Time to Revisit Pearl & Poseidon

Pearl & Poseidon stay-ups

A while back I got my hands on some Pearl & Poseidon stockings being rather curious about a company that doesn’t hide the fact that they cater specifically to pantyhose fetishists. Stockings weren’t my thing until I tried them out and now they even get a legwear rotation with a garter belt every now and then. Not to mention, they haven’t seemed to wear down with the usual snags, runs or heel scuffs. Real keepers these are!

So with the holidays approaching, time for the shopping for loved ones (me) and I usually splurge on some girly items Santa Claus wouldn’t otherwise give me. Up there on the wishlist (actually there for a while) was to try something new from Pearl & Poseidon. Since the last couple of years since my last purchase, their collection has expanded quite a bit. I’m not ashamed of being on their mail list either so I already kind of have an idea of what is coming out, probably the reason I need more of their fetishy stuff like right this minute.

I wouldn’t say the P&P items are exactly for dressing up for a quick stroll on your local sidewalks, maybe even a bit of a stretch for Carnival too. Yet they have this allure to them… shiny, silky and sheerness draped all over your body and not just the legs. Although I’ve only tried the stockings, I would gladly take their pantyhose for a spin too. Would they replace my dear Wolford tights? I wouldn’t go that far hun.

Yet this thing is something I would gladly slip into…

Pearl & Poseidon Lucienne Dress in Red
Image: Pearl & Poseidon, Model: Ivanka Trump (I think)

This Lucienne Dress looks pretty spectacular if you ask me. On a side note, the model bears an uncanny resemblance to Ivanka Trump. Not a bad thing, but it gives me a weird feeling, kind of like the one I would have gawking at my mom without realizing it’s my mom. But back to the dress, you gotta admit you love that cherry red color and dress-to-stockings garters. If you are like me, hopefully you can pull it off with those red stilettos as well. Points for trying at least for sure.

If nothing else, I’d love to just slip this on and then jump into a bed with satin sheets. Wouldn’t that be fun?


Pearl & Poseidon Rialta Camisole
Image: Pearl & Poseidon, Model: Not Ivanka

Then there is this little gem which I had my eye on for a while, the Rialta camisole. I envision wearing this as a dress with some shiny pink tights that I haven’t found a match for yet. It’s made for the bedroom but I like its potential to lure someone in my bedroom while out and about on the town if you know what I mean. I’ll need some kind of coat, of the trench variety, or something to go over it maybe but it does everything to satisfy that part of me that asks “Why haven’t you pressed the buy button yet?”

The problem is, however, the P&P shop is for the good old USA and I’m in Europe where these are hard to find or you practically have to pay double from customs fees. Then again, I’m about due for a trip to the States soon. Either way, I’m getting my hands on these and I’ll post it here when I try them out.

Then you can call me Ivanka if you please.

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