Drunk Crossdressing In a Dressing Room

Pantyhose and lingerie collection
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Today is a beautiful sunny morning so I decide to take a walk down to the mall just as it is opening. It’s a Wednesday, which I have off from work and I think to myself why not start out with a glass of wine at the Ruby Tuesday, just because I feel like it. I walk in, seat myself in the patio area and start sipping away.

A couple of glasses later, I find myself  in an elated mood. Maybe it ‘s the bright sun or my one day of freedom from the toils of work but I feel happier than normal. Yet, simultaneously in my joyous demeanor, I being to feel incredibly horny. I just want to rip my clothes off and go into crossdressing mode which means slipping into something sexy (e.g. pantyhose and lingerie) making me feel irresistibly feminine.

After downing yet another glass, I get an idea. Instead of heading home to my silky collection in private, why don’t I just head into the Macy’s and try out theirs. I’m pretty sure they don’t allow you to try on undergarments (nor anyone really) but I feel pretty buzzed and seemingly invincible enough to give it a go. The idea overwhelms me enough for me to immediately pay my tab and walk right into the Macy’s next door.

I stroll into the lingerie section and am overcome by a feeling of excitement as if this were my own personal closet for me to pick and choose whatever suits me and my crossdressing fantasy at the moment. I don’t waste time in picking out a cute blue satin camisole with matching panties, a black lace thong teddy then a pair of Donna Karan sheer pantyhose in a chocolate color just a few feet away.

I then manage to find a dressing room stall tucked away in a corner and away from the cashiers and other shoppers. I sneak in and lock the door behind me taking off all my clothes throwing them into a corner. The fact that I’m a crossdresser in a somewhat public area and, on top of that in a drunken stupor, is enough to give me an admirable erection.

Next, I carefully open the pantyhose, taking care not to rip the packaging, and slide them slowly over each leg, then onto my waist enjoying every second of the silky nylon covering up my legs. In fact so much that I managed to create a wet spot of pre-come in the crotch area. Oh well, I think to myself with a quiet laugh.

I then choose the black lace teddy, which I slip into over my chocolate hued pantyhose, and stare at myself in the full-length mirror just in front of me. Maybe I’m a bit narcissistic but I can’t help what I am seeing. The pantyhose looks absolutely perfect on me and is only enhanced by the sexy lace of the teddy.

I turn around for the butt view and I can’t help it anymore. Maybe it is my drunken state or the fact that I am shooting loads of pre-come but I sit down, lie back and grab my raging cock through the Donna Karan pantyhose, pulling aside the crotch of the teddy. I lightly stroke my rod over the nylon which causes me to moan (quietly of course) and feel an incredibly intense jolt all over.

In fact, I barely have to touch my cock at all. The arousal from trying on lingerie, that wasn’t technically mine, in a public area and then just thinking about masturbating was enough to make me come right there on the spot. Yet I keep at with each stroke intensifying the sexy feeling it is giving me and making my whole body tremble.

I reach the point of climax and figure, what the fuck, they are already stained. Then, at the moment of that last magic stroke, I hear something just outside the dressing room door.

“Sir can I help you with anything?”

“No, I’m fine. Thank you,” I reply praying she would go away.

“Sir, we do not allow customers to try on lingerie in our store. I’m going to have to call security,” the female voice on the other side says back at me. Uh oh, totally busted. She must have been watching me the whole time.

Now my elation suddenly turned to worry as the prospect of going to jail for masturbating in pantyhose and lingerie that are “stolen” and now have come stains in them is becoming quite a possibility. I think quickly, deciding the only course of action was to just diffuse the situation as best I could with the lady on the other side.

I open the door and, of course, use the blue camisole to cover up the raging hard cock bulging out of the pantyhose. Then I tell the lady “Look, I’ll just pay for these and go on my way, Ok?”

Judging by the look of total shock on her face and her evaluation of the situation: a crossdresser with an overwhelming smell of alcohol on his breath, in lingerie and pantyhose that can’t be put back in the store or sold again AND is seemingly covering up a hard-on with another piece of lingerie. Yeah, this is normal.

“Come with me sir. I’ll need to scan those,” she says after an uncomfortable few moments of hesitation. I guess she figures it would be the fastest way to take care of this mess in making me pay and getting me the hell out of the store. I hope so anyway.

So I follow her to the register still in my lace teddy and chocolate colored pantyhose with pre-come stains. I’m honestly too drunk to even notice I’m dressed in sexy feminine attire in the open public. This suddenly comes to my attention, however, from the two young women nearby gawking at me. This actually reinvigorates my erection although it is highly unwanted at the moment.

The lady scans my teddy from the tag on the back, then the camisole and panties and then the Donna Karan pantyhose packaging. I pay with a credit card then return to the dressing room, putting on my jeans and button up shirt (over the pantyhose and teddy of course) and casually stroll out of the store, content with my “purchase.”

Wow, that was a close one I’m thinking. I unbutton the first few buttons of my shirt, exposing the top lacy part of the now-mine black teddy and walk back into Ruby Tuesday, ready to order another glass of wine.

8 Comments on “Drunk Crossdressing In a Dressing Room

  1. I have also been drunk in public while wearing pantyhose visibly. It’s awesome!

    Once, I was in sheer black pantyhose and 3″ heels in a hotel room sucking another guy’s hosed cock when the fire alarm started. I had 15 oz of whiskey in me. The maid knocked on the door saying I had to vacate the room. I opened the door wearing only black hose and black heels. She giggled, then I closed the doir and hopped back on the bed taking the guy’s cock deep in my mouth. I am a mess!!!

  2. Delicious and sensuously sexy thought. I will have to be careful not to mention the fact that I was wearing my pantyhose and high heels! My mom is jealous of any kind of sexual gratification without her permission. We will have to take turns helping each other and we eventually did not have to do this with just one. It was more fun to play with mom and her now favorite girl in the dressing room.

  3. I dont find anything wrong with guys who wear women’s lingerie and clothing,i use to think guys were sick if they wore lingerie but one night my wife said dont knock it before you try it so i said ok i will give it a go,but bugger me dead i found it strange but sexy and i was enjoying it,Wife said wear female clothing for a week then see what you think so i did when the week was up i tryed to stop wearing lingerie i couldn’t and don’t think i wanted to,she said i was hooked so next day she went shopping an bought me new lingerie an some skirts and dresses now 16yrs on i still wear women’s clothing

  4. @Frank We’re not sick after all are we? Thanks for your comment and keep on dressing!

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