L'eggs "Pantyhose" Website

While I no longer wear L’eggs, due to my preference for other brands, it does hold a special corner of my soul in its nostalgic pantyhose fetish value. I can remember fondly the very first pair of pantyhose I ever bought, with my hard earned allowance, buying that Sheer Energy egg in an off black color. Then slipping into them without the slightest worry that my mom would notice a pair missing from her drawer.

Nowadays, I’m too much of a nylon snob to find my legs covered in, what I would say, glorified toilet paper. OK, maybe a little harsh but I hope to God to not ever be caught dead in these again. Yet, like an old flame from back when (booted to the curb), I wanted to see what my old love long forgotten is up to these days. You know, check out the L’eggs website and see what’s new.

Then I noticed somewhat quite peculiar as I went through nearly all the pages in it.

“Pantyhose” does not appear a single time in the whole damn thing. Not once!

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