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Review: Filodoro Diana 40, Unusually Amazing

Being a frequent buyer of pantyhose, always looking for that perfect color, shine, silky feel etc, as I go through many trials with new brands. This one was no different. So I decided to try an Italian pantyhose brand, Filodoro Diana 40, so at the very least I would know that the quality would be there.

From the look of the description and then the package before I opened them, they seemed to be everything I was looking for: glossy shine, semi-sheer and available in a suntanish color I like to set my comparisons to. But would it be up to the challenge of satisfying a picky pantyhose fetish?

Initially, well, sort of. They are indeed silky and a little bit snug and definitely comfortable. The shine, however, was something a bit left to be desired by yours truly. I enjoy a lustrous, glossy shine yet these pair, in color Playa (suntan), seemed to have a more dull finish with barely there glossy tones. Negative marks in my book.

Then, I happened to slip them on again but accidentally inside out. Oh what a change it brought!

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