Kidnapped, Bound and Helpless

Bound in Chains and Pantyhose


In my last post on the topic of bondage in pantyhose, I failed to mention one important aspect, one that for me makes it all worthwhile. That is, the fantasy involved and, more specifically, imagining someone holding you captive in your undies and pantyhose then tying you up while you lie there struggling.


I could easily go back to my younger days before the real crossdressing began and back when my love for pantyhose was developing. One vivid memory that comes to mind was the Wonderwoman series. Not the cartoon but the drama with Linda Carter in her sexy superhero red and blue leotard thing and, you guessed it, her long legs revealing her pantyhose.

Once in a while, an episode would have the lovely hero captured and tied up which was like watching a porno for me. If she was gagged at the mouth while bound, then that would send me over the top as if watching a come shot. I would immediately grab some cord lying around the house and tie up my pre-pubescent pantyhosed legs up to mimic the scene.

Of course, you never forget those little  things from back in the day that innocently turn you on. They simply evolve to sexier, more erotic versions in adulthood. Oh, I can imagine being slipped a mickey or being held at gunpoint, forced to crossdress into my pantyhose and lingerie and being tightly bound, hog-tie style, and gagged.

Then I’m left there in fear of what will happen next while I struggle with all my might to break free. I’m unsuccessful but, as I feel the nylon on my legs rub tightly together in my bound contortions, my hard-on starts to emerge since, really, I enjoy my helpless predicament.

My captor suddenly walks in, however, clad in something sexy as well, a bra and shiny tights, then props up my backside, rips a hole covering my ass then proceeds to violate it all while listening to my muffled screams through the super tight gag on my mouth.

OK, so most of the time I am missing the captor to help play out my silken bondage fantasy. Still, though, I don’t let that stop this fantasy playing out with my violation at the end. Not from what I tried just the other day, anyway, which made me orgasm without nary a touch to the penis.

Curious about the steps?

  1. First find a butt plug or dildo (better) and insert it into your sphincter, all the way. Don’t forget to lube first!
  2. Put on your favorite pantyhose, one that you don’t mind staining, and other feminine articles, if you desire. The sexier the better.
  3. Proceed to tie yourself up as you are comfortable with. Much better with your legs, knees and wrists bound with your hands behind your back. Note: keep scissors nearby just in case.
  4. “Struggle” around a bit. Enjoy your hosed legs tightly rubbing while the butt plug/dildo massages your prostate during your movement.
  5. After a while, you may find a particular movement that pleasures the prostate the most. Keep repeating and, if you are relaxed and very much into the pleasure while doing this, you may soon come as well.

Of course, if your captor is soon about to come back. you can wait until then.

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One comment on “Kidnapped, Bound and Helpless
  1. PantyhoseMike says:

    Yes, yes, yesssssss!!!

    I’m straight, but the fantasy of being overpowered in my pantyhose and than being used against (?) my will by another guy in pantyhose is breathtaking!

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