You Really Need to Try These

If you are a pantyhose connoisseur, like me, then you would stop at nothing to find what gives you that perfect shine and silky feel. Sometimes that means springing for that $15 exotic European pantyhose or $45 for that luxurious pair of Wolford tights.

The trade-off is an ultimatally glamourous you and likely the best masturbation that follows. Or some exciting leg on leg action (wink wink).

Then we have the ultra-rare pantyhose. The kind which have been out of production for years yet still can be found on eBay for a small fortune. Normally I wouldn’t pay more than what these pantyhose originally cost except for one simple fact:

These pantyhose are super sexy!

Victoria’s Secret Signature Gold Glossy Smooth Pantyhose

Victoria's Secret Glossy Smooth Pantyhose

Victoria’s Secret Glossy Smooth Pantyhose

I actually shelled out $125 (yes, you heard that right) for a pair of these in Beige. I have to admit it was worth every dollar. These are quite similar in thickness and glossy shine as Wolford Neon 40 yet distinguishes itself with its clingy feel while still having a bit of softness.

Personally, I like the clingy, tighter feel to pantyhose sinceI find it more sexy and the beige color is bright and beautiful. My only gripe with these pantyhose is that the waistband is huge, about 3 inches (7.6 cm) tall, and sits lower on the waist than normal.

I would have to put these on par with the Wolford Neon 40 tights, though, right up there on top with my absolute favorites.

Wolford Fatal Neon 40

Wolford Fatal Neon

Wolford Fatal Neon

These are arguably the most luxurious pantyhose you can find anywhere on the planet. Think of a pair of Neon 40 but completely seamless, no crotch. In fact, that is exactly what they are. Pure bliss!

Unfortunately Wolford Fatal Neon tights have been discontinued for quite a few years now. Such a long time that these are nearly impossible to find even on eBay. Yours  truly has not even been able to score a pair to tell you how lovely they are.


I have spotted a version of Wolford Fatal Neon tights on eBay which are more sheer from the hips on up and run between 200€ – 299€ ($268 – $400) a pair. This just shows what a collector’s item (or should I say a pantyhose fetishist’s item) this has become. If you can do without the shine, however, Wolford still makes a thicker matte version for your pleasure.

If you’ve never had the opportunity to splurge on a pair of pantyhose that instantly transforms your legs into gorgeous gams, try it sometime. You honestly don’t even need to spend the $100+ dollars like I did on rare pantyhose.

Just trying that $15 European import might change your taste forever.

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2 comments on “You Really Need to Try These
  1. Mike says:

    I have been searching everywhere for red and blue seamless pantyhose like the old fatal 40 neon, but it seems as though noone manufactures bright or vibrant colored seamless pantyhose. Please advise, it is literally one of the hardest items I have ever searched for on the Internet.

  2. Sheery says:

    Unfortunately, seamless pantyhose is extremely hard to find with the exception of the Fatal 50 here:

    Your best bet is keep tabs on eBay, but the German version:

    Or sometimes the auctions here have Neon Fatal pantyhose (need to have subscription first):

    Good luck, but I hope to snag up a pair before you 😉

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