Oooh, Hot Pantyhose Made Just For The Crossdresser

Peavey Open Bum Pantyhose

Image: EddieJames (Etsy)

It should be known that I’m not at all a fan of pantyhose made just for men. If, however, you take a pair of normal pantyhose for women and doctor it up a bit to suit my crossdressing tastes, well then you just may be on to something.

If that pair of doctored pantyhose uses the famous Peavey brand worn by the lovely Hooter waitresses around the world then you’ll definitely have my attention.

Browsing around the internet recently, I wound up on a website called Etsy, an online store similar to eBay, without the auctions, where individuals can sell homemade arts and crafts, jewelry, clothing and hard to find vintage items. Just my luck, I ran into the shop of  EddieJames, specializing in “sissy” items for crossdressers.

Many of the items here, such as the panties, gloves and other accessories, really aren’t suited to my tastes. Though there is a selection of pantyhose reworked to have an “open bum” in the back and/or a “comfort sleeve” in the front to safely keep the package from getting too tightly packed in there.

Unfortunately, I didn’t like  the pantyhose used for this special tailoring: control top, matte and just plain ugly to me. That is, all except for the Peavey pantyhose with a comfort sleeve and open bum. I absolutely love Peavey hosiery, making thick shiny pantyhose for casino waitresses and, of course, a lighter denier just for the lovely ladies of Hooters.

I’ve been lucky to try out both varieties, fantasizing myself in a skimpy outfit and unable to take my eyes off of that brilliant shine coming off of my legs. Yet this pair by EddieJames intrigues me with it’s fabulously crafted open butt access. It is beautifully tailored and appears to have very durable stitching.

Any lovely crossdresser that has accidentally ripped a hole in her tights knows that this usually means a run going quickly down the leg and the (sometimes costly) pair going in the trash. So it would take quite some expertise to be able to cut up pantyhose without completely destroying them.

And then there is that convenient open bum. If you’ve tried anal play all nyloned up, either alone with a dildo (if not, I do recommend you do) or with a live partner, then let me introduce you to a pesky problem for the kinky crossdresser. You can either pull down the pantyhose and go to work, which somewhat defeats the purpose of actually wearing pantyhose, or you can poke a hole in them for access ruining them completely.

With the open bum, however, you manage solve both problems. A huge plus, too, is that it looks oh so sexy enough to make you wonder why there aren’t more of these for sale anywhere.

Yet there is a downside to these Peavey open bum pantyhose: the front comfort sleeve. While I think it would actually be quite comfortable on the penis, maybe even giving off an erotic feel, it appears a little too masculine and puts it into the category of pantyhose for men, which I so desperately despise.

It appears that EddieJames does, however, make the Peavy custom open bum without the sleeve yet there does not seem to be any for sale at the moment. Despite the comfort sleeve, I would give these a try although I would assume they would be more than happy to make a pair without the sleeve if you ask.

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2 comments on “Oooh, Hot Pantyhose Made Just For The Crossdresser
  1. Pantyhose n Popper Queen says:

    Hi Sheery!

    Indeed intriguing, but ohhh my, that comfort sleeve is TRAGIC! Think I’ll stick to my Wolford Neons et al…

  2. Sheery says:

    I’ve inquired about the non-sleeve version, waiting for a response. Meanwhile I’ll join you too!

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