Well Look Who Had the Hot Date There, Part 3


Sheery dressed for a date

Part 1: Getting to know Kristi

Part 2: The HOT date

OMG I’m thinking. The irony that cocks don’t really turn me on (or men for that matter). However, when I’m all dolled up and feeling oh-so-feminine, there is nothing I crave more, especially if it is from another beautiful pantyhose-wearing crossdresser like myself. I could go all Freudian and analyze my gender-bending tendencies, which I did happen to be thinking about for a split second, or I could just enjoy the moment right in front of me here and now. I chose the latter (duh).

Kristi heard my demand to get that lovely stiff girly cock of hers right inside me at that moment and stood up from the sofa. I stood up as well then planted my tongue down her throat (again) as I gently stroked her cock with my hand, making sure it remained nice and hard. Meanwhile, she grabbed a condom packet and a tiny bottle of lube from a rather ornate box nearby on a nearby table. I snatched the condom from her and ripped it open. I had always wanted to do that condom-in-mouth-and-blowjob-it-on thing so why not since the opportunity presented itself. It did involve a light pushing with my teeth but Kristi seemed to love letting out a soft “oooh” and, not to mention, her girly cock seemed just a little bit harder than before.

As she went around behind me, I bent over with my hands resting on the armrest of her sofa and stuck my ass out, maybe a bit too excited to get into position. Then I pulled up my dress and gently rubbed my own pantyhosed ass on her gorgeous pantyhosed cock, enjoying the hell out of this silky, sexy sensation. She caressed her hands on my ass then gave one cheek a light slap while letting out a giggle. I let out an “ooooh” in my now much-improved girly voice.

She then slowly pulled down my Wolfords and gaff to the the tops of my thighs while I felt her lubricated hand then start to massage my naked hole and then penetrate it with her finger. I let out another light moan as I anticipated the real penetration yet to come. And there it was like a knock on the door, I could feel a light thrust then a harder one then a third harder push that broke through making its way inside me, but only with a brief shallow push.

Yet, it was another OMG moment right at that instance where the whole Freudian analysis came to my thoughts again.

Am I gay now?

Hmmm, I kind of like this. Maybe I could do this with men?

Am I done with women from now on?

All of these thoughts went through my head in a matter of seconds while Kristi made more slow, shallow thrusts in me which felt incredible. I began to moan a little louder but then I whispered “harder” because I wanted to REALLY feel her. She complied and I then felt her deep inside me which took that sensation to a whole other level, nearly paralyzing me with it. There was also that inevitable thunderous slapping of our hips that could be heard probably in this whole building. I moaned even louder, adding to the noise.

Those Freudian thoughts then quickly exited my head. I was enjoying being relentlessly pounded from behind. Then Kristi stopped. “Turn around,” she said. I stood up and turned around, confused. Then she gently grabbed my shoulders and guided me to sit down on the sofa armrest.

” I want to see your eyes,” she said. Then she grabbed my still pantyhosed legs and lifted them up by my ankles to her shoulders. I fall back on the armrest trying to balance myself to not fall down. Then I reached for a nearby cushion to place under my bum and expose my naked hole to her once again.

Kristi entered me with her lube glistened cock yet again. This time with far less resistance. She didn’t waste time with her deep thrusts and we both let out our girly moans, maybe a little louder since we could watch our faces then. But then she did something that really turned me on which was letting my ankles rest on her shoulders and then slowly caressing my Wolford pantyhosed legs with her hands… all while continuing jackhammer ramming of my ass. This nearly made me come.

But I could tell Kristi was about to come herself from the higher pitch of her moaning. I told her to stop when I then grabbed her girly cock and ripped the condom off wanting her to come on my Wolford tights… you know, as souvenir of sorts. As perverted as it sounds, I kind of wanted comed-on tights as my little memory and maybe slip them on when I’m alone and horny at home. Yeah, I guess that is perverted.

Kristi resumed by stroking her cock on my pantyhose in an area between my nearly-closed legs and just above the gusset keeping my legs together. Then I heard a loud “ahhhhh” as her love honey poured all over my tights. I dab a little of the love honey on my finger and tasted while fixing my eyes on hers. “Mmmm,” I whispered smiling while pulling my gaff and then my now-stained Wolford tights over my hips, feeling that warm wet spot Kristi left.

I grabbed her face and planted a passionate kiss as a thank-you of sorts. I feel her tongue in the back of my throat as her thanks to me.

To be continued…

3 Comments on “Well Look Who Had the Hot Date There, Part 3

  1. I just had to write and say how much I enjoy your erotic story. I too am a crossdresser with a lifelong pantyhose fetish who loves having sex while wearing them. I consider myself finsexual meaning I am attracted to anyone feminine including women, transsexuals, crossdressers, and twinks. Perhaps, you are too. Anyway, I enjoy your website and look forward to future posts.

    – Janet

  2. I enjoyed reading your pantyhose sex story. I too am a crossdresser with a life long pantyhose fetish. I love your website and look forward to new posts.

  3. @Janet Thanks for reading and a big thank you for your nice comments. Actually this is the first time I’ve ever heard the term finsexual so thanks for that link as well. I guess that explains everything up to now… 😉

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