Ulitmate Favorites For A Pantyhose Fetish

As a longtime lover/wearer of pantyhose, I’ve noticed around the web, especially those in the USA, that the preferred taste is somewhat limited. I’m sure many crossdressers and pantyhose enthusiasts still would rather travel to their nearest supermarket and pick out a pair along with their groceries.

Or worse, use the same brand they fell in love with ten years ago and haven’t caught up with the times. Hello L’eggs.

I won’t claim to be the genie for pantyhose fetish tastes but I have sampled a lot (including “playing around” in) and developed my own criteria for judging a pair of hose:

  • It makes me look feminine as opposed to a man in pantyhose
  • Sheer to waist and thick, 40 denier or more
  • It has a nice shine and in my preferred shade
  • It is so soft and sexy, that alone turns me on
  • Durable, doesn’t run after a couple uses

So here we have the winners, in order by favorite:

Wolford Neon 40 Tights1. Wolford Neon 40

These are quite possible the perfect pantyhose out there. They look super stunning (on anyone), are incredibly soft and shiny and, get this, are very durable as well. The only downside is they will set you back $45 a piece. It is a small price to pay, however, for  something of this quality and so suitable for a fetish. I say, try it out one time. You definitely won’t be disappointed.

There are actual Wolford stores scattered about but these can be purchased at the Wolford Online Shop. Just select your country at the bottom of the page for the shop in your country.


Oroblu Magie 40 Pantyhose2. Oroblu Magie 40

This is one Italian brand I discovered recently and have begun to fall in love with them since. They aren’t quite on the same level as Wolford but, the moment after slipping a pair of these on, you notice these aren’t your typical hose. They are very soft and sooo silky. Plus they hug everything from the waist down nice and tight and have a brilliant, sexy shine to them.

They are a little more expensive than your average pantyhose ($17) but then again, don’t we owe it to ourselves? Orublu is generally hard to find but can be found online at Stocking Showcase, which ships domestically in the USA and international.


Danskin Ultra Shimmery Tights3. Danskin Ultra Shimmery Tights

Really thick tights may or may not be your thing but, when they have a shine like this, I find them impossible to resist. Likely, you will too. Not to mention, they survive many handwashings over years without even a snag. Also, if you enjoy snapping photos of youself in hosed legs, they really come out well with Danskins on. The denier is not listed but I’d say they are around 70.

They are priced at a reasonable $14 and are available at virtually any dance/ballet store online. The best selection, though, is right at the source at the Danskin online store in the USA. For those outside, I find that searching eBay for “danskin ultra shimmery” provides a pretty good selection to choose from.


Peavy High Gloss Tights4. Peavy High Gloss Tights

If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas, then surely you asked yourself after seeing the myriad of cocktail waitresses in the casinos, Where do they get their pantyhose? Well, these are it. They aren’t quite as thick as Danskin Ultra Shimmery at 40 denier but they soft, shiny and incredibly sexy. Now all that is missing is that cute little waitress outfit to make the whole fantasy come true.

Peavy is a brand that primarily caters to the casino and restaurant industry in the USA but you can get your legs in these online at Stocking Showcase or by searching for “peavy tights” on eBay and cost around $10. For those outside the USA, I haven’t been able to find retailers but Stocking Showcase and some eBay retailers do offer international shipping.


Cecilia de Rafael Onix Pantyhose5. Cecilia de Rafael/Samburu Onix

Last but definitely not least is this lovely Spanish brand of high quality pantyhose. The shine on these is second only to Wolford Neon but they are nice and thick at 40 denier and look stunning. It’s hard to stop admiring your legs and basking in the silkyness of these.

Unless you live in Spain, where you can walk into a department store and buy them, these are somewhat hard to find. Once again, though, Stocking Showcase comes through with a nice selection of size and color ($12). Again, they can ship internationally for those outside the USA who are dying to slip these on.

* * *

I hope you try out one or more of my favorites for a treat on your legs you probably won’t forget. If you have a brand left out here, that you think trumps all these, then let me know what they are in a comment below.

If you are disappointed in the lack of control top pantyhose featured here, then I’ll give you the number of my grandma.

43 Comments on “Ulitmate Favorites For A Pantyhose Fetish

  1. I have worn the Danskin Ultra Shimmery Tights for more that 10 years, always amazed at the durability of them. Several months ago they became hard to get, and could not from Danskin. Available now but the quality is very poor, crotch will get a hole on the second time worn. I am so disappointed, have reorderd 3 times, results same. I loved the feel, high glosss looks and durability. Have not been able to find another brand that comes close to comparing.
    Would appreciate your thoughts or suggestions.

  2. Hi Anona(mous?)

    Thanks for your comment. I have all the shades of the ultra shimmery but purchased several years ago and they haven’t even come close to wearing out yet. Love ’em!

    I’ve noticed that even in the comments in the Danskin website that the current tights are of somewhat poor quality now so you’re not alone. That’s too bad.

    I can recommend either going with the next size larger or trying out Woldford Neon 40 tights. Wolfords are much glossier (and more sexy) and also are unbeliveably durable. They will run you around $40/pair but are well worth it.

  3. Hi Sheery,

    I have Oroblu Club 7 and Suntime Bronzing Effect tights, XL size seems to be running more like a Large to me…I only got one wear out of them then they laddered, this seems to be the case on most low-denier pantyhose for me,so I am hoping that I am going to like the Wolford Neons I just ordered…….

    Xxx xxx xxx

  4. Well 3 out of 5 isn’t bad . I am 6 foot 3 inches tall and the only problem is the Danskin and Peavey seemed just a bit short for me .Spred my legs wide a little bit and get a run . I did buy some Europe dance tights that were great but shipping killed that idea ,I may need to rethink that . Neon 40 the best , followed by Onix and Magie . Now if you are about 6 foot or less , all 5 might be a good for you , but the pulling down on me while wearing the Peavey and Danskin wasn’t fun . Other wise enjoy them I have tried them all . But now narrowed my buying to brands that fit . It’s what most of us guys must go through . Now for summer I go with CDR Vidrio or Sevilla for light weight pantyhose in the warmth of summer.Those are awesome Pantyhose . If you are a guy invest in at least one pair of Neon 40, for the squeamish color black , but I like color Gobi , Don’t lay on your death bed regretting you didn’t get yours because somebody else controlled you . It is your life , LIVE IT . I love Thailand .Good luck all .

  5. The Neon 40 are definitely the best for larger sizes since they stretch well and are very durable. Yes, live life and get a pair!

    Enjoy Thailand!

  6. Hi Sheery. Your tastes are similar to mine with the exception of Peavey hose. More often than not you’ll find me in Oroblu Sensual pantyhose (….like right now) or Wolford (Satin Touch or my late lamented Magic Touch).

  7. Actually after trying some of the lighter shades of Peavey, I don’t really like those since they look plain weird. The brown and black shades are nice though. Give them a try!

    Likewise, we all have our preferences. I happen to love the Italian Oroblu too.

  8. Hi Sheery, I want to thank you for posting the link to Stocking Showcase. They offer a great selection of shiny pantyhose with very helpful descriptions of each product and excellent customer service! I ordered four pair: Peavey Shiny Tights, Peavey Waitress Pantyhose, Cecilia de Rafael Gemini 20 and Rubino 40. The only ones to disappoint were the Peavey Waitress as they just didn’t come close to fitting, even though I fall well within the size chart. Being a plus size girl, I always wind up at the outer end of the size chart, and can only buy and try and hope for the best. 3 for 4 was not bad! I took a chance on the CDR Gemini 20’s as I usually don’t try anything that sheer because they usually don’t have as much stretch and are less likely to fit, and I also prefer the feel of less sheer pantyhose. The Gemini 20’s were a bit on the short side, but definitely wearable and they felt amazing for pantyhose so sheer. The Rubino 40’s were even more delightful! I’m really looking forward to ordering some of the other styles form Stocking Showcase, and thanks again Sheery for the link.

  9. Your welcome Lisa! I bought two pairs of the Rubino 40 from SS too and I absolutely love them… super soft and shiny, yum. X Sheery

  10. I am a big fan of wearing pantyhose/tights.I am always adding to my collection.I love how hosiery makes my legs look and feel as I wear em with dresses/skirts shorts and under my .pants n colder seasons.

  11. Hi Sheery, I just found a really exceptional pair of pantyhose. I ordered a pair of Orablu Different 40 from Shapings which were highly recommended to me and found them to be very average at best and disappointing, but along with those I took a chance on a pair of pantyhose I’d never heard anything about and wound up loving them! They are Philippe Matignon Dorella 40. They fit well, are extremely soft, and have a shine that is very much like the Neon 40 glow that shows up even in low light. Philippe Matignon is an Italian brand but the package said that these were made in Serbia. Obviously the Serbs know how to make high quality pantyhose! They’re not cheap at $21 a pair, but I would rank them at #2 right behind Neon 40’s on my favorites list. I would highly recommend you try them

  12. @LisaT With the Oroblu, I really haven’t gone with anything other than the Magie 40 which I absolutely love. I should recommend to you the Magie 20 which I’d think you’d like as well.

    Actually, when I purchased the Krystelle seamless, I added a pair of the Dorella 40 to the order. I absolutely agree that, although a bit pricey, they look fantastically gorgeous and shiny. I’d put them at #3 behind my Magie 40 though 😉

    X Sheery

  13. I have been in love with pantyhose and tights my whole life. When I see a woman who looks perfect and wearing legwear I get wet in my mind and in my pants. Legwear is sacred to me. I need firm support to be at arroused and cum thinking about a hottie wearing them to torment men. My favs are Hanes Alive, and Danskin Shiny. But my favs are the same a porno pantyhose stars Neon 4o’s. I wear them to feel the pussy experience and cum. This is a perfect leg product and should make a pussy vomit gallons of cum!!!!

  14. Jeg bor i Danmark og bruger lige som jer mænd strømpebukser,jeg har prøvet mantyhose men prisen holder mig derfra så gode
    Er de heller ikke det er kun pruducenterne der of forhandlerne der nyder godt af dette jeg har købt bl.a fra USA jeg er gået tilbage til woolford og falke men køber også andre mærker i andre prisklasser i dagligvarer butikker

  15. I’m a cross dresser that always wear pantyhose it’s my fetish I love them on me and on women I have been wearing panty hoses for almost 35 years I’m married to a women and is cool with it but haven’t told anyone else but latley I become bi curious what to be fully CD while have sex with multipal men

  16. found some new pantyhose and inexpensive also ,very shiny and nice fir they are called ,secret treasures, firm control and only 4 bucks ,i’m 6 ft 3 in , and fit nice 2 x of course ,like sitting here reading the comments ,i’m all dressed up and nowhere to go ,closed for me , been dressing my whole life close to 50 years , just feels so nice dressed , Deva

  17. oops sorry they are at Wall Mart ,and found some lighter type at walgreens called just pantyhosse , I like the Coffee colored ones best ,

  18. Yes, Wolford’s neon 40’s are my favorite too. Gobi or cosmetic. The shimmering look is hypnotic. They last seemingly forever. Sheer to the waist of course. Cashmere and silk tights are $125.00. I rarely wear them. After all the snags and runs, pedicures were mandatory along with manicures. I use depilitory, but it smells. The fetish for them is intense. I will always wear pantyhose and high heels. Lingerie is nice especially silk komonos. Breast forms are nice, but mascara is a eye sore. Glitter is impossible to remove completely. I don’t act too feminine, but have manners ,and keep impecably hygienic. The fantasy of being female is fun to role play. Wigs are pricey, but human hair is absolutely best. It’s fun to watch the reaction of saleswoman when shopping for my lingerie.

  19. I have traveled to get the pantyhose and lingerie I have wanted 65 miles away to a Victorias Secret store. The girl was sporting about this. It was fun. I started a credit card account. The things I got were expensive. But I left the place with the new lingerie I loved.

  20. Some of my favorite pantyhose and stay-up stockings are Vidro, St.Tropez,Sevilla,Victoria for 10-15 denier. All are Cecilia de Rafael products. Very soft ! For hosiery 20 den and up (tights) I have been very pleased with the Peavey ( who isnt envious of Hooter gilrs legs?) not only shiny and sexy but they are very durable and will last longer than most. Silvia Grandi and Gabriella are also excellent choices. And you absolutely must try a pair of Silkona pantyhose as they are 97% polyamide. And that means SOFT. oh well sorry for getting carried away. as you can tell I’m a huge fan.

  21. sure would like to see more action on this sight ,like being a gurl , hose heels mini’s briefers and dresses , just feels so nice and one you have done it there is no going back …

  22. @mchelle I LOVE Cecilia de Rafael, basically anything they make.

    On the todo list for me… buy a pair of the Hooters Peavy tights from the vending machine in their womens bathroom.

    Thanks for visiting!

  23. Oh i’m sorry going back to not dressing femmie , i’m in Alaska and can’t get most of those kind of hose here , glad to see the chat picked up , my favorites are Leggs , found a new one less money and better than leggs , wall mart has them secrete treasures ,i was amazed at the fit and look , of course i’m in the closet , would never pass but like to dress very much , best wishes to all of you , Deva

  24. Feeling so hot and bothered. I have a nice little fetish for my sensuously beautiful and pretty pantyhose clad legs. I have on a nice pair of pantyhose and high heels. Fetishes are so fun to play with. This will help us to be the best of all the hot sensuous feeling that we can agree to agree on.

  25. Kim I can relate ,i shaved today and pantyhose and heels mini skirt and if feel so awesome , best wishes to you sister ,Deva

  26. My pantyhose and panties are so wet and ready for her sweet and loving mother fucking bitch. The transvestite’s cock was long and hard. I have to take my Mama’s sweet pussy! “Come to your Mama’s cunny baby ” And I did. The mother fucker I was now increased in my intensity and the incestuous lust with my own mom in my pantyhose and high heels also increases her fetish for her wet cunt through the pantyhose and panties she wore. “Take the hardness into your sweet and loving mother fucking bitch cunt” Mommy needs her baby to help her with a indefatigable cock through her pantyhose, she said. The transvestite bitch was squealing now as we intensified the pleasure of the sensuous feeling of our own hot and sexy incestuous depravity. Soon after, I have been a naughty girl for the Mother I craved. She was whispering naughty little expressions of suggestions for the two of us. We have to have the same interests and the rest of the sensuous feeling of being in the pantyhose and high heels. I intentionally put on the seductive lingerie and also strut around the house in the high heels. I have a great time with my Mother’s cunt! I love the way her pussy smells like and what she feels like deep in her wet sucking cunt. She screamed as I drove deep in her pussy through the pantyhose! The bitch was ready for her sweet babies clitty cock in her pussy! “Mother is so wet and ready for her sweet babies cock thrusting through the pantyhose and into my womb ” Mommy needs her sweet babies Sperm to make our own babies “. She was thrilled with the idea of what could happen to her as she was calling me to come inside her and fill her fertile vaginal orifice with my seed.

  27. I’ve been buying at shapings in Burlington for 12 years now!!!
    I love ordering and going in and chatting with Nicole about my selections. I love CD-R hosiery!!
    Been a pantyhose lover since I was 6, two older sisters in the 80’s that had huge collections!!
    I’m Jenny in Ontario Canada
    Love your site.

  28. @Jenny Thanks for your kind words.

    I’d love to personally got to the Shapings store… you’ll have to show me around!

  29. I still remember the first time I tried on Wolford Satin Touch pantyhose. After that, every other brand of pantyhose just seems to not measure up. I can’t believe how amazing they are. It’s so awesome to find someone else who appreciates them as I do.

  30. Some very lovely new pantyhose showed up in my mailbox today. I just finished unwrapping and sliding them on. Wow, I can’t stop rubbing my legs together and touching them all over. They are Fiore Raula gloss tights. Now I don’t know weather or not they should be in your top five or not but I highly recommend that you get ahold of a pair and slip into them. I doubt that you will be disappointed because they look and feel incredible !

  31. @Douglas I actually have a couple pairs of the Raula in plum and cappuccino colors. The shine is excellent and, you are right, they do feel amazing.

  32. I agree 100% with the Neon 40s. What’s your opinion of Wolford Satin Touch 20? I call them a gateway drug as it was the first pair of Wolfords that I bought my wife. Fogal’s Caresse and Lumiere are outstanding as well.

  33. @Alan The Satin Touch are OK but I prefer the thicker Neon 40.

    I actually like the Satin Touch for the packaging from maybe 15 years ago or so. Gorgeous woman in a teddy and white pantyhose!

    Thanks for your comment!

  34. I think it’s erotic to wear pantyhose and a little one piece thong bathing suit under my clothes and go for a walk in public places and go for a swim in the ocean or pool. it’s just so sensual and arousing

  35. My initial attraction to tights was all about the opaqueness and thick snug feeling. I couldn’t stand sheer or semi-opaque. I would get frustrated finding very opaque tights but then find that my toes would be slightly visible or my white flesh would show through at the bending knee. I had bought thick Lycra dance tights (M.Stevens being my favorite), but they were just too thick and with uncomfortable seams to wear for very long. The brand that saved me was Donna Karan. Being 6 feet tall and a bit solid of a guy (without being fat), most women’s tights in XL size would be too small, and then Plus sizes would end up too loose. Donna Karan was tall and she made a point of catering to tall women. So her tights fit the bill for me. And then she came out with that Evolution style fabric that feels so amazing.

    In time, I began to relax my opaque requirement. I started to enjoy tights from other brands that were semi-opaque. What it came down to was fabric quality. Pierre Mantoux was the brand I discovered with a kind of special approach to fabrics, especially the Veloutine line. Of course, Wolford is amazing, but unfortunately, they just didn’t come around to providing a generous enough XL size… until more recently. But they’re so expensive. Drives me nuts that their glorious looking Satin De Luxe falls a bit short on my sizing. Falke makes some great tights and generous sizing, but I find they’re just a tad looser than I’d like as the sizing goes up.

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