So Really, What Makes Pantyhose So Arousing?

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It shouldn’t be news to anyone. Yes, I love to slip on one of my hundred or so pairs of pantyhose and change into my feminine side. Sometimes I’m left wondering, though, why am I left massively horny even after the ten thousandth or so time this happens?

When you think about it, a pair of pantyhose is just inanimate garment of nylon and spandex with a little color thrown in. Not exactly in porno flick or blow up doll territory. Fairly innocent to say the least.

Of course, I could go into the soft clingy feel on my legs and body or how I love checking out in the mirror the shine they leave on my legs. Yet, I sure as hell don’t feel the same way when putting on a tight pair of jeans. Shine alone isn’t exactly something I have a severe fetish over either. I’m not a moth.

Then the answer dawned on me. Let’s just say, hypothetically, that pantyhose were acceptable in society to be worn, not strictly by women, but equally by both sexes.

So we have…

No more clandestine purchases at your local department store.

No need to wear pantyhose hidden from public view.

Alas, the thrill of wearing them is shot dead in the back.

So the object isn’t the source of our longing but rather the taboo itself of crossing the gender line to wear pantyhose that makes it so arousing. Maybe best said that it’s so wrong but it feels so right.

Unfortunately for the taboo, there is a movement to make pantyhose mainstream for men.

I don’t have exact numbers but I’m fairly certain that a large portion of all pantyhose purchases are made by men (and crossdressers like myself). Manufacturers aren’t stupid and see a gold mine for a market. Proof of this is that we are even bearing witness to pantyhose made for and marketed solely for men.

I can understand the male pantyhose wearers out there who want to wear them without the stigma but, as a rigid connouisseur myself, I’ll be the last to join in and buy the “just for men” version. Where’s the fun in that?

Personally, I hope the male pantyhose movement never gains steam since I even find it ridiculous. Apparently others find it rather offensive too.

The pantyhose fetish needs to stay as a beloved taboo. Tell me, how would we be able to masturbate without it?

17 Comments on “So Really, What Makes Pantyhose So Arousing?

  1. While I understand the thrill involved in doing something that is considered taboo, when it comes to my pantyhose fetish, I consider it to be a minor factor. The “mantyhose” movement has been very careful to avoid any connection to fetish or sexual aspects focusing on comfort, warmth, and fashion. They also want to keep a good distance from any connection with being transgendered. They’re marketing to “manly men” not we sissy, sexually perverted, fetish crossdressers! For me, my absolute passion for wearing pantyhose amounts to genuine addiction! They are so incredibly stimulating and comfortable I don’t feel right going even one day without them! Seeing them on display in a store, seeing a woman wearing them, even hearing the word PANTYHOSE stirs deep sexual emotions in me that makes me long to be wearing them myself. I love to put them on and hate to take them off, and I really don’t care if anyone else wears them or not or what anyone thinks about my wearing them!

  2. I think that regular pantyhose manufacturers are also careful to avoid association with transgendered though they do represent a a large part of their sales. It’s probably better this way anyway. Keeps them more “lady like.”

  3. I have now over a hundred pair now. All opaques. I still can get off with tan or if I was to ever be lucky the tan shiny ones. I’m in pain meds so arousal is not my main goal anymore. It’s still a fetish and I sleep every night in them. My wife not so pleased but I won’t go without them. They are great to sleep in. I don’t like pantyhose as much as tights. Tights are anything above 40 denier. I’ve found some that are good. We love colors suck. Too thin and I spent like 250$ with them. I thought if I wore them everyday day and night and not get aroused I’d kind of grow out of it. Nope. It’s a lifer thing. I’ve had to put most of my tights in the larger drawers of my dresser. I like that. I wish my whole dresser had nothing but tights. Now I want leotards and body suits etc. wife really won’t let that pass. Oh well. Love everyone’s stories.

  4. @Opaques You’re not the only one with at least a hundred pairs… hopefully we’ll get around to wearing each and every one of them.

  5. You ever get a comment that isn’t about fucking…after you write so candidly about something most of us have kept secret for decades? Probably not. In fact, I’m wearing a pair of Wolford’s right now. WOOT! I am just impressed that you are so insightful with something that has puzzled & confused me for almost 40 years now. I would love to know more about what you think of all this…and yes, after all this talk I am horny, but that’s not the only reason I’m sending this message. If you feel like it, e-mail me back: [email protected]

  6. Hi Kevin,

    Thaks for your kind words! Yes, there is a lot of confusion when it comes to evolving as a crossdresser and it isn’t ALWAYS sessions of pleasure seeking. There are a wide range of emotions that come with the territory.

    Personally, I’ve grown to accept myself as a crossdresser and have no desire to change that. I haven’t been happier since!


  7. Yes,
    I’ve learn to accept the way i’m but I had to consult a professionnal if it was normal. Yes i just need to accept, that i’ am a CROSSDRESSER seeking for sensual moments, for my pleasure. The first time i talked about it, i began to feel my…getting hard and wet that i almost came… ’cause i was telling my story to that person and i was wearing pantyhose under my pants. And after many visits, at the end, i was less confused, felt less guilty and ashame of my crossdresing. I showed my mother once, a nice picture of my transformation. I think she always knew…
    I love my pantyhoses, leotards and heels and I thank you Sheery for your time to read me and our fellow transgenders. I feel lees alone reading…and your responds.

    Darling2 xxx

  8. @Darling2 I think many of us (crossdressers that is) go through quite a bit of confusion about our identities until, finally, we come to accept that is who we are. I absolutely join you in my love for pantyhose and heels. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. This goes without saying. Pantyhose look super. They cover imperfections. They shimmer, they are smooth, sexy, silky. Who wouldn’t want to try on a pair at least occasionally? I relax in my pantyhose and the 6 inch high heels make my legs look longer too!

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  11. I have to wear medical compression pantyhose per Doctor. I wear them in shorts in public and have no issues. Go ahead and wear them in public, you will enjoy the freedom. I sometimes wear them 24 hours a day and my wife loves them. I buy them myself, but since it is for medical reasons there is no stigma. I like to wear regular pantyhose on top of my support.

  12. y main interest in wearing tights has been to satisfy a fetish. I struggled with this for many years, because I was deathly afraid of confessing it to a lover, thinking she’d immediately reject me. But, I took a chance and found that some women were OK with it. In fact, one thought it was rather sexy. But, I did have a couple of girlfriends who were adamant about me keeping it to myself.

    In time, though… the intensity of my fetish waned. And I’d find myself enjoying the feel of tights on my lower body simply for the tactile sensation, not to get aroused. We are living in a very amazing time where textiles are concerned. Companies have come up with incredible fabrics that feel so magical. It also appears that women are appreciating this more and putting hosiery nicely into focus for outfits. I love a sculpted woman’s leg just naked, but there’s something so alluring about dressing them up in semi-sheer or even opaque tights. The old days of uncomfortable hosiery materials are thankfully becoming extinct!

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