but has now become an actual necessity. Silky smooth legs are oh so sexy and no more having bear witness to that gorilla hair visibly smushed up against my pantyhose. Ewww!

Luck has it that there’s nothing to really even hide by doing this since it has become (somewhat) mainstream being a practice by male athletes and especially bikers. I actually tell everyone that my runner’s legs are more aerodynamic and far cooler without leg hair. Then I jokingly tell them they are sexier too. Oh, if they only knew…


High heels might be a dead giveaway to crossdressing habits but slippers, on the other hand, can be girly sexy but androgynous at the same time. Women’s slippers by far have more styles and are more comfortable than the men’s variety. Coincidentally, this is the same excuse I use to explain why mine are bright fuscia although I was left with a blank expression when asked if I was wearing tights underneath (“long johns”, I replied).

The Bra

There’s nothing like going out for a walk or going shopping in the colder months in jeans, warm jacket and nothing but a bra on underneath. I don’t necessarily unzip my jacket at any point, except maybe enough to show some “cleavage,” the fact I don’t have on a shirt underneath or maybe that little ornament right in the middle of the bra just peeking out.

The real key here, though, is that the straps become just barely visible yet not obviously protruding through the jacket. On the day someone actually asks if I’m wearing a bra, I promise I will rip the zipper open and flash my gorgeous bra to the lucky person.


I love lipstick so much that it turns me on just puckering my lips and watching them soak up the bright waxy color. On one occasion, I happened to forget about my painted lips and proceeded out the door to run some errands. Though my “closet girl alert” kicked in before making it to the public eye, I had nothing to clean off my lips except my hand.

So, voila! Lips sort of clean but it looked like I was fresh out of a makeout session. Hey, it’s not the once beautifully tinted beauties in view but some lipstick visible to the public is better than none I say.

Paint a Fingernail

While I still don’t have the balls (yes pun intended) to paint all my finger nails, there is the one lucky little piggy that gets the attention. It couldn’t more conveniently be my left pinky. You see, there are all kinds of tales where a long pinky fingernail is a sign of wealth in the Orient or used to strum guitars or infamously used as a vessel for cocaine.

Me, I just grow it a quarter inch (it won’t break!) and paint it with my favorite fuscia polish. If anyone asks, though, I lost a bet.

* * *

So there you have it. Sure these may be a-little-too-subtle ways of expressing my feminine side. I’m guessing the day will come soon where it may be breaking out those heels and click clacking or showing my shaved and pantyhosed legs wearing a tight mini in public. The desire is most definitely there.

Mom might be too. Drat!

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2 comments on “Covertly Expressing the Feminine Side
  1. Lisa T says:

    Hi Sherry, That was a good post! I think we all like to do little things to push the envelope. Maybe deep down we all hope that someone will pick up on one of them and show us some support, or maybe we’ll get outed and once the shock and fury subsides we can be free at last to openly be ourselves. Lately, my own little thing has been buying pantyhose in person. I’ve been buying them almost exclusively online or through the mail for years mostly because that’s where I could get the brands and styles I wanted. Now that I’ve rediscovered Sheer Energy as a much improved product and available in a size that fits, I’ve had reason to go out and buy them in person again, and I’ve found I really enjoy the experience.
    Today was a special treat as I was again doing the job very near to the Wolford outlet store in New York. After I finished up for the day at the job site it was off to the outlet. The store was quite busy today with four women customers and two very attractive young sales girls, who I might add, were modeling the product very nicely! Since you have to ask a sales person for what you want, I had to wait my turn which was no problem for me as I just stood back and completely enjoyed watching these two lovelies with their long pantyhose covered legs and short tight skirts waiting on the other customers, as well as looking at all the wonderful Wolford products and wishing I had a few thousand dollars to spend! My only fear was that when I got my chance to open my mouth and tell one of them what I wanted, my tongue would fall out and go right to the floor! I did manage t o keep my composure and the very polite sales girl got me what I asked for and took my money. All in all a very nice experience.
    The interesting thing is that in all this pantyhose shopping in drug stores, department stores, outlet stores, I’ve never gotten as much as a raised eyebrow from a customer or salesperson. I make no pretense that I’m buying for anyone other than myself, but still I’ve yet to get any reaction from anyone. I wonder why?

  2. Sheery says:

    It’s my dream to shop at one of those Wolford outlets but you can’t browse an aisle of Neon 40’s and instead have to ask for them? Still, that has to be quite fun asking for exactly what you want. I’ve been in a couple Wolford boutiques and sections in department stores and you can’t help but to want everything you see around you. It would be almost worth getting that $100 bra!

    Oh you remind me of those days buying my go-to Sheer Energy off black pantyhose at the stores. I think you just inspired me to actually get off my ass in front of the computer and do the same. Getting pantyhose right now as opposed to eagerly awaiting them would be far preffered.

    Thanks for dropping by LisaT. X

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