Top Ten Reasons I’m Feeling More Like a Woman These Days

Satin Teddy and Wolford Pantyhose

I’d have to say that between today and five years ago, I’ve grown quite a bit as a woman (OK, a wannabe but still). Boys are calling me (albeit feminized ones), I wear a bra around all the time and I do things like shave my legs and put makeup on routinely… like a chore. You know what though? I get my kicks out of feeling like and being a (wannabe) woman and here are my top ten reasons why.

Not that I need them of course. Bitch.

10. I seem to be enjoying pruning the hedges more.

9. 5 o’ clock shadow refers now to legs these days…

8. Which, coincidentally, is also referred to “black pantyhose day.”

7. I feel the need to wear Calvin Klein boxers to feel “fetishy.”

6. Noticing old come stains on my lingerie makes me reminisce.

5. Fingering myself actually works now…

4. Of course, only after having to fucking douche right before.

3. My lipstick is now down to its last nub.

2. Me and my penis are having marriage issues…

1. It’s heavily jealous of my ass.

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2 comments on “Top Ten Reasons I’m Feeling More Like a Woman These Days
  1. SirusG says:

    I do agree with your top two points. Every time after I walk out of my dresser with everything on, my penis would be so jealous of my ass! We’ve been roughing it out since but I do let it have some attention when I have fun with another CD =P

  2. Sheery says:

    @SirusG Couldn’t have said it better myself!

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