The Art of the Teddy

Sheery in her favorite Victorias Secret teddy

My first love has always been pantyhose since I was a kid. Yet as I grew up through my weird pubescent years I grew a fondness for lingerie way back when there were paper catalogs that had lingerie sections which I collected, my comic books of sorts I guess. I would fantasize and obsess while gawking through those pages, not at the typical ladies in bras and panties, but the more sultry garments. You know, anything with garters or all lace or “push-up” but what really caught my eye were the teddies. I fell in love with how they were basically a bathing suit but far sexier.

Then there was that time when I was still in high school, I had just got my drivers license and started working in a shitty fast food job earning minimum wage but my own fun money basically. So what did I do with that first paycheck? I drove right down to the mall, gave into my urge to try lingerie that wasn’t stolen, and bought a sexy camisole set. Wearing it later that night, with pantyhose of course, was at the time probably the most erotic and sensual experience I ever had.

Of course, being able to shop and afford things myself, my lingerie purchases didn’t stop there. With my fascination with teddies, I remember ordering a hot pink lace teddy with underwiring and a very high leg cut from a Sears catalog. Then I excitedly picked it up a few days later, rushed home and slipped it on, again, over my pantyhose. It was another sexy, sensual moment in the books but this teddy was something that truly felt amazing having on. I wouldn’t say it was a very feminine feeling but more like a sexual excitement and of course shortly after came the gratification (pun intended).

I had purchased other lingerie in my teens, some with garters, some silky and satiny and even body shapers. But none ever had that really sexy and feminine feel like that hot pink teddy. Oh I wish I still had it today but unfortunately it got discarded somewhere (big sigh). Oddly, I’ve been trying to find that perfect teddy in the years since as if I were trying to chase that ultimate feeling of ecstasy I had prancing around in that first hot pink teddy as a carefree crossdressing teen.

Like a, now favorite, Victorias Secret teddy which I happened to be wearing above.

Then there was that novelty crotchless Obsession teddy which I think I also lost.

And a cute little Edith Body I found.

Then I discovered bodysuits more in the recent years…

Sheery in DKNY bodysuit
Not quite a teddy but this bodysuit is close enough

Even these days, my love for teddies is still alive and kicking like with that first purchase long ago. To me, they always have been the perfect sexy underwear and I still feel sexy in them like I did in those moments when I was sixteen. Sure, I may have always been chasing that feeling they gave me in those early years but now I’ve evolved to enjoy their sexy, naughty feminine appeal quite a lot. I can’t say I’ve repeated those magical teenage moments with that rush from experimenting with lingerie but I’ve come close many times (again, pun intended).

So the search for that teddy that makes me explode continues on. Or unless you can help find that beloved hot pink one.

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