Oh What a Feeling!

Sheery, undressing

There is no doubt that we as crossdressers, transvestites, t-girls… whatever you want to call us, retreat into our feminine skin, slip into something we love and momentarily basque ourselves into that girly little world of ours. The reasons may vary but it is pretty safe to say that it makes us feel good. I mean don’t we spend our lives chasing feelings and finding pleasure where we can? Then what happens when we find pleasure?

We repeat it of course.

But what really is that pleasure we seek in our femme skin? It most often is sexual (duh) yet it doesn’t just stop there really, am I right? Well, that may very well be where things can get a little complex. So back to that feeling we’re chasing, things can get arousing (duh) or maybe it calms us down after a long day of digging ditches in the prison yard. Maybe we just like that tactile tight silky feeling of that underwear that gives us that momentary chill up down down our spine.

Well, last week, I planned to try on a new piece of lingerie I had just purchased and did my usual routine of shaving all around, showering, then body lotion, then on to the makeup, etcetera. As I slipped into that new lavender teddy, I felt this incredible rush that I really only experienced a handful of times as a crossdresser. It wasn’t the usual “Oooh this is nice” while in my silkies but a more intense full-on high all over my body.

Sure, it was partly sexual arousal but it felt like I was having almost a full-body orgasm without even the need for any contact down there at all. Call it a dopamine hit or maybe someone slipped something into the coffee I had earlier but the only other time I could exactly recall this type of body orgasm was when I was sixteen and tried out lingerie for the first time. I know there were other times between then and now when this happened that I can’t recall at the moment yet it isn’t exactly something that occurs everyday you know.

Of course I had to follow through with a real orgasm (which seemed logical) but afterwards I got to thinking how this whole life-chasing feeling got triggered in the first place. I narrowed it down to these:

  • The specific item I’m wearing with memories attached to that item
  • One or more of my senses became overwhelmed, like with the perfume or silky pantyhose I had on
  • I fell in love with what I saw in the mirror (I’m a narcissist, I know)
  • I somehow unconsciously recalled a memory from that new lavender teddy
  • Someone really did slip something in my coffee, I’ll have to go back for another just to confirm

Whatever it was, there was one thing that was undeniably obvious. That feeling was exactly the reason I’ve been donning feminine wear for practically my whole life. Now was it chasing that recent full-on body orgasm ecstasy, my ongoing pursuit as a crossdresser? Hell no!

I’m a crossdresser because I like it, it’s fun and I do get a little rush out of it. It doesn’t have to be that massive pleasure rush I’m after but, if it is there, I’ll take it. I should add that the taboo aspect of it all makes it always exciting for me. So there are and never were any regrets about this aspect of my life.

Now on to order another coffee…

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