Bodysuits, The Ultimate Leotard

Wolford Skyline Bodysuit

Of course nothing beats my love for silky pantyhose but I did have a thing for leotards back in the day. I can’t help but to think of those Jane Fonda posters with her posing legs stretched in the air and clad in a high-cut leotard, tights and leg warmers.Why they even used belts over their leotards as an eye-catching accessory back then too. My what lovely memories of body hugging spandex shining in the light and the best friend to my dear pantyhose.

I do still have my Reebok racer-back a la 90’s and a couple of Jane Fonda inspired leotard gems of my own but I realize we are well into 2020, wait 2021 already (!), and the coveted leotard is hardly used by even dancers these days. Maybe I’ll just look forward to a Jazzercise themed party in the future but, until then, those spandex garments will sit nicely folded and (hopefully not) forgotten in the meantime.

Yet what is this we have now that I have ignored all along? The… bodysuit? Well thank god for whoever invented this which is practically a leotard made for everyday wear, not to mention in a fashion forward sense as well. Girly, tight-fitting, sexy and, get this, cool. I can definitely get onboard with that!

Actually, I started getting into bodysuits when I realized my all-time favorite company in the world, Wolford – makers of the Neon 40 tights, have been making them for quite a long time. AND they are gorgeous and come in a million styles to choose. Well, actually only a few “new and exclusive” styles each year since, after all, they are a high-end fashion company.

However, I’ve managed to snag my fair share of Wolford bodysuits over the last few years turning into quite the collection along side with my coveted Neon 40 tights. If you think their tights are expensive, though, brand new a typical Wolford bodysuit can run $200 – $350 in the US and 125€ – 225€  in Europe where I live. While I can tell you that walking into a Wolford boutique (not crossdressed) and purchasing a fresh new bodysuit (along with some Neon 40 tights of course) is an absolute thrill, it is not something I’m willing to do that often.

Wolford Dakota Bodysuit - front view

Wolford Dakota Bodysuit – My bum view

Therefore, I usually turn my attention to eBay which has quite a range of Wolford bodysuits from years past. You may have to dig deep in a search and/or wait around to find good prices in eBay. However, I found the best deals, at least in Europe, are in Vinted. The USA version of Vinted, unfortunately, doesn’t seem have much of a selection of bodysuits or even Wolford for that matter. Maybe that will change in the future, who knows? Until then, eBay I guess.

Wolford Dakota Bodysuit

Wolford Dakota Bodysuit

Now I’ve been rambling on about bodysuits from Wolford all this time but Oroblu has a nice selection as well which I absolutely love. Their Perfect Line bodysuit is probably the most comfortable thing I have ever worn, having a cotton-soft feel with its microfiber material and happens to go well with their Magie 40 pantyhose which I love as well. It is also at a more reasonable price of 50€ so much easier on the purse if you know what I mean.

Oroblu Perfect Line Bodysuit - rear view

Oroblu Perfect Line Bodysuit – My bum view

Oroblu Perfect Line Bodysuit - front view

Oroblu Perfect Line Bodysuit

I love my bodysuits so much that I tend to wear them on a near daily basis these days. I don’t even wear bodysuits hidden underneath, say t-shirts or sweaters, preferring a jacket zipped open to let it peek through and reveal a sliver my girly fashion choice. This I would definitely not be able get away with the leotard. I can patiently wait for that Jazzercise themed party, though, whenever that may be.

Until next time!

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