Top Ten Reasons Why Crossdressers Are Still In the Closet

Sheery in Bustier and Pantyhose

Ah yes, the dilemma many of us crossdressers will face in our feminine journeys (or unless we’re being blackmailed): to stay in the proverbial closet or come out to the world. Admitedly, it is a tough decision so maybe realizing why we are in there in the first place may help us to dip our pantyhosed toes in the pool.

10. Your dog has been threatening to out you.

9. The crossdresser in me has no problem, but the gay side, well…

8. Might as well, your parents have caught you inside already.

7. Still hiding from those pantyhose monsters your mom told you about after she caught you wearing hers.

6. Still figuring out what that pansexuality thing is. May come out as that instead.

5. Still busy trying to organize all the dresses and heels inside it.

4. … then I can make room for all the new dresses and heels to take my place.

3. I wonder what the neighbors will think since the husbands have already been hitting on me when not dressed.

2. That said, I’m worried the neighbors will see me as a woman rather than an effeminate man.

1. Almost there, just some bicep reduction surgery then I’m coming out.

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3 comments on “Top Ten Reasons Why Crossdressers Are Still In the Closet
  1. Teri says:

    I am still in the closet in my town. I do dress and go out and I am truly blessed that I have a wife that will go out with me.

  2. Sheery says:

    @Teri Yees you are lucky!

  3. Deva says:

    Some of us don’t have the shape or the face to go out so here we are inside dressers , Oh well thats the way it is ,

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