Who Wears Short Shorts?

Shaved legs in pantyhose

Oh yes! It’s that time of year when I can finally ditch the shorts for another half a year or so but, more importantly, I can finally have those smooth hairless legs I always love. Keep in mind that I am still (somewhat) in the closet with my crossdressing to my family and close friends so I’m aware that something like no hair on my legs could arouse suspicions. Sure, there are plenty of excuses at my disposal and/or maybe I could wear pants or jeans in 100 degree temperatures but I prefer a tendency to keep things discreet and unassuming if you know what I mean.

That said, in the warmer months, I do happen to shave my legs above the knee and use a #2 electric razor to thin out the lower leg roughage which doesn’t happen to be thick or bushy to begin with. Underneath my beloved and oft-worn pantyhose, it is barely perceptible so I generally stick to this routine in the summer months though I do tend to get lazy with it. By the way, my legs are clean shaved in the image above so I don’t want to hear it.

Come fall/winter, however, I like to ALWAYS keep things very smooth everywhere, and I mean everywhere. I especially love smooth legs. They feel nice under pants, pantyhose and, oh, silky sheets as well. Plus nicely shaven legs just look feminine and sexy, enough reasons for me!

I usually have a supply of razors and various creams and gels to get the job done. As well, I also usually dread the task of shaving every nook and cranny of my body which takes what seems like hours plus leaves me with a few nicks and several spots that I somehow missed. So call it a love/hate relation with hair removal that I have if you will. I could only think about the final product (me) where I can freely slide around on my sheets afterwards and not see even a stub poking out of my precious pantyhose.

This year, though, I decided to try something different and, on a whim, bought some hair removal cream, Veet, and even another cream for the nether region down there. It was quite funny that I bought these specifically for women but much later I realized that Veet makes hair removal cream for men (even for the nether region too). However, I was stuck in woman mode and I felt like a woman at the time so I just went along with the feminine version for shits and giggles.

For additional s&g I had this ringing through my head the whole time before trying out this new style of hair removal…

If you’re a (slightly) older crossdresser like me then I bet you wished you could high-five me right now.

Anyway, back to my experience with the “cream” removal… I was actually excited and very curious to try this stuff out. So into the shower I went and I swiped some of the cream on my right leg, waiting a minute for a potential unwanted side-effect like burning or my skin possibly blistering and peeling off. None of those so on goes more of the cream, actually more like toothpaste since it was very thick, on my thigh and then repeated the process on my other leg.

The instructions said wait six minutes and in that time I broke out the “sensitive” cream and gave my girly jewels a nice covering. There was actually a slight burning sensation that concerned me a little bit but did eventually go away. I definitely kept an eye on that with a bit of worry though.

Back to the legs. After about seven minutes, I used a provided “paddle,” which was basically a hard thin plastic scraper with a non-sharp edge, to “scrape” the cream and (hopefully) hair off. This didn’t go quite as planned and, while this did remove some hair, there were still large patches of hair that didn’t come off. The same could be said for the “sensitive” area too. Though I had to be really careful, that shit didn’t remove a whole lot of masculine hairiness off of me. “Great, would I have to break out the razors?” I thought.

Well things changed when I jumped in the shower and tried washing this toothpaste off of me. Slowly but surely, the hairs started coming off as I washed my legs and the nether-land. The Veet actually did a pretty good job and I only saw a single missed a spot in a leg fold behind my knee. However, my teabag was a bit sore and slightly scuffed up from using the “paddle” on it. It will be fine, don’t worry.

All in all, I would have to say I’d use this stuff again and today it looks like I will have to in the next week or so. What was weird about it was that I had thought this would remove hair by the root but the Veet actually “shaves” it off. I don’t know the exact science behind this but it did it’s job and without a single knick… well except for that aforementioned teabag thing.

Just remember next time, go really easy down there.

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