Levee WoMan Pantyhose for Men

It seemed inevitable, but as pantyhose manufacturers realize that a good majority of sales are from men (a good majority of those from yours truly), then somewhere the light bulb flicked on and thought, hey, we might as well cater to them too.

In fact, from The Columbus Dispatch:

At Luxelegwear.com, a Web site based in Atlanta that offers European brands to buyers in America and worldwide, about 80 percent of sales are now to men.

And we now have an influx of the so-called “mantyhose,” everything a man could want in the woman´s version but tailored specifically to him. How nice of those manufacturers to do for us.

Well, I’ve gone as far as to even try a pair, actually the exact brand in the image above. They certainly weren’t cheap and shoddy and actually fit quite comfortably on my legs and ass. Yet, unfortunately, a major mark against them is that they fail to satisfy the most important task of all:

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