Fiore Raula, Sexy Inexpensive European Pantyhose

Fiore Raula pantyhose in Plum shade

When choosing out a pair of pantyhose to buy and try out, I usually first see some image of it online likely modeled incredibly well on a beautiful woman. A smooth, silky appearance and lovely shine are what normally grab my attention. So when I saw an image similar to the above with those gorgeous legs I knew I just had to have them right away. Preferably right off of her own legs.

Which then brought me to a search of who made these, easy to find on Google sure enough. They are “Raula” pantyhose from a Polish company called Fiore. Poland isn’t exactly known for their hosiery, usually reserved for that special region in Italy, however this very pair of gorgeous pantyhose is rather easily available for purchase online.

Then my jaw dropped at the price, running between $5 and $8 a pair. Normally a pantyhose fetishist like myself wouldn’t mind paying $50 or so for a premium pair of fine hosiery (hello there Wolford). So, while a bit skeptical of what I’d get, I went ahead and ordered two pairs, one in a “plum” (purplish) shade and the other in “cappuccino.”

Of course, when they finally did arrive, I did my normal crossdressing routine. Picked out a coffee colored silky camisole, ripped open the cappuccino Raula pair, stripped down and slipped into them. And what a great first impression it was. They look more of a bronze color than a brownish shade but, nonetheless, loved the shade and it’s brilliant shine coming off my legs.

I also loved the Fiore logo branded on the waistband which looks nice and stylish and, really, made for showing off in the nude. They, however, felt somewhat loose rather than the tight, snug fit of higher priced Italian pantyhose which I tend to go for more. Overall the Raula seemed of pretty good quality, especially for the low price.

Then I tried on the second pair in the plum shade. Uh oh, we have a problem.

It’s definitely not the color. The plum shade is actually very gorgeous, kind of a mix of a dark grey with a purple tint. Beautiful on the legs they most surely are. That lovely cool-looking branded waistband, however, didn’t have much elasticity and was loose around my waist, unlike the first pair I tried on. This could turn disastrous should you find yourself dancing with another crossdresser with your pantyhose starting to roll down to your knees.

So turns out there may be some quality issues after all or maybe some inconsistencies in manufacturing. Honestly though, I’d take the Raula, even the loose-banded one, over any pantyhose you’d find at the drug store or Walmart for a similar price. Wolfords they are not but they simply look fabulous despite any mishaps in the fitting they have. Plus, they are a good value for making your legs looks that sexy.

For pantyhose fetish use only, though, so don’t go dancing in them. For myself, though, I’m looking into some suspenders for my plum Raulas. I will go dancing in those!

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You can find Fiore Raula pantyhose on eBay.

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One comment on “Fiore Raula, Sexy Inexpensive European Pantyhose
  1. james says:

    I have every color love the feel the fit the support plus the shine is great at a very nice price

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