Well Look Who Had the Hot Date There, Part 2

In bed in a Wolford dress and Neon 40 tights

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A couple of hours into the four hour trip on the train to Madrid, my excitement settled down a bit and I fell asleep for maybe a half hour or so. When I woke up, a thought crossed my mind. Shouldn’t I be “dressed” for the occasion as in be fully dolled up by the time I rang the buzzer to Kristi’s apartment? I mean I did pack very well prepared to transform into miss me with the only male clothes being what I happened to be wearing there on the train.

Unfortunately, I didn’t just go anywhere en femme in public even though I could have gotten away with it in Madrid (maybe). So I devised a plan to change into my dress and tights at the Atocha train station when I arrived, wear my leisure sweat pants and coat over them and then when I arrived at Kristi’s, do a quick transform out of them and into my heels. Hopefully somewhere along the way I could make my face up really quick. A couple hours later I arrived in Madrid and set the plan into action…

So far, so good as I made my way out of the train station and onto the metro (e.g. subway), dress and tights safely hidden underneath my clothes and I even put on my medium length red haired wig tucked under a baseball cap. I got off the metro after three stops and checked Google Maps for her street, just a few blocks away. As I arrived to her building, luck would have it that there was kind of an alley just before it with no people walking around in it, something kind of rare for Madrid. I ran up into it, pulled out my makeup bag from my suitcase and did a rush makeup job on my face using the mirror in my finishing powder to help me apply it on. Ok, this looks passable, I thought.

Then I switched my running shoes for some tall heels just as an older lady walking her dog happened to stroll past with a curious stare. I just smiled as I repacked my suitcase and made my way out of that alley and on to Kristi’s building where I arrived a minute later. I rang her buzzer and that familiar sweet voice answered which almost made me faint. “OMG we’re finally going to meet!” I said to myself kind of giggling.

I got off the elevator and there she was at the door to greet me. She looked gorgeous as well in her white turtleneck sweater, brown vegan-leather miniskirt and what looked liked suntan pantyhose and kind of shiny ones too.Nonetheless, her strikingly beautiful appearance sent a chill through me. Then, as I entered her apartment, our nervousness was rather apparent as we began chatting. “How was your trip? Did you get here ok? You came here dressed all the way?”

All I could muster was “yes.” Thank god she offered me a glass of wine.

As we both let the buzz of the wine settle us down, we actually spent a couple hours just chatting. It got philosophical at some points but we really bonded on our journeys in our crossdressing worlds. It felt really nice to tell a part of your life that you don’t tell anybody about (or would expect to understand) except for a very trusted person. I hadn’t known Kristi for that long but I felt she was that person. Likewise, Kristi had confided in me about her struggles as I comforted her by pouring another glass of wine.

Slightly tipsy, as I went to grab the wine bottle (again), I returned and playfully sat on her lap and did a sly, but light, caress from my leg to hers. It shouldn’t be news that pantyhose on pantyhose definitely turns me on and it did not go unnoticed by Kristi. Especially after she complimented me on my tights and caressed my leg with her left hand. I told her of my love for Wolford Neon 40 pantyhose (for the hundredth time) and she admitted she had on Satin Touch 20 pantyhose that she had bought just that day.

We continued with our flirty leg caresses until we finally gave in to the mounting lustful tension and practically tried to eat other in a sudden passionate kiss, or better yet, full-on makeout session. When our hands finally got in on the action feeling each other up our respective dress/skirts, I started rubbing her girly cock which seemed to be restrained with a gaff like I had on. It was hard and throbbing and must be hurting, too, from being held back. Oh… just like mine.

I wanted to suck it so bad and slipped my hand into her Satin Touch pantyhose, freed her cock from that pesky gaff and then began to softly stroke it while she began to “girly moan.” Then she grabbed my head and stuck her tongue down my throat again in apparent approval of what I was doing to her. I then got off of her lap and kneeled down on the floor in front of her, adjusting the hair on my wig back out of the way. I continued to softly stroke her girly cock and brought my mouth in closer licking her pre-cum off from the tip of my tongue while looking straight at her eyes, a trick I learned from a real gg girlfriend from back in the hetero days.

As she continued her lovely moans, I let the miss stiffy into my mouth and suck on it like the proverbial golf ball through a garden hose. I was actually surprised how far it was able to get in my mouth and a little ways down my throat. I was even more surprised I didn’t gag or choke so I just rode with it, sucking and slurping while laughing to myself when I noticed my lipstick making fuscia rings on that girly cock of hers. I continued on and enjoyed the taste and that feel of warm girly meat in my mouth.

I wanted more, however, so then I stopped and told her so.

“I want this inside me, NOW.”

To be continued…

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