Top Ten Uses For Old Pantyhose

For us pantyhose (or tights) enthusiasts, surely we have quite a collection in which a pair here or there just can’t quite stand another wear. So, as much as we hate saying goodbye to a loyal friend, it would be nice to see a former flame exit with a bit of glory. Here are some suggestions.

1. You can finally use them to rob the liquor store around the corner.

2. Wash and presto… hand-me-downs for your girlfriend.

3. Actually don’t wash them and sell them to those weird freaky people on eBay.

4. Oh, just one last wank for old times’ sake.

5. It makes a perfect, sturdy rope to break out of your prison cell.

6. Your sister has been asking for them back anyway.

7. Recycle as a stylish come rag.

8. Cut out the crotch area, add to the collection pinned up on your wall.

9. The non-scratch surface of pantyhose makes it perfect to reuse for polishing the bishop.

10. Save yourself the trouble with eBay, send them to me!

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