Shopping Just Got a Little More Fun

The author, Sheery, right after shopping

For about the last, oh, couple of decades, we’ve had the convenience of shopping online which means 1) Waking up in the morning (or drinking wine before bed) 2) Thought comes to your head to buy something (sexy) and 3) Browse around and eventually click the Purchase button, but then 4) Wait that day or two for that “special” package to come.

Particularly for the closet crossdresser, this is fairly standard procedure… easy, you get what you feel like you want and no one else needs to know or doesn’t care on the other end. I mean would you rather have to pick out your silky treasures in person and then get that side-eye from that real female taking your payment? There use to be that day when having to shop in person use to exist you know.

Wait, hold on, you can still shop in person?!! Lingerie, pantyhose… makeup too?

OK, I’m sure there are many crossdressers out there who do actually buy their femme gear in person which nowadays isn’t anything out of the ordinary. So I happened to be near a large department store last weekend and, knowing they have my favorite Wolford Neon 40 tights, decided to go in and “have a look around.” Now, truthfully, I usually have bought pantyhose in person every now and then (even lingerie when I was 16) because it always gave me a bit of an adrenaline rush. There was even one time when I was purchasing the aforementioned Wolford Neon 40 tights when the sweet cashier lady commented to me “Wow, you just went right to those quickly!”

Um, yeah, caught. I’m pretty sure I blushed as I handed her my credit card.

Needless to say, I kind of liked that “naughty” feeling that I’m giving myself away without officially giving myself away. This time in the huge El Corte Ingl├ęs store in Madrid, however, was different. I “went right to” the Wolford tights area, spotted the Neon 40 drawer then opened it and thumbed through the color and sizes. Almost immediately, a female employee asked me if I needed assistance to which I cooly replied “I don’t think so, thank you.”

As I grabbed a pair in color Anthracite, I had a realization that I might as well be buying a t-shirt since that (very polite) lady didn’t make me feel the least bit nervous. And me being a pantyhose-buying adrenaline junkie would not stand for that! So, tights in hand, I make my way deeper into the lingerie section where some teddy-like bodysuits caught my eye. I pulled out a black “shaping” thong bodysuit in my size and, instinctively, held it up in front of my chest, AKA the only way you are allowed to try on lingerie.

If there was anyone looking at me at that moment, I could say I would not have given a shit. Or better yet, maybe they would have agreed that I would have looked pretty hot in that little black bodysuit like that one way back in the day. Anyway, that little adrenaline rush hit me as I put the bodysuit back on the rack and gaze my eyes on some colorful bras nearby. I repeated the “how does it look on me” process with a cute 36B purple demi-bra with lace trim. I was thinking I might actually buy this but decided against it. Back to the rack it went too.

I went to the cashier to pay for my new Wolford tights and, lo and behold, the lady who asked me for assistance was there to check me out. No side-eye or “disapproving” looks like my mom would have given. She looks me right in the eye and asked how I would like to pay. And no, I don’t want the store affiliate member card, but thank you.

I left the department store that day feeling different this time. Not excited that I have a brand new shiny pair of Wolford tights in my hands, but quite happy (maybe relieved too) that I can just walk in and shop for lingerie of my liking without worrying about what that cashier will think of me. I also realized this has been something I just created in my own head and believed all this time. Times have changed and I guess I’m just now catching up.

Next time I think I’ll take up the cashier’s help. Would I have looked pretty in that purple demi-bra?

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