So What Exactly Happens Alone, After Slipping On Pantyhose?

Fuscia Baby Doll and Pretty Polly Pantyhose
Fuscia Baby Doll and Pretty Polly Pantyhose

Pantyhose enthusiasts (or fetishists, perverts, weirdos if you’re so inclined) generally have a routine whenever there is a day off with some time to kill or the wife and kids have left you alone for a few days. Ah, yes, now free to see the “mistress” that is our beloved woman´s garment. Yes, that includes myself if you couldn’t tell already. So here’s a little insight to a hot date with a longtime love affair…

1. Look in a mirror.

Logically the first place I go if I’m not already in front of it. I admire the shine line on my legs then turn around and check out that ass. Mmm, so delicious if I say so myself.

2. Say hello to the toes.

It may just be me, but there is something satisfying about wiggling your toes and looking at the nail polish color that comes through. Note to self: maybe a foot fetish is in order too.

3. Accessorize.

Now that I’m getting that feminine feeling, it’s good time to think about completing the look. Something silky and skimpy would work nicely. On second thought, naked in pantyhose will do just fine.

4. While I’m at it, find those heels too.

The longer the stilletos, the more my legs look like they belong in a Victoria’s Secret catalog. Extra points if I can finally walk around in them like the leggy model I am.

5. Strike a pose.

(Looking at the package the pantyhose came in) That’s me, sexy little doll. But I can do better. Now, where is that camera?

6. Introduce the legs.

Ever notice that subtle noise your legs make when they caress each other? So hard to resist, kind of like each leg is making out with one another. I let them go at it. Call it foreplay if you will.

7. Get turned on.

Of course, by now, I can’t ignore my hosed covered cock raging out of control against the silky tightness of the nylon. Slowly graduate from feeling femme to completely slutty.

8. Find some help.

Let’s face it. I’d rather be in the company of another to live out this “lesbian” fantasy (being the slut I am now). Luckily at my disposal is the chatroom and a webcam. Good time to compare notes.

9. Some excercise.

Pulling down my pantyhose (I don’t do the “holes”) now and start relieving my cock. Oooh, nice and slow, let it last a while. Just have to remember this time to not come on my hose.

10. The afterglow.

OK, now back to feeling like a man again. Oh my, what have I done?

44 Comments on “So What Exactly Happens Alone, After Slipping On Pantyhose?

  1. I feel you getting slutty, if we were togetha, we’de be so dainty, feminine, and 100% gurlish!! You’de be cumming like a girl in my mouth for sure. Oooohh!!!

  2. I Love The Feel Of Driving In The Car All Dressed Up At Night ,When I Shift Gears And My Legs Rub Together And Make That Sound And I Look Down And The Street Lights Shimmer OfF My Legs,, Im S Horny Now I HaVe 2 PuT Blk Ph Over My Tan Ones It Make My Legs Look So Good.

  3. I too adore taking lots of time to get ready for feeling feminine and going for a drive. The overpowering intensity is unreal. I love, cherrish and adore these feelings.

  4. January 24th on my way home from shopping driving on a slightly slippery rd. A lady going in the opposite direction loses control and suddenly she’s on my side and headed right for me. Hits me
    head on.. I remember the details clearly. Huge Impact- now I know what a fly feels like when he gets whacked. I just laid on the seat while they pried the Lincoln apart. I kept thinking what should I say when they take my bloody clothes off and see my matching Bra & Panties w/ the lovely lace trim. I managed to slip away and get them off and into a trash bin, But I’m almost sorry that I didn’t get to see their faces !

  5. I love to dress in my slutty black lingerie, model in my heels in front of a big mirror, admiring my hot ass and legs…taking pics and modeling my ass and pussystick in my thong panties… Taking pics of my dripping cock getting precome on my fingers to lick off…yummy! I slideshow my pics and play with cock….it’s my favorite thing to do in the world!

  6. Just some thoughts about cumming in your pantyhose. I know that for many the idea of leaving a stain in a beautiful and or expensive pair of pantyhose is troubling, but I look at it a different way. First of all, most of us love the feeling of nylon on our cock and ass. If that were not the case, we would probably just wear stockings. For me the idea of pulling down my pantyhose to have an orgasm and depriving my cock and ass of that wonderful feeling just when at the height of excitement is not doable. As for the cum stain on the panty; cum is the ultimate sign of love, lust, joy, excitement, and intimacy, and a cum stain on the panty of your pantyhose is a badge of honor. Where would we be if dad pulled out of mom before he came!? To be sure, I do avoid getting cum on the leg area of my pantyhose which is more likely to happen when you shoot into the open air. I realize that those who like to or need to jerk themselves violently to achieve orgasm are better off pulling down to avoid damage, but for those who can, show your love for your pantyhose with a nice load of cum right in that panty! BTW, there is one other stain I find acceptable on my pantyhose: lipstick!

  7. I’m so lucky as to have a wife who knows and accepts my crossdressing, my bisexuality AND is ok with me having sex with men! I’m the luckiest bi crossdressing husband in the world. I love pantyhose and wear them EVERY day under my jeans. It’s such an addiction that I stopped wearing shorts in the summer so I could keep wearing pantyhose (and sometimes a skirt as well). But sometimes, if I’m feeling bold, I will put on some nude hose and shorts and go to the store or something. Amazing feeling! I wear them to bed and sometimes shower in them, wash while on and dry afterwards, while still on! Talk about wash and wear LOL. Pantyhose rule!

  8. Yes you are lucky! I’m starting to try the hose under shorts, venturing out if you will, but only at night. Can’t stop wearing either!

  9. Wow gr8 stories glad I slipped on a pair earlier on my fav reinforced toe pantihose when lying down wiggling my toes the toe seam so turns me on also looking down at them. I know its weird but I imagine they come alive when I put them on my legs and we have a conversation.& relationship also love wearing them in bed

  10. Just love hearing about all the sheer nylons !!! Absolutely love wearing and pleasing other wearers of nice feminine attire. Lingerie high heels and nice nylons please ,lol 69’er’s definitely

  11. Hi there nylon fans!!! Would very much enjoy your comment towards my brand new ultra-sheer pantyhose I am wearing,lol

  12. @kirsty I was maybe 9 or 10 when I first started wearing pantyhose. And they were Legg’s Sheer Energy in off-black.

  13. I hadn’t really mentioned to my gf of 2 months about my love of pantyhose. So, one Sunday I had woken up before she did and saw her tan colored pantyhose kinda balled on her dresser. I decided I’d put them on and lay back down with her. About an hour later she woke up. As we were kissing, she noticed I had them on. She said, “what’s this surprise?” I said, “something I like to do once in awhile”. She thought it was cool and gave me an awesome blowjob through the hose! She said I looked really sexy in the pantyhose and didn’t mind at all. She said “now I’m gonna have to get more for the both of us!” Guys, if your too afraid of what your partner might think, just go for it…I’m glad I did.

  14. Thanx for the reply. I was about 6 or 7 when I started wearing mums rht stockings & girdle nylons were huge on my legs. They were sooooo silky. Not long after she started wearing coffee coloured pantihose late 1960s wow even better experience prominent reinforced toes I loved rubbing my legs & thighs together because of the fine transparent nylon no Lycra in them. Made a swooshing sound which I love. Should have put a pair on before writing this lol

  15. @ sherry thanks for the advice slipped on a pair b 4 writing this. Also must buy some Wolford neons as u suggest look forward to slipping a pair on. Regards k

  16. @ Mr p. Gr8 story brave & arousing used to take mums nylons off the dressing table. Also my mother in laws while we stayed with her for a short while. They were tan coloured & silky smooth.

  17. Hi sherry what colour pantihose are you wearing. Last night I wore in bed tan coloured 8 denier translucent pantihose.took ages to fall asleep on account of rubbing my legs and feet 👣 together so erotic. I don’t know about you but it still excites me as much as it did the first time I tried mums nylons on. Slowly rolling them up my legs adrenaline surging so erotic. Looking down now on my freshly painted toes in red nailpolish wrapped in coffee coloured pantihose turns me on. Regards kirsty.

  18. Beeen a dresser most of my life ,hose and mini shirts and heals just feel so right , and the rest of it also ,,,,

  19. I have been wearing sheer pantyhose since 5 years old. My sister dressed me as a girl on Halloween. Nylons sure stuck with me! I am bi sexual and enjoy playing out the feminine role pleasing a man! Pantyhose feel so fantastic! I wear sheer tan hose with short shorts. I tell most I have very bad circulation so it only relieves my aching legs. Lot’s never notice until I tell them. All good! Keep wearing and promote this hose wearing!

  20. As I got home from school I was in jr high school when. I got home from school. As I was curious to see how my sisters pink pantys an silk pink bra felt on me. As I stripe naked an. Went to try on my sisters I painted my toes a bright hot fusahia as they were dried I slip on sisters nude pantyhose an pink silk panty an bra on as I finished dressing I slip on my sisters pink leotard an fasten in between my legs a slip on a pair of her blk leggings as. I sliped on a pr of her bellarina blk slippers they felt wonder an comfortable on my feet as ever thing else on me as. I turned around there was mom standing at my sisters door. With a surprise look on her face as she walk in the room an said you want to look like your sister then put on her clear peep open toe clear Cinderella
    slippers right now. As I did she told me to march in to her room to her vanity table an seat down as I did mom brush my hair an slip it in to a ponytail an slip a fusahia rose hair clip by my leftside by my ear an finished it with make-up with foundation ,fushia/pink eyeshadow,
    Blk mascara,blk eyeliner,fushia/pink blush,pinkish/fushiaish lipstick,lip sealer as she said you will stay dress like that for a punishment that’s how I started to wear pantyhose everyday. An still do.

  21. The “transition” when l slowly and sensuously slip on my pantyhose is a very erotic sensuously sexy high. I usually shave before as the feeling is more smoothly sensuous. Mirrors are nice if you are a serious narcissist. Makeup is tedious and difficult. The wig makes the best look possible. I’m usually a lesbian, and I love the way they look and feel on my legs. The higher the high heels the better.

  22. Often, I have gotten in the mood to get feminized and feel sexy and sensuously beautiful. The thing is that dressing up is one thing. The real thing is acting out on my fantasy. I have had sex with my girlfriend in my outfits, and we always had fun. I recently had a yen to be with another “female” dressed in my pantyhose and high heels among other things. I am so excited about this prospect of my life as a result of a new feeling of being a feminine and beautiful woman for another “female” .

  23. What’s the big deal about wearing pantyhose with shorts??? Nobody cares…..guys enjoy the freedom… wife and I go to grocery stores, to the mall, etc. and nobody says anything….enjoy yourselves……I love wearing pantyhose with shorts…..

  24. In step 9 I wank through the sulky nylon, blowing my load inside the feminine nylon. So hot!!!!

  25. I love the look and the feeling. Sheer to waist pantyhose are so smooth and silky and the way they feel on my cock makes me very horny. I love humping another partner in pantyhose. It feels so marvelous. My ex wife and I would hump each others’ pantyhose feet until we came. I did this with a crossdresser gurlfriend as well who had just as big of a pantyhose fetish as myself. Also a very stylish dresser. It’s so erotic when someone shares the same fetish and wants to play. The orgasms are so intense.

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