Omero Luxor Pantyhose, A New Pantyhose Just Like a Fine Wine

Omero Luxor 40 Pantyhose in Playa Nature

I happen to believe pantyhose are like fine wine and, coincidentally, treat them as so. Therefore, I have my “cellar” with dozens of pairs of Wolford, Oroblu, Pierre Mantoux… you name it. I even lucky to own a couple select pairs of Victorias Secret tights that could probably get a good price on eBay. But, no, those are for that special day I want my legs to feel extra glammy.

So when a new pantyhose comes around, I always have to try them to see if I should add a few “bottles” to the cellar, so to speak. Indeed, the Omero Luxor 40 pantyhose caught my eye since 1) They are from Italy, the center of premium pantyhose manufacturing and 2) They are nice and shiny, exactly my type. I bought a couple pairs and began the long anticipated wait to slip into them.

To my surprise, they were all the sexiness and then more than I expected. I’ve tried so many pairs of pantyhose that new ones most often don’t stand up to my favorites and end up being used for bank robberies (kidding). In other words, I usually set myself up for disappointment. After all, isn’t there a sometimes a new wine you try that makes you wince and nearly vomit?

Well, the Omero Luxor 40 does not fall into that category, rather, I would call it the fine wine, a very fine one at that. Immediately after opening the package in a Playa Nature shade, I could tell these were very high quality. So, I took an unprecedented step of putting the pantyhose right down (instead of excitedly slipping them on), going into the bathroom and shaving my legs, getting ready for what might be an orgasmic experience.

That turned out to be a good move. A half hour later with beautifully silky smooth legs, I eagerly slipped them on my naked body and looked on with delight at the gorgeous shine these gave my legs. Posing in the mirror, I turned around and admired my shiny backside and then began to notice that I stained the front with pre-come. Oh well.

Of course, I then had to try on the other pair in a Nero (black) shade. I slip out of the Playa and into the Nero and, while I was at it, threw on some of my best lingerie and heels and a bit of makeup. Damn, another pre-come spot. I guess I have some washing to do.

Omero Luxor 40 pantyhose in Nero shade

I successfully hid the pre-come spot, in case you’re looking

The Luxor 40 pantyhose are quite different from my other favorites in that they are extremely soft. Not that any pantyhose scratches up your legs like sandpaper… well I guess some can be kind of itchy but that’s another story. These, however, are very noticeably soft and comfortable wearing around for a while, even in heels. As well, you hardly notice the waistband which stays nicely in place as you do Rockette style high kicks. Yes, I did do this.

Also, while the Luxor are shiny, they aren’t too shiny but more like they shine bright in the right light. In dimmer lighting, they tend to have a slight matte effect. Not a turn off for me since they still stay pretty and sexy for my tastes. Not to mention, these are great for wearing all day as I can vouch to.

One thing is that the Omero Luxor seems to be sized a bit large. Although they do fit just fine, the panty can easily go all the way up to the bottom of my man-breasts. I don’t know if that was intentional but I don’t find it annoying since the waistband tends to stay up better than other pantyhose. That and I can keep doing my Rockette kicks all day.

So now I have a new collection for the pantyhose “cellar” after an impressing display (in my opinion) on my body with these lovely Luxor 40. They are well worth the try and, hell, maybe worth opening that actual special bottle of wine you have saved up and have a little fun while you admire your legs and do whatever you do in your pantyhose. You weirdo.

My painted toes showing through pantyhose

One tip I highly recommend… paint your toenails in a lovely contrasting color. Unfortunately, that can lead to those aforementioned unsightly stains in the front of your pantyhose. Oh well.

A recommended site to purchase Omero Luxor 40 pantyhose is Stocking Showcase.

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5 comments on “Omero Luxor Pantyhose, A New Pantyhose Just Like a Fine Wine
  1. Elizabeth Fredericks says:

    Hi hon, I so love this site, everything a gurl who loves pantyhose like me could desire. I will def have to try these, Omero’s, in Charnos sheer luster black today, feel so so nice. I love seeing pretty painted toes in sheer nylon, very hot. Thank you for sharing your love of hosiery with us, it is certainly appreciated. You are so on the mark with my own personal feelings it is eerie. Again thanks, I am so in love with pantyhose and gurls in them it is ridiculous. I wear everyday, couldn’t imagine life without, please keep posting. Your pantyhose friend, Beth.

  2. Sheery says:

    @Elizabeth Why thank you for your kind words pantyhose sister. I’ve been absent here a while but I’ll keep posting.

  3. Nigel Coates -taylor says:

    I have got red leopard print tights on what do I wear with them from Nigel coates-taylor

  4. Nigel Coates -taylor says:

    Are leopard print tights good to wear

  5. Sheery says:

    @Nigel I don’t know if you have a red leopard print top or jacket but that might go well 😉

    Probably anything black will do.

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