Oh, The Things That Come Out of My Head (and Body)

Sheery in bed touching herself

Sure I like to write, in a way to let out all my weird, perverted or just plain everyday thoughts into something I will more than likely look back on. So yeah, a public diary of sorts that I leave open to all who care… or not. I also do happen to keep a little notebook that I write in strictly on the topic of my crossdressing. I don’t know whether it’s the pen and paper or it’s as if I like to keep pretty damning evidence around but I kind of enjoy it.

So I happened to read through it the other day and an entry from a while back caught my attention (and jogged a memory). I won’t lie, I do get off on my crossdressing. I’ve even touched on masturbation methods here or there but this was actually a particular session that I remembered pretty well… I wrote in my journal while in the act of some self-intimacy which happened to be something I always had wanted to do when I write. Call it inspiration or whatever, maybe you can relate…

5/5 – As I write this, I am dressed in my new teddy and Neon 40 tights, red wig and some lipstick grinding away with my Fleshlight. I feel like a princess with a dick and feel no shame for it. No way!

I slip on a condom (to make things less messy so to speak) and grind harder, faster. Ooooh! I obviously love this feeling plus I love how I look in my beloved lingerie and pantyhose (+ wig and lipstick). I turn myself on with ease!

Now I’m shaking, ready to come but I delay it. This is quite possibly the best feeling… hot, en-femme and horny as shit about to come. That stretch on my pantyhose, taste on my lipstick and strain on my legs from my tall heels all magnify that orgasm yet to arrive… then it DOES leaving me shaking and trembling. OMG!

Needless to say, I remember not leaving a mess afterward!

Oh, I guess I could part now on this gem of an entry…

12/28 – I LOVE BEING

… A crossdresser
… Or a transvestite
… Or a trans… something?

[a few lipstick prints here]

I definitely can’t shake it
But it sure as hell excites me
Even though it is “NAUGHTY”
And I do looks quite sexy
At least in the mirror
(However, I just HATE snagging my pantyhose)

Toodeloo my fellow trans-somethings.

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