Oh, How I Wish I Were a Pantyhose Model

Skinkiss Pantyhose Model

What I aspire to be. Sigh…

I was lying awake in bed with my little camisole top, panties, some super silky bronze Elly 40’s and daydreaming.

What would it be like to model pantyhose and be immortalized on that package sold all over the world? I have a thin, athletic figure and nice legs. It’s time for a new profession.

There I am in a studio with odds and ends furniture, bright lamps all around, a professional photographer, the assistant, a makeup artist and me, the model, in the middle of everything.

Having nothing on but a barely noticable bra, I’m given a pair of shiny 30d pantyhose to put on, the real star of the show to take place on my body.

I slip them on, adjusting them comfortably on my waist. The makeup artist (man or woman, or hell, crossdresser) evens out the nylon cover on each leg with both hands in what amounts to gentle massaging. This I like.

Quick touch up of makeup and last second adjustments, check. I look perfect, they say. Time to strike a pose.

And what poses they are. What is this, yoga? Whatever it is, it makes me feel incredibly sexy. Like a completely lonely, horny woman about to reach for the vibrator.

Butt out. Legs extended. Legs folded. One extended one folded, not to mention toes always pointed. I’m pretty sure I did the “YMCA” somewhere in there.

Every now and then, the makeup artist adjusts my pantyhose to that picture perfect position, or really just enjoys giving me a massage.

A thousand shots later, we’re finally done. As well were all the massages. Do I get to keep these pair now?

(time passes)

I eventually get to view the results of the shoot with the photographer and assistant. Oh my, I can’t believe those are of me. I can see Mr. Photoshop had something to do with how they turned out. “How did they hide those post-massage erections so well?” I’m thinking.

“Congratulations, you are now the new legs of Sunkiss Pantyhose” the photographer says.

The assistant (crossdresser) pulls me aside and whispers, “I have a collection at home that you can model if you’d like.”

I happily oblige.

* * *

OK, so this may never happen in a million years unless I decide to take the more obvious path. I happened to encounter images behind a pantyhose photoshoot, however, from Shapings Facebook page that can only make a pantyhose lover like me have hope.

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2 comments on “Oh, How I Wish I Were a Pantyhose Model
  1. Rick says:

    Your photo is amazing. WOW!

    I wish I could be a pantyhose model too. The best would be if my wife and I both got to be in the same pantyhose photo shoot. It would be cool to receive instructions from the photographer who would tell how to pose to look better as a hosed couple.

  2. Sheery says:

    Thanks for your comment Rick.

    That’s not me in the photo. It’s an actual model for Skinkiss “Caffeine” pantyhose. Yes it is amazing though!

    If your wife is into the pantyhose shoot why not hire a professional photographer and try it out? I would love to see how they turn out.

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