OK, So I’m Now Rediscovering Perfume As a Crossdresser

Sheery wearing perfume with her lingerie

A little over five years ago, I bought my first perfume seemingly for the novelty of trying to be the sweet smelling woman. It was a nice scent, Escada Desire Me, and on sale for half off. Basically it was a half-ass trial at incorporating another new dimension to my crossdressing routine. Since then, every now and then I would dab some on, then forget about it not really remembering that I have it on. Then I would annoyingly have to remember to wash it off as best I can when going out in public.

(Side note, I did get a comment on my “deodorant” when I forgot to do this one time.)

Basically perfume had never really done anything for me. Fast forward to this year and that has changed completely which also happened to coincide with my crossdressing evolution. When paired up with going the full gamut dressing up (yes including the wig and the hour spent on makeup), perfume becomes the icing on the cake and completes stimulating all the senses. And once you stimulate all the senses, you have a moment you can never forget.

This is how I view my own sensual stimulation:

Sight – Looking at myself in a mirror, taking a photo (duh)
Sound – That noise when you rub pantyhosed legs together
Taste – That vanilla-like flavor from a good lipstick
Touch – This could be a number of things, ahem, pick one
Smell – Perfume

So maybe a month ago, I decided to splurge on a scent to see just how far having a REALLY good perfume will take things. I purchased John Paul Gaultier’s Scandal in the full gift box with a body cream that came along with it. The perfume comes in quite a cute bottle with shiny metal legs pointing in the air but let’s talk about the scent, shall we?

What can I say, this is what sexy really smells like. I’m not one to be able to describe perfume in floral or fruity notes like an expert so I’ll just say it smells pretty damn good and wonderfully feminine. And, of course, is quite step up from the half-price Desire Me I’ve been clinging on to these past years. It is not just the sweet smell but it also transforms my feminine persona to something more complete.

Oh Scandal, you complete me!

Seriously though, it makes me feel more alive and girly and now I don’t think I can go without a spray or two every time I slip into girly wear. There is also that erotic appeal it has that I’m falling in love with. For many many years, I would get off on the silky feel of pantyhose or that look in the mirror wearing my favorite piece of lingerie. A lovely scent adds a nice new twist in getting in the mood if you know what I mean.

Not to mention, this is now one of the reasons I like to take photos fully dressed. I can remember almost exactly how that lipstick tasted and now how that sweet Scandal scent smelled when I look back on those photos. OK, yeah, I do get off on my own photos but, hey, to each their own.

And, yes, there is a reason for the image above where I was drenched in that lovely Scandal perfume. Do yourself a favor and buy, borrow or steal some nice perfume. You probably won’t be able to handle it!


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